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Nikon D3100 Sample at 3200 ISO

Jared Polin December 20, 2010 9

This weeks Photo of the WEEK does not come from my D3S shot as some extremely Hi ISO but comes from the new Nikon D3100. I have been testing out the D3100 for a little over a week now and wanted to push it to its limits.

I consider shooting ice hockey to be one of the toughest situations other than low light concert situations to get quality images. I wanted to see how this camera handled at its top recommended ISO which is 3200. If i were to try and shoot the older Nikon D3000 at 1600 the results would have been pretty atrocious.

Let’s take a look at this video below to see how everything turned out. Stay tuned for a full review of the Nikon D3100 coming up in the next few weeks.

Nikon D3100 Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR II
1/400th at F/2.8 shot at 145mm

Nikon D3100 Sample at 3200 ISO

Drobo S Backup Storage UNBOXING

Jared Polin December 18, 2010 21

I decided it was time take more action on safe guarding my 4tbs of data. I did a lot of research and decided to buy a Drobo S and 5 2tb hard drives to fill it with. That would give me 10tbs of storage for all of my data. (I bought the drives all on Newegg!!!)

In this video I just talk about why I picked up the Drobo so along with the unboxing and sniff test. Coming up in the near future will be the full on Drobo review along with information for how you can better store your files for safe keeping.

Super Secret Project Concert Photo Critique

Jared Polin December 17, 2010 20

In photography it is always a good excursive to let others critique your work. I know I have a tough time taking corrective criticism but when it comes from someone in the know it is much easier to accept. For this weeks Super Secret Project I go through photos from Mr Gizzy Style himself that he took at a recent SINAI show.

Keep in mind Gizzy is shooting with the Nikon D3000, Nikon 35 F/1.8 and Sigma 70-200 F/2.8 version II. Gizzy pretty much has reached the limitations of his starter camera and over the next few months we will start to explore options for him to progress in his 5 year plan.

In this critique you will see me go through what I think are solid killer shots that Gizzy captured to shots that were slightly off and how they could have been better. A lot of the misses were not his fault. The combination of the limitations of his camera along with the lack of any front lighting during the show effected his final product. You will see at the end of the critique I show gizzy some of what I captured and even with the D3S the light caused m to shoot at 8000 ISO and still had misses due to lighting.

I really think there are a lot of great tips in this critique that will help you guys capture better images not just at concerts but in many different lighting situations. Check out the video below as well as the full slide show of Gizzy’s photos.

The Fro and His Grandma Lil #30 SMACK

Jared Polin December 16, 2010 8

In this weeks Lil video really runs the gamut of topics from drinking and owning bars to fighting than to peace in the world. Lil seems to be extra feisty on this particular day so much so that she even gives me a nice smack on the BUTT!!!!


Adobe Lightroom Batch Editing

Jared Polin December 15, 2010 7

Well it seems as if I took something for granted in Lightroom; Batch Editing. Basically the ability to sync the edits to a file from one to another. As I mention in this video a fan at the Allen’s Camera live broadcast didn’t know that you could easily apply the settings from one photo to a bunch of others. In this video I go over each of those methods; good, bad and ugly ;).

The extra tip of the week comes early in the video and goes over selecting images. This is definitely a simple task but knowing what is happening will allow you to master it with ease. Keyboard shortcuts discussed this week are Ctrl + Shift + C for copying the develop settings and then Ctrl + Shift + V for pasting those settings. Some others were Ctrl + A for select all and the major ones G for grid view in the Library Module and D to switch to Develop module.