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Exclusive – Never before seen video of Perry Farrell

Jared Polin September 1, 2010 4

You all have seen this photo weather on my web site, youtube or in Rolling Stone. Now for the first time ever anywhere you will get to see the Exclusive behind the scenes footage from this shoot!!!!

What you can see if Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction (this was during the Satellite Party tour) decide to undress in a busy store to stand in with the mannequins for a picture.

What amazes me to this day is the fact that we ran out there, composed the image, took 3 shots and we were done. It is amazing the power that a photo can hold.

4949350280 40f8c925a1 Exclusive   Never before seen video of Perry Farrell

Lightroom Catalogs

Jared Polin September 1, 2010 7

As you take more and more pictures and your lightroom catalog starts to fill up with thousands of images what should you do?

What Greg and I do is create multiple catalogs to house different years of images. For example I have a catalog that covers just 2008. When I need to go back and find images from there I just switch catalogs in Lightroom. In a matter of seconds you are back to work with all of your old collections and photos that are in that catalog.

You can continue the conversation over at the forum http://froknowsphoto.com/froknows/ If you have any questions please post them there and Greg will answer them

Should I be working out or shooting?

Jared Polin August 31, 2010 7

During last weeks photo shoot in NYC of some fitness friends, I invited Adam Lerner who is a reader of the site to tag along and capture some candids. Well here he catches me lifting weights instead of shooting pictures.

4945202253 465ec6ca16 Should I be working out or shooting?

How much is this gear worth??? Jared Fights Greg

Jared Polin August 31, 2010 13

When it comes to traveling with your gear some people like to travel light and others like Greg and I like to have what we need to get the job done. There are always those situations where you can not take everything and have to decide which lenses are in and which are out.

In this case Greg and I had to photograph a destination wedding in St. Petersburg FLA and decided to take the same gear we use when we stay local. I personally like to have all my lenses with me as each lens will allow me to capture the scene slightly different. On wedding days you have a lot of opportunities to switch glass and try different angles, so having a nice selection of glass allows you to do that.

But lets get back to what gear we took and how we got it there. We started off packing the ThinkTank Airport International Rolling Case with 2 bodies, Q-Flash with batteries, Nikon 300 2.8 and a few other random lenses. Greg and I both packed our ThinkTank Shape Shifters with a Pro Body, the Hebrew Trinity and other lenses. I utilized the Airport Check In to cary my lap top and Ipad on the plane.

We met all guidelines as we each had one cary on bag and one “man purse”. We had no problems at all going through security in a timely manner.

Now, you may ask how much is all of this gear worth? The answer to that is roughly $45,000!!!! Keep in mind that 4 pro bodies will run that number up pretty fast (see list below the video)

4866741916 4b53f4da12 How much is this gear worth??? Jared Fights Greg

Here is the List of Gear

Nikon D3X,D3s,D3,D3

Lenses (All Nikon)
16 2.8 Fisheye
14-24 w.8 x2
24-70 2.8 x2
70-200 2.8 vr1
70-200 2.8 vr2
80 1.4 af-d
105 2.8 macro vr
300 2.8 afs version 1

ThinkTank Airport International
ThinkTank Shape Shifter x2
ThinkTank Airport Check In
Tamrac Pro12

BlackRapid RS-7 x2

Published on RollingStone.com

Jared Polin August 30, 2010 7

I want to show you the Power of the Internet and how random people can stumble upon not just pro’s pictures but anyones pictures. I got a random Flickr message last week from RollingStone.com that they would like to use the image below for an online article. What this proves is anyone can get their work seen and published weather it is the 10,000th picture you took or the first. You never know who will stumble upon your image and decide they would like to use it for something.

Remember, there are no more gatekeepers, you can get to anyone you ever wanted to shoot with a little bit of digging. Put your work out there make sure its tagged, key worded and linked back to your place online so people know how to find you.

Good Luck!!!

4942642648 9a0f1488a8 Published on RollingStone.com
Click the image to go to rollingsotne.com to read the article.

4587036780 c4cac0b16c Published on RollingStone.com