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Black and White Adobe Lightroom Edit – Concert Photography

Jared Polin November 8, 2010 7

For this weeks photo of the week I chose a fun image of a little kid (Mikey) rocking out at a concert. This was captured at FUZZstock 2009 which I put on with Ari Halbkram and the help of many many people.

What I liked about this image is of course how cute the kid is and what he is doing in the picture. He is rocking out to one of the bands on stage and showing his appreciation. In the video I talk about the image I captured right before this being to far away and having a distracting background. I had on the 24-70 2.8 where it would have been better to have the 70-200 to capture the shot I was looking for. With that said I had to react fast to get the composition I really intended for. I did not want to crop the other image so I got in as close as I could to fill the frame and captured the image I pictured in my head.

In this image you can see that the background is not as distracting and I was able to even blow it out. I love the black and white conversion as it makes everything in it go BOOM. This conversion took a matter of seconds to tweak as you know I don’t spend all day over analyzing the edits I make.

I just really liked this image, capturing a little kid rocking out at a show with his horns up doesn’t happen every day.


The Bride had a FRO

Jared Polin November 7, 2010 8

Look what Greg captured yesterday, the bride and the FRO.

Bride with a FRO

Digital Photography Photo Plus Expo

Jared Polin November 6, 2010 16

Greg and I made our yearly journey to Photo Plus Expo again this year to see what everyone had to offer.  We want to thank all the readers who stopped to say hello when they saw us walking around the show.  For those of you who don’t know what PPE is its where you get to see the latest and greatest offerings that the photo industry has.  Anything from new cameras to accessories to albums and peripherals.

It is a great place to check out whats new, get your hands on some cool toys and ask questions of people who have answers.  We stopped by the BlackRapid booth to do an interview with LaRae Lobdell which you can see in the video below.  Greg and I ended up staying for almost two hours helping people find which strap is best for them.  Honestly if you don’t have one of these straps the best thing I can say is find a store that sells them and try it on for yourself.

Another company that we are big fans of is ThinkTank Photo, they make some amazing and useful bags for Pros and consumers alike.  We got a chance to interview Kurt Rogers who is one of the CO founders and great photographer.  Check out Kurts interview below to hear the story behind how think tank photo got started and what is next from them.

A bunch of us went to the PDN BASH which was on the Intrepid which is a decommissioned war ship docked on the hudson.  I was expecting a full on party with food, drinks and interesting things going on.  Well, we all paid $25 to stand around for 3 hours, not eat any food and got advertised to.  I honestly sent an e mail to PDN asking for my money back, I just expected more based on how they billed the party.  I hope they take the feedback and try to do better next year.

Finally I want to thank everyone who came out to the FIRST FroKnowsPhoto Party.  We had readers come in from Houston, Portland Canada and a few other really cool places.  Everyone who came out to the party left with something cool and they know what that is.  A big thanks goes out to LaRae of BlackRapid for helping set it up, Think Tank for sending give aways for the web site and AdoramaPix for giving away a $100 Photo Book.

Enjoy the video and maybe we will see you next year.

Priscilla and "Fro Knows Photo"

Coming Soon

Jared Polin November 5, 2010 40

Coming soon to the FRO KNOWS PHOTO store are these AMAZINGLY comfortable hooded sweatshirts with huge pouch pocket for your gear. This will be amazing to shoot in this winter, at hockey games, outside shooting nature or pretty much anywhere. This is a black I shoot RAW hoodie with FroKnowsPhoto.com on the right sleeve. These will be available soon in very very limited numbers. I am still working out pricing and shipping but will let you know as soon as it goes live. If you want one please leave a comment with what size you wear. I went with a higher end shirt that should last a very long time!!!!

I Shoot RAW Sweat Shirt

The Winner of the AdoramaPix Book Is

Jared Polin November 5, 2010 4

I first wanted to thank everyone who entered this contest!!! There will be more in the future so keep an eye out for them.

Meliza Reze, congratulations you have been selected as the winner of the 8×8 custom photo book from AdoramaPIX.

If you missed out on the video about Portfolios you can watch it right here again.