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Super Secret Project Photography Critique

Jared Polin December 3, 2010 22

My SKYPE line rang one afternoon (jaredpolin) and on the other end was a new photographer who had only been shooting for two weeks. He was asking questions in regards to getting better pictures inside an old gym. Ryan was shooting with a Canon T1I and Canon 50mm F/1.4 USM lens. I thought this would make for a great Super Secret Project video, Skype Call and Photo Critique.

What was great to hear was that Ryan was trying out the settings that I had recommended in past Super Secret Project videos. Based on our conversation it sounded like he was not far off from getting killer pictures. I thought it would be best if I had Ryan send me over some of his RAW files so I could give him some added direction.

I definitely liked the direction he was going based off the RAW files. He had the starts of good composition which is one of the most important aspects of photography. Once you have the ground work laid for composition your proper settings will follow.

This is another long form video but I think there are a lot of nuggets in here to help you out.

The Fro and His Grandma Lil #28 Thanks Giving

Jared Polin December 2, 2010 13

Lil and I sit down to discuss Thanks Giving and her past dealings with cooking for 45 people. What do you think of these longer discussions with Lil

Enjoy and thank you for everything!!

Blue Yeti Microphone Review

Jared Polin December 2, 2010 5

When I first purchased my 27 Inch Imac and started to record video and audio I noticed how it sounded like I was recording in a bathtub. Don’t get me wrong its better than a kick in the butt but I knew if i wanted to take my audio recordings to the next level I needed to get a real deal USB microphone.

I started to do my research online and kept coming across microphones from a company named Blue Microphones. At the time they were making this very popular USB microphone called the snowball which was selling for around $99. Than I noticed they just came out with something called the Yeti, a pretty substantially sized USB condenser microphone. I found a few very favorable reviews and liked all the specs that I was reading from Blue’s web site and decided to place my order with Amazon. I decided to go with the larger more expensive microphone because I saw it as the 2.8 lens and the lower end microphone was like the kit lens.

When this microphone landed on my door step I knew I had made the right decision in going with the more expensive model. The weight behind the microphone is substantial and the build quality of the mic and stand are amazing. The only minor concern which I had read online before making the purchase was that the buttons on the front and back of the microphone seemed a little flimsy. The buttons do feel a little wobbly when you are turning them but like I mention in the video this unit is meant to stay on your desk and you should never have any issues with the buttons.

Setting up the microphone was a breeze. There is one USB wire to connect to the computer and no drivers needed. As soon as I plugged it in my Imac recognized and allowed me to select it as my input option of choice. You will want to test out the adjustable levels and find that sweet spot for your speaking, singing or music playing. It really is as simple as it sounds, plug it in an you have a professional USB condenser microphone ready to record your next podcast, interview or musical masterpiece.

I had one minor issue that was not the fault of the microphone but a software issue with SKYPE on the Mac. I sent a quick help e mail to the Blue Yeti support staff and in no time I had a response back. It means so much when you ask a question and a real person responds to help you solve your issue and is even willing to pick up the phone to help you.

Who is this microphone for. This microphone is for your everyday computer user who has a need for a better solution to getting their audio into the computer. I use this microphone exclusively for all my skype calls and voiceovers in my videos. The Blue Yeti makes my voice go BOOM like Lightroom makes my contrast go BOOM. With 4 patterns to chose from there is a selection for every conceivable audio recording need. What sweetens the pot even more is the price of this product. For under $100 you have a microphone that should last you for many years to come.

This microphone will make a great gift for the holidays even if it is a gift you purchase for yourself. I know there is one person who will be getting one of these for the holidays as a gift, his name is Greg, but no one tell him.

I love my Blue Yeti and will continue to use it for all of my SKYPE calls and voice overs. If you would like to pick one up please click the photo below.

6 Month Anniversary and Give Away

Jared Polin December 1, 2010 60

Today, December 1st 2010 is the 6th month anniversary of FroKnowsPhoto.com. First I want to thank each and every one of you for your daily support of the web site. None of this would be possibly without you guys coming back every day and spreading the word to your friends.

I launched FroKnowsPhoto.com on June 1st 2010 with the idea to create “fun” and “informative” videos and content that would help people become better photographers. 400 posts and 350 videos later I think we are off to a great start.

I want to personally thank Greg who came to the site not long after the launch to help create content as well as keep the site up and running on the back end. Without Greg the site itself would not be functioning as well as it is.

Again we can not thank you enough for helping this site grow. If you would like to help us keep this FREE site growing please use some of the links on the right (help the fro box), purchase an I SHOOT RAW Tshirt or do some holiday shopping from our new page.

We have a lot of great ideas for new sections and features on the web site. Starting today we hope you enjoy the updated look of FroKnowsPhoto.com (clear your browser cache if you are having trouble). The Forum will be updated soon.

As always we value your opinions and would like to hear from you. Please send us your suggestions via our FroForum Suggestion Box so everyone gets their say!

We would love to hear how FroKnowsPhoto has helped you, please leave a testimonial via the forum by Clicking Here

You can WIN a BlackRapid RS-7 for our anniversary by being on the FroKnowsPhoto Email List, bonus points for RT and passing the word on to your friends.

Thank you all!!!!!
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The Winner of the Mystery Think Tank Photo gear is

Jared Polin November 30, 2010 13

The winner of the Think Tank Photo contest is……. Watch the video to see if it is you!!!

I want to personally thank everyone who entered the contest, there will be plenty more with give aways ranging from pixel pocket rockets to possibly an airport security.

If you are interested in picking up any think tank gear please click the ThinkTank Photo banner over to the right ——>>>