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Reader’s Who SHOOT RAW show their shirts!!!

Jared Polin July 15, 2010 1

Some FRO readers have been sending in their photos with them wearing their FROKNOWS, I SHOOT RAW and JaredPolin.com t-shirts and I wanted to share them with you.

If you picked up a shirt be sure to e mail it in and I will add it to the gallery.

Interview with Professional Photographer Rick Berk

Jared Polin July 14, 2010 7

This is an interview that I recorded with professional photographer Rick Berk. I met Rick in the late 90′s when I was just starting out shooting professional sports. I just received my first season credential to photograph the Philadelphia Flyers and Rick had been shoot them for a few years for a trading card company. I was 15 and really didn’t know what I was in for but Rick took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. Without photographers like him I would never had made down there.

There are some really great tips for photographers who are just starting out and looking to make money.  Angles to use when shooting different events such as youth sports that translate to all aspects of photography.

We hit a ton of topics over this 45 min conversation. Stick with it, listen in pieces if you have but pay attention to his RAW vs JPEG comparison. Later in the interview Rick talks about a light house image that he captured in RAW and JPEG and you can really see the difference. The JPEG was captured in the most vibrant setting on the 5dMl2 and the RAW was processed in Lightroom.

Click Here for the Interview Click the image to enlarge Photos by RickBerk.com

4793384796 0a906b19b4 b Interview with Professional Photographer Rick Berk

RAW vs JPEG vs Ken Rockwell “Interview”

Jared Polin July 13, 2010 74

I got to sit down for an “interview” with Ken Rockwell and talk about RAW vs JPEG. Well not exactly, I am still waiting on a response from Ken to have an open minded discussion about RAW and JPEG and get his take.

I will be adding all videos to this post from this interview. Please click MORE to see the past videos (below the current video player)

Final video in the RAW vs JPEG vs Ken series
#8 “Raw file wont always be able to be opened”

#6 “You can only correct up to a half a stop”
#7 You need dedicated software to correct the raw files”


Gary Vaynerchuck Wine Library Candid Photos

Jared Polin July 13, 2010 6

I had the chance to capture candid images of Gary Vaynerchuck during a wine event at his Wine Library Store. I wanted to share with you a video slide show of the images I captured cut to the audio from that episode.

Below you will also be able to watch a 10 min screen flow where I break down each image and tell you how and why I shot it that way. This is a good way for you to get inside my thought process when I am capturing images.

As always, all images are shot RAW tweaked in LR3 and no image were cropped!!!!!

Sneak Peak my Interview with Ken Rockwell

Jared Polin July 12, 2010 12

This is a still from my “interview” with Ken Rockwell (I did e mail Ken for an interview and did not receive and e mail back)

Video coming soon!!!!!

4788066047 e1d9fdb4f8 Sneak Peak my Interview with Ken Rockwell