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Let Us Edit Your RAW FILE Week 2

Jared Polin September 28, 2010 11

Each week on FroKnowsPhoto.com Greg and I try our hand at editing a RAW file that a reader sends in. If you are interested in having us edit your file please e mail one file to FroKnowsPhoto@gmail.com.

Greg and I will both tweak the RAW file in Adobe Lightroom without knowing how the other is editing the file. This is a great way for you to see the different techniques we use for editing our files.

You can see the final images right here from this weeks RAW File.

Jared’s Edit, click to view larger

5033172101 cdac9f1468 Let Us Edit Your RAW FILE Week 2

Greg’s Edit, click to view larger

5033791798 4d996fbd20 Let Us Edit Your RAW FILE Week 2

Skype Call

Jared Polin September 27, 2010 2

The Skype line is open, feel FREE to call me at JAREDPOLIN on skype (from Richboro) and ask your photo related questions.

Photo of the Week – Off Camera Flash

Jared Polin September 27, 2010 6

This weeks photo of the week focuses on an image that was captured using one off camera flash. I go into the very basics of how and where we set the flash for this image to show you the dimension that it creates.

You can see how thick the final image is in terms of contrast and tone which is something I look for in my final images.

Greg and I are working on a full Flash Curriculum that will take us from the very basics of understand flash photography to full studio set ups.

5029382937 b954744893 Photo of the Week   Off Camera Flash

Nikon D3 Nikon 24-70 2.8
1/200th F3.2 ISO 12500

If you see this guy RUN JK

Jared Polin September 26, 2010 3

Check out Greg at a recent wedding we shot on the Beach in Ocean City MD, he has his BlackRapid RS-7 on one shoulder and his ThinkTank Photo Retrospective 20 on the other. This shows you that you can use both the bag and the strap at the same time.

Click here to pick up a Retrospective 30 by Think Tank Photo

Or pick up an BlackRapid RS-7 Right Here Black Rapid Strap RS7 Black Fabric, Curved Ergonomic, with ConnectR-2 and FastenR-2 If you see this guy RUN JK

5025553639 4a2d0873e0 If you see this guy RUN JK

BACKUP RANT: Who Knew Greg was ‘The Sheep Whisperer’

Jared Polin September 24, 2010 13


I’ve wanted to rant about this for quite a while. You MUST have at least two copies of your photos to consider them safe. Just copying them to the non-OS drive on your computer (usually an external drive) is not good enough. You need to have a primary drive AND A BACKUP AT A BARE MINIMUM.

Please, I implore you, go purchase a backup drive right now. I guarantee your hard drive will fail….eventually. Be safe and don’t lose your memories!

Here are a few….Backup Hard Drives from Amazon.com BACKUP RANT: Who Knew Greg was The Sheep Whisperer

BTW stick around for a while…I smell something odd around 1:30…