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Think Tank Photo Sling-O-Matic Review

Jared Polin October 12, 2010 9

When the Think Tank Photo Sling-O-Matic was announced I was not sure this would be a bag for me. Its main selling feature is that it is a sling bag that lets you switch which shoulder you use.

I have personally never used a sling bag until now. What I loved about this bag beside how well it is built is that it does more than let you easily carry a lot of gear. It lets me shoot out of it as if it were a shoulder bag when I put it down on the ground.

Where this bag shines is if you are going to be on a shoot that requires a lot of walking as well as shooting when you get to your location. The bag is extremely comfortable on your back even when carrying over long distances. Most back pack bags fail when you are trying to shoot, its not easy to get your gear in and out quickly and you can not grab and go with the bag. The slingo-o-matic 20 lets me easily shoot out of it like i would if i were using my Retrospective 30. If I need to grab and go its a quick zipper of the main compartment followed by 3 or 4 different ways to carry the bag. You can grab the top handle, side handle, sling it, or put it over one shoulder.

I found that when shooting an event recently in Vegas that I would only need one lens during the dinner, the 24-70. What this means is with the Sling bag i could wear the bag on my back and not have to worry about it hanging on my shoulder or putting it in a corner somewhere where I wouldn’t be able to keep track of it. If i really needed to grab another lens i could either put the bag down or pull it around the front to access other lenses.

This bag is not just for pro’s, if you travel with the family going to the park or on vacation it is perfect for you. You can load it with the camera gear you need and still have extra space to carry around other important possibly no photography items. One thing I have not mentioned is that you can “Sling” the bag around to the front for easy access to your gear if you want to shoot while standing or on the move.

Overall I really dig this bag and its big brother the sling-o-matic 30 which allows you to carry a lap top. Take a look at the video below to see how I have been using it and see if it works for you.

slingo20 Think Tank Photo Sling O Matic Review
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Let us edit your RAW file Week 4

Jared Polin October 12, 2010 16

Each week Greg and I select one RAW file that you submit to FroKnowsPhoto@gmail.com and try our hand at editing them. We are looking for visually interesting images that we can edit. Please only send one file to the e mail address above.

This image that we selected for this week posed a few different issues when trying to edit. It was not easy and took a little bit extra time to tweak. Take a look at the video to see how Greg and I decided to edit it. Below you will find the images that we tweaked.

Jared’s Edit
5074379161 dfb64c30e9 Let us edit your RAW file Week 4

Greg;s Edit
5074976688 ed5b29fd98 Let us edit your RAW file Week 4

The Photographers Edit, MARK
4843618469 19bfeaf6f3 Let us edit your RAW file Week 4

Photo(s) of the Week

Jared Polin October 11, 2010 5

This week I chose two photos of the the week, both from a recent wedding Greg and I photographed. These images are very similar in nature as they were captured within seconds of each other.

This highlights the importance of having two photographers capture a weddings. Each photographer brings a unique style to the wedding day and that leads to more and better quality images.

Take a look at the video below to hear more about these images as well as how they were edited.

5072299687 9a9b150fd8 Photo(s) of the Week

5072900004 acc5764f05 Photo(s) of the Week

Costume Contest

Jared Polin October 11, 2010 3

I thought it would be a fun idea to have a Contest for anyone that would like to go as me The FRO for Halloween.  This contest will run until Nov 5th so this gives you a few extra days to get your pictures to me.  What you will need to do is submit a picture of you looking like me any way that would would like and send it to FroKnowsPhoto@gmail.com subject line Costume.

The winner which will be selected by Greg and I will win a FroPack of T-Shirts!!!

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Jared and Greg using BlackRapid

Jared Polin October 9, 2010 9

At a recent wedding Greg and I both used our BlackRapid Straps. I used the RS-7 and Greg used the RS DR-1 Double Strap allowing him to capture images that he would not have been able to in the past.

5065153891 0e526ae14a Jared and Greg using BlackRapid

5065153955 5588ea0fc6 Jared and Greg using BlackRapid

5065154007 e65812f422 Jared and Greg using BlackRapid

5065817932 b6af6e30d1 Jared and Greg using BlackRapid

RS-7 on B&H Photo661579 Jared and Greg using BlackRapid DR-1 on B&H Photo645448 Jared and Greg using BlackRapid