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How to Ruin a 94k Lens and much more: RAWtalk 134

Jared Polin May 24, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

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Let’s start off with the title story from Photo News where a rugby player decided after scoring to take out a sharpie and sign the camera persons lens. If there was a filter on the lens than it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Since there wasn’t, that just might cost someone a lot of money. You can hear the full story at 09:51.

That’s just GROSS, consider yourself WARNED: RAWtalk 133

Jared Polin May 17, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

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It’s not often I am grossed out by a story but this one really left me scatting my head. Honestly the story and the photo’s in my opinion are so gross that I can’t talk about it anymore. To see the story I am taking about skip to 27:48. Consider yourself warned.

00:00:16 – Show Intro
00:16:14 – Photo News
00:27:48 – **** This is the GROSS STORY *****
00:54:34 – Flying Solo
01:40:11 – Gear of the Week
01:42:52 – Wheel of Fro

“On Fleek”: RAWtalk 132

Jared Polin May 10, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Download this weeks RAWtalk as an MP3 right here.

Before I jump into this weeks show I want to dedicate it to Allen from Allen’s camera who passed away last night at the store. Allen was there for me at the beginning and was one of the main catalysts to the early success of FroKnowsPhoto.com.

What does “On Fleek” mean? Honestly it’s a made up term that if you look up on YouTube you just might find yourself laughing.

This weeks episode is sponsored by ATOMOS who has been extremely supportive of the site and the show since way early on. If you are looking to pick up a Sony A7s to shoot 4k video you will also need an Atomos Shogun. The great thing is if you purchase both of them (doesn’t have to be at the same time) you will get a $500 rebate. Check out the new Atomos Power Station as well as the Barebones units which are priced to sell!!!!!

During Stephen’s photo news I may or may not have interrupted or broken into song, but you will find out shortly.

Flying solo was back once again with more solid questions along with gear of the week and the Wheel of the FRO.

Thank you guys very much for your continued support and don’t forget to watch or listen to RAWtalk every Monday.

00:00:00 – Dedicated to Allen
00:04:47 – Show Intro
00:15:00 – Photo News
00:48:29 – Flying Solo
01:36:00 – Gear of the Week
01:39:58 – Wheel of Fro

Did I really give Stephen that as a gift? YUP: RAWtalk 131

Jared Polin May 3, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Click Here to download this weeks RAWtalk as an MP3.

I want to start off and say we filmed this weeks RAWtalk on Thursday afternoon and it wasn’t until Friday that we found out that Allen from Allen’s Camera had passed away. I will be having a special segment dedicated to Allen on the next episode. To read what I wrote about Allen please click here.

Some of you know I ordered two apple watches for a project idea that I have been working on. The plan was to do my project and return the watches within the first 14 days. It turns out that I am really enjoying the watch so I decided to keep one. That left me the Apple Watch Sport to return or keep. I decided to gift it to Stephen for all his hard work over the last two years.

RODE RODE RODE RODE MyRodeReel.com competition is still in full effect and you have a chance to enter any of the 19 categories for your chance to win some of the $200,000 in prizes. There is even a category for movies captured entirely on a cell phone. So honestly you have nothing to lose, read up on the rules right here for your chance to WIN. http://bit.ly/1dGHzeU

I decided to strap GoPro Hero 4 to my hockey helmet when I played in a charity tournament this weekend. I must say the footage looks fantastic and I am looking forward to cutting it up for everyone to see. Stephen added a clip for you guys to watch during this weeks show.

As always we have Photo News with Stephen followed by another solid round of Flying Solo where you get to submit your questions to be answered on the show.

For those who don’t know, NEW episodes of RAWtalk go live on Mondays.

00:00:16 – Show Intro
00:07:05 – GoPro Hero 4 Review
00:13:25 – Apple Watch Review
00:20:19 – Photo News
00:51:00 – Flying Solo
01:43:10 – Gear(s) of the Week
01:48:42 – Wheel of Fro

You guys delivered the fire and flew Solo: RAWtalk 130

Jared Polin April 26, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Download this weeks RAWtalk as an MP3 right here.

It’s not every week that I get over 350 Flying Solo questions but this week you guys delivered. I must say there were so many great questions that I chose a few extra to squeeze in as many answers as I could. The truth will be told during this weeks episode.

I want us all to welcome a NEW sponsor this week, Kenko / Tokina http://www.kenkotokinausa.com/tokina/ . I am almost positive you guys all have heard of Tokina and the lenses that they make for stills and video. But they also work with a company named Hoya who makes all different types of filters. Please take a look around their site and see what they offer as they support the show and I support them.

Stephen brought us the photo news this week with stories that range from the strange to the funny and informative. Be sure to check out the full photo news stories and more.

Do you like Photo Books? Have you ever made a real deal photo book? If not I highly recommend using the code “pxfro35md” before May 16th to get 35% OFF your order of Photo Books at AdoramaPix.com .

Please enjoy the show and don’t forget that new episodes arrive on Mondays.