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Flickr Photo of the Week

Jared Polin January 6, 2011 10

Yes, It was time to do another photo of the week and this week I chose one from NYC based photographer Adam Lerner. A few weeks back NYC got hammered with SNOW and Adam was stuck right in the middle of it.

We discuss everything from the image being shot right into the sun to why it was 2 stops off after processing. Again, post processing is a major part of Adam and my photography. I like to say photography does not stop when you press the button. A lot of people may be scared of editing and say its not traditional and they get it right in the camera. We have a little discussion about this point in there as well.

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Wedding Photography Composition Discussion

Jared Polin November 18, 2010 11

For this weeks Flickr Photo of the week I got on a call with NYC based Photographer Daniel Krieger . Daniel is a photographer that I met this year at Photo Plus Expo who added this really eye catching shot to the Flickr Photo Group. What caught my eye about this photo is the low angle, straight lines and overall quality of the image. Of course it is a cropped image but in this case it works for what he was trying to accomplish.

I love who symmetric this image is. Everything is just perfectly even from left to right and the fact that the top and bottom are not equal makes this image even more striking. It is amazing how much the subjects pop out at you. They were captured with a Nikon D3s and the Nikon 70-200 2.8 VRII shot at 2.8.

Take a listen to our conversation to hear more about this photo. Be sure to submit your images to the flickr photo group as well.

Boardwalk Wedding

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Wedding Photography Reflections

Jared Polin November 11, 2010 7

I was searching around the Flickr Photo group a little while ago and this image popped on the screen. This is a great capture from a wedding, it captures the bride in the limo and so much more. Look at the reflection, there are multiple stories going on in this image which is just amazing. When you have the ability to see through the image and capture something like this you are really on the ball. This photo was taken by Rudy Pollak, click on the image below to see more from his photo stream.

Rudy and I had a great conversation talking about everything wedding photography, take a listen below. Don’t forget to join the flickr photo group by clicking Flickr on the right side of this page.


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Flickr Photo of the Week

Jared Polin October 21, 2010 5

Zibri a reader of submitted this image into the flickr photo group on flickr. I found this to be a very interesting capture and later came to find out that it is a huge crop from the original image.

We discuss why it was cropped and how he processed the file which is a pretty interesting story.

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FLICKR Photo of the WEEK

Jared Polin October 14, 2010 2

Thank you Peter for submiting this image to the Flickr PHoto Group . This image popped out at me for a few reasons, the angle that he shot it at and the color. I loved how the color popped really well both in the car and the sky.

Peter is on the right path after only three months of shooting. Be sure to submit your images to the Flickr Photo Group and I may be calling you next!!!!


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Flickr Photo of the WEEK

Jared Polin October 7, 2010 4

I wanted to thank Brett Walters for submitting this images to the Flickr Photo Group and discussing his image. Be sure to get your photos into the Flickr Photo Group by clicking the flickr logo to the right. Who knows, maybe I will call you and discuss your image!!!!

Good Party

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Flickr Photo of the WEEK Montreal

Jared Polin September 30, 2010 7

I had a great discussion with Pierre Bourgault of Montreal about his dusk photograph that he captured. We covered everything from the equipment he used to the lenses he would like to own in the future. I really enjoy having conversations with you guys so feel free to skype call me anytime to talk about photography.

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Flickr Photo of the week

Jared Polin September 23, 2010 1

Thank you Jonathan Eng for submitting this photo to the flickr photo group. Have you joined the group yet, click here

I was really drawn to this photo as it has amazing color. focus and bokah. Take a listen to the audio to hear the changes Jonathan had to make in order to get this image.


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Flickr Photo of the Week

Jared Polin September 16, 2010 2

Anto Vega posted this photo in the flickr photo group and it caught my attention. I liked how he used one light, a fast lens and did a little experimentation. One reason I selected this photo for this week is that there was simple ways he can take it to the next level and make it an even better image. Take a listen to this call with Anto to hear how he captured this and the few simple tips I gave him for making it better.

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Sarah VI

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Flickr Photo of the Week

Jared Polin September 9, 2010 2

This weeks Flickr Photo of the week was captured by Niv who was visiting BC Canada. What I loved about this image is it is not HDR. What makes this image great is the fact that he used a Graduated ND filter which gives you that dark to light graduated effect. He also used a polarizer filter to help make the colors pop and it really worked well.

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Emerald lake , Yoho NP, Canada

Click the image to see more of Niv’s great photography

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