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Natural Light Portrait BTS!

Adam Lerner September 2, 2014 Comments Off

In this video, I take you behind the scenes for an outdoor natural light portrait session. I talk about all my settings and share my thought process along the way. This shoot deals with a multitude of different lighting scenarios and I demonstrate how by using a 5 in 1 reflector to help mitigate the light as well as use the light to my advantage you can get stunning results.


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Who Needs 10 FPS when you can have 1 Frame Every 10 Minutes? 5 Min Portrait 1850’s Edition

Jared Polin August 23, 2014 Comments Off

If you think your camera is slow, try this one, it shoots one frame every 10 minutes! That’s because this is a 5 Min Portrait 1850’s Style with Giles Clement.

Giles is a skilled tin-type / wet plate photographer who has honed his skills over many, many years.

I invited Giles over to the loft to photograph me with his 8×10 View Camera to create an 8×10 one-of-a-kind image.

With my prompting, Giles walks us through the entire process start to finish. You get to hear the history of Tin-Type Photography as well as how he acquired and built his 8×10 view camera.

We take you inside the darkroom to see a plate being sensitized to light. Once the image is exposed, we take you right back into the darkroom to watch as the exposed plate is turned into the final image.

This entire process is fascinating and you get to see it all unfold in this 5 Min Portrait, 1850’s edition!

Click Here for the FULL RES 8×10 Final Image.

To see Giles’s work please check out his website. http://www.gilesclement.com/


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5 Min Portrait – How to take LOW LIGHT Action Photos and Portraits

Jared Polin August 1, 2014 Comments Off

Follow along as I give you a first person perspective on photographing Maria as she works out at the gym. My goal for this 5 Min Portrait is to show you exactly how I handle a real world photo shoot. I make sure to stop and explain as much as possible throughout so you have a full understanding on how and why I made the changes I made. Click Here to see the full res exports from the shoot.

14615114488 32214131d9 5 Min Portrait   How to take LOW LIGHT Action Photos and Portraits

Click here to see all the full res images from this 5 Min Portrait

If you want to fast track your photography learning and start to get killer photos in any situation I highly recommend you check out the FroKnowsPhoto Beginner Guide to Getting Out Of Auto. Please click the link

This time around I broke out the Nikon D4s with four different lenses to make sure I gave myself plenty of different angles and looks. I used the Nikon 14-24 2.8, Nikon 24-70 2.8, Nikon 70-200 2.8 VRII and the Nikon 200-400 F4 VRII that I borrowed from BorrowedLenses.com.

I know some people like to keep one lens on their camera for an entire shoot and others worry about dust in the camera when they change lenses in the field. I am actually curious how many times I switched lenses during this shoot if anyone cares to count.

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5 Min Portrait How To Become A Better Photographer: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Jared Polin June 28, 2014 Comments Off

One of the most important ways to become a better photographer is to step outside of your comfort zone. Now this is much easier said then done but it is something I am personally working on.

The type of photos I capture generally revolve around candid images. In this case I set up a continuos light studio inside my loft to take portraits of my model. This is the furthest thing away from candid and totally out of my every day comfort zone.

CLICK HERE to see all of the full res images from this photo shoot.

14340088939 438676a1cb 5 Min Portrait How To Become A Better Photographer: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Click Here to view all of the FULL RES Images from this photo shoot.

As scary as it may seem to veer out of your normal zone it’s something every photographer should be doing. Sure you may be good at one thing or another but the only way to get better is to experiment. You are shooting digital, you have no film to waste, processing to have done or prints to make. You can simply get out there, shoot, review and shoot some more. That is the leg up you have today over 20 years ago.

14340045200 1e5319df45 5 Min Portrait How To Become A Better Photographer: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Click Here to view all of the FULL RES Images from this photo shoot.

When I set up this 5 Min Portrait is Jenna I knew I wanted to do something different than I normally did. I decided I wanted to shoot continuous light portraits using my keno flows. I set them up in a simple pattern which is very similar to what Peter Hurley does for his head-shots.

One thing you have to keep in mind is you can have the exact same lighting set up as Peter or I, the same camera and settings and not get the same results. I wont get the same results as Peter because I don’t talk to the subject the same way he does as well as seeing the world different. This doesn’t mean I wont capture something that is still amazing. You have to remember that we all see the world different, we interact different and pull out different emotions from our subjects. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just some people do it better than others.

My goal with this shoot was to capture a nice little cross section of images of Jenna. Jenna is not a professional model but has posed for a few photographers in the past. I think she is great in front of the camera and takes direction very well.

With any photo shoot I like to come out with three to five solid keepers regardless of how many images I take or don’t take. Generally speaking you wont get to see the non keepers from most photographers but I chose to share every shot from this 5 Min Portrait. I do that so you can see not just the best shots but the ones that just missed or were so far off base that I never should have let them see the light of day.

14340109778 268dbb437d 5 Min Portrait How To Become A Better Photographer: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Click Here to view all of the FULL RES Images from this photo shoot.

This is all about learning and becoming a better photographer, the only way you get better is to step outside of your comfort zone and practice. There is not shame in not getting the best results when you are trying something new. The only shame is if you don’t try.

With this 5 Min Portrait I only filmed the first part of the shoot. After the initial head-shots were captured I changed up the lights and the scene to allow me to try some other scenarios before finally doing some natural light portraits around the loft. You can see those images in the editing video below.

Editing the 5 Min Portrait

As I have been doing more often after photo shoots like this, I am going to share with you the editing process I went through to get the final images. It is important to remember that this is my style for editing and not everyone will like what I come up with. It’s very important to formulate your style not only in the images you capture but in the way you process them. With that said, there is a lot of information you can take out of this section so please enjoy.

14340109268 c0f7d8421d 5 Min Portrait How To Become A Better Photographer: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Click Here to view all of the FULL RES Images from this photo shoot.

I also share with you images that I captured after the camera stopped rolling. We kept shooting for another hour or two, trying different lighting setups and poses. One thing I learned from this shoot is that I am not very good with directing the model when it comes to posing. This is something I am not terribly to used to doing. When I am shooting candids I let the model to what they do and capture it. In this setting, I have to tell the model what I am looking for in order to bring that out of them.

On the other hand when you work with a professional model they tend to know how to flow andmove which makes for less work giving direction. That is in no way a knock at Jenna as she did a fantastic job in front of the camera.

14525644382 869f948643 5 Min Portrait How To Become A Better Photographer: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Click Here to view all of the FULL RES Images from this photo shoot.

If you would like to view all the full res exports please CLICK HERE.

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5 Min Portrait: YouTube Thumbnail Photo Shoot

Jared Polin May 3, 2014 Comments Off

I am back with another 5 Minute Portrait and this time around my goal was to capture a YouTube Thumbnail for a fitness video with Maria.

Thumbnails on YouTube are very important and can be the difference between getting people to watch your video or not. But a lot of people tend to try and cheat their thumbnail by selecting it to be something that has nothing to do with the video itself.

In this case my goal was to capture a killer thumbnail for an ab workout video with Maria. Maria is looking to create A Fitness YouTube Channel so I helped out by filming a few videos for her. Since we already had her video shoot in the can it only made sense to take photos in the same situations for the thumbnail.

13913944399 5037c3993b 5 Min Portrait: YouTube Thumbnail Photo Shoot

The photo shoot went pretty smoothly as you will see from the photos in the video and below. But I ran into a major issue when I attempted to import the files from the CF card to the computer. Somehow the card ended up getting corrupted and could not be read by any computer. I would think this was mostly my fault for putting the card in the card reader and removing it a bunch of times without ever actually exporting the photos. I exported the video before but not the photos. And yes if you are wondering I did eject the card before removing it from the card reader.

I was pretty bummed that I lost the files but I figured I would try and recover them like I have heard many people have done. I first attempted using the Pro recovery software from Sandisk and that was not able to recover anything. I than found a different one online which I purchased and it had success in pulling hundred of files.

It found all of the photos from Maria’s photo shoot along with hundreds of other photos going back months. Now it did not find any RAW images but it did find jpegs which is better than nothing. If this was a professional shooting I would not have been totally SOL. Sure the files that it recovered would not be good enough for much more than an 8×10 they were perfectly usable for online use.

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Simple Product Photography Tips: 5 Min Portrait

Jared Polin February 16, 2014 Comments Off

The reason I use the word “simple” in the title of this post is because this is a very basic setup that just about anyone can do.

12579027823 b58765bc57 Simple Product Photography Tips: 5 Min Portrait

Product photography does not have to be overwhelming. You don’t always need fourteen different lights, reflectors and assistants to capture a product shot. Of course in some situations where it is called for, you may need a more intense setup.

If your goal is to simply get a product shot captured and online to help you showcase a something than the tips in this video will come in handy.

When I am shooting photos of products on my kitchen table I like to use the natural light from outside and sometimes some continuos lights inside. In this case my main light was the daylight with a little bit of fill come from a continuous light that was meant to light me for the video.

My goal was to capture a product shot of the Canon lens that could be used for an article, a sales page or just for practice.

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First Person Shooter: Canon 70d Autofocus Test

Jared Polin September 22, 2013 Comments Off

Autofocus in DSLRs during video recording has come a long way in the last few years. We all know that DSLRs have not caught up to your standard camcorders but that’s all about to change.

There are a few different cameras on the market from different manufactures that have taken that leap to giving you almost camcorder like autofocus. Thanks to BorrowLenses and AllensCamera I was able to get my hands on a Canon 70d to do a full review. The full review is still on its way but I wanted to share some findings from my first video shoot with it.

As you guys know I like to push cameras to their limits when it comes to testing them. Anyone can test a camera in great light and call it fantastic but I like to shoot in poor light and see how the camera really does. So my test was to determine how well the Canon 70d would autofocus in a concert situation.

My friends in the band Silvertide had a show and I made the decision to test the 70d’s capabilities. During soundcheck I was messing with the new touch autofocus where you touch the lcd and it focus right there. I noticed a bunch of guitar picks on top of an amp and thought this would showcase how well this cameras autofocus system works.

I set up on my video mono-pod, strapped the GoPro to my forehead so you could watch me touch the screen and hit record. I was amazed as soon as I touched the pick on the far left followed by the one on the far right. Not only was the focus accurate to where I wanted it to be, it transitioned smoothly and quickly. I was not expecting what I saw but I sure was happy with it.

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Photographing Baseball 5 Min Portrait and First Person Shooter with the Nikon D7100

Jared Polin July 26, 2013 Comments Off

When I was out filming the Nikon D7100 REVIEW (which you can find right here) I found myself shooting a baseball game. I used the GoPro Hero 3 to capture the First Person Shooter Perspective and turned it into a 5 Min Portrait for the review.

I know you guys really enjoy these type of videos so I decided to separate it from the review and share it with you.

The gear used with the Nikon D7100, Nikon 70-200 2.8 VRII and the Nikon 300 2.8 AFS.

For the FULL Nikon D7100 Review please click here.

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MACKLEMORE 5 Min Portrait / First Person Shooter with the Canon 1D X and GoPro

Jared Polin June 10, 2013 Comments Off

I am back with my latest 5 Min Portrait and First Person Shooter Project video all in one. I had the chance to Photograph Macklemore of Thrift Shop fame for his three song set. For this video I decided to let you watch all three songs as captured by the First Person Shooter Camera as well as do a commentary track over the video.

Let me set up the gear I was using first before I break into what it was like to photograph this show. I was using the Canon 1D X with the 70-200 2.8II, 24-70 2.8II (thanks BorrowLenses.com) and the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition attached to the hot shoe of the Canon.

If you have never photographed a concert this is the closest you can get to being in the pit without being there. As is normal today we had three songs to capture Macklemore who loves to run around the stage. Beyond how fast he moves (which is great by the way) he had sunglasses on which means you do not get that personal feel from seeing his eyes. Later on in his set he did end up taking his glasses off which allowed me to capture some nice images.

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5 Min Portrait – Full Portrait Photography Shoot

Jared Polin May 20, 2013 Comments Off

Welcome to another 5 Min Portrait Video. This time around I just wanted to shoot, I didn’t want to turn to the camera to explain what I was doing I just wanted to capture images.

With that said there is so much you can learn from watching me interact with Maria. You get to hear our interactions, you get to see what works and what does not. You have a front row seat to one of my photo shoots.

You will see every image pop up as its taken. You get to see the good with the bad as well as some that are not edited. The reason that some are not edited is they were not keepers to me.

For this photo shoot I used the Nikon D4 with the 300mm F2.8 AFS as well as the Nikon 70-200 2.8 VRII. The camera recording the video is the Nikon D800.

Click Here or the image below to check out all the Photos from this photo shoot.

8756632146 151b0dcfc8 5 Min Portrait   Full Portrait Photography Shoot

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