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David Bergman gets the ACCESS we all wish for: RAWtalk 113

Jared Polin December 14, 2014 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Download this weeks RAWtalk as an MP3.41ef wCIg L David Bergman gets the ACCESS we all wish for: RAWtalk 113

He has shot 13 Sports Illustrated covers, 11 Super Bowls, World Series’s, Presidents and 200 shows in 30 countries with Jon Bon Jovi. David Bergman has earned the access he receives with amazing photos time and time again.

To purchase David Bergman’s Bon Jovi “Work” click here

I had the chance to sit with David at the loft to discuss everything from what it’s like to get an SI cover to flying in a private jet as Bon Jovi’s tour photographer. That interview starts at 50:18 second and in my opinion is another fantastic discussion with an amazing photographer. His stories along with his advice are enjoyable and really worth a listen.

If you have been waiting to see who WON the Atomos Ninja Star contest you can see the 7 finalists right here: http://froknowsphoto.com/atomos-ninja-star-contest-finalists/

We discus our upcoming Vegas trip and if you are in Vegas and know of a location for a RAWtalk or work for Excalibur please e mail me at jared at froknowsphoto dot com.

RANT Ken Rockwell says “Pros only shoot in ‘Pro mode,’ that’s why it’s called Pro mode” – RAWtalk #112

Jared Polin December 7, 2014 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Download this weeks MP3 right here.

Welcome back to another fun filled week of FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk where I occasionally curse, scream, sing, rant and talk photography. This week I did not plan on ranting I only planned on sharing a few direct quotes from a certain someones website.

Now I know you are asking yourself why do you read that guys site and my answer is because I want to see what he will say next. Now that that’s out of the way what did he say this time? First there was a quote about a camera being free but it costs $1,250 followed by “some people have this idea that pros only shoot in manual exposure mode”. All I can say is skip to 36:48 put your earmuffs on and get ready to be frustrated.

This weeks show sponsor was RODE microphone and I featured their Invisilav which honestly will come in handy when I need to put a lav mic under my shirt. The truth of the matter is we currently just use gaff tape to stick the mics to my chest. In reality we should be using the invisilav which we are going to start doing. You will notice I had a little bit of trouble getting the included tape to stick and I have verified that it’s because it’s skin safe. My solution to this is use wig tape or gaff tape and you will be good to go.

Fro’s Favorite Things 2014 Special RAWtalk

Jared Polin November 30, 2014 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

To download this weeks special RAWtalk click here

Normally we record RAWtalks on Thursdays but this week it was Thanksgiving so we recorded something a little different on Monday.

In honor of the holidays we decided to record a show called “Fro’s Favorite Things”. The Stephens and I decided to bring in and discuss different low cost items and some higher cost items that help us with our photography. We have everything from small camera phone stands to the updesk and everything in-between.

I want to make it perfectly clear that no companies knew beforehand that we were featuring their products. There are no sponsors of this weeks episode.

Listed below are all the items we discussed. If one of them interests you simply google what it is to find more information or where to purchase from.

The “Secret” to making it as a photographer revealed – RAWtalk 111

Jared Polin November 23, 2014 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Download this weeks RAWtalk Episode as an MP3 right here.

Every few weeks I ask for Flying Solo questions and this weeks line of them had a recurring theme. The majority of the questions had to do with how do you make it as a photographer. How do you get more Facebook interactions. How do you do better SEO. How do you get more people to want to pay you. No one said photography was going to be easy but there is one surefire way to get people to pay attention and that is to do quality work. Quality work trumps all!!!!

If there is one so called Secret Rule to being successful at photography it would be that Quality Work Trumps ALL. Everything starts with quality work. If your work is subpar it will not resonate with people. So no matter how much SEO, Facebook advertising, begging and pleading you do, if your work is not quality you will not get the job.

Please do not be scared away by that statement because for the longest time I myself was doing subpar work. The first few years I was shooting no one would hire me not because of my age but because my work was not up to par, yet. Yet is the key word there, it took me a good 8-10 years of shooting to actually start producing “Quality” work. If you thought the jobs would just show up a few months after starting you are mistaken. There are always those few that bust through quickly but for every one of those there are thousands who have to take the long road.

One of the questions I posed to you guys is would you like me to put together some sort of guide to help you navigate the business side of photography? Like I said in RAW talk this guide won’t tell you the “secret method to being a success” as I don’t think anything like that exists. But what it will do is give you the tops and tricks I personally use day in and day out to try and make it as a photographer.

The FroKnowsPhoto 2014 Holiday Contest and SALE is in FULL SWING and you can take advantage of that right here http://bit.ly/fro2014sale . All t-shirts are on sale for only $11.99 each and each order will come with a Wheel Of FRO Scratch off card for your chance to WIN one of 47 prizes valued at over $7,000.

As always we had Photo News, Gear Of the WEEK and the Wheel Of FRO.

Thank you to RODE Microphones, ATOMOS, everyone on the Wheel Of FRO and you guys for your support.

EARMUFFS What a FANTASTIC Eye Opening and Inspiring Interview with Amelia Davis RAWtalk Episode #110

Jared Polin November 16, 2014 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Click Here to download this episode as an MP3.

Rawtalk #110 Show Notes/Times

00:00:07 – Show start
00:03:10 – Keira Knightley photoshoot
00:07:53 – Fro scratch off cards – Plastic Printers
00:09:16 – What do you want for the holidays? What sales?
00:10:25 – Photo news
00:24:24 – Are you going to the F-Stoppers Bahamas workshop?
00:37:35 – Interview preface
00:39:17 – The Haight book giveaway
00:40:58 – Amelia Davis interview about Jim Marshall
01:22:43 – Gear of the week – Cinevate Hedron slider
01:26:51 – Wheel of fro

Some of you might know the work of Jim Marshall others may have no idea who Jim was, but I can guarantee you that you all have seen his work knowingly or not. I never got the chance to officially sit and interview Jim before he passed away. But when I ran into Amelia Davis at Photokina I knew the next best thing to an interview with Jim would be to interview Amelia.

When Amelia mentioned she would be doing a book signing of “The Haight”, Jim’s latest book, I jumped on the opportunity to set up an interview. What a FANTASTIC interview it was. Amelia was so open and honest and the conversation just flowed. We learned so much about Jim’s past and what made the man tick from someone who was very close to him for more than a decade. Sit back and get ready to laugh, smile and be inspired by the stories that Amelia Davis shares with us.

To purchase Jim Marshall’s latest book “The Haight” please click here.

Did you get a chance to see the nude photo Keira Knightley posed for? Well if not I took it upon myself to replicate the photo almost to a t, sans the beard. Find out why she posed nude and why I decided to spoof it.

What would you like to see on sale in the FroKnowsPhoto Store for the holidays? If there is something in particular please be sure to let me know via twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Photo News with Stephen is fun as always, get caught up on last weeks photo news this week a whole week after it was actually news.

For gear of the week we showcased a slider by a company called Cinevate who make some really killer well thought out and built video products.

The show ends with some Wheel Of Fro where I decided to spin it twice and twice it landed on the same thing, oh well.

For all the Photo News Stories and more please go to http://FroKnowsPhoto.com/rawtalk-110

A big thank you goes out to RODE Microphones, Atomos, Allen’s Camera, Cinevate, all the companies on the Wheel of FRO and you guys for continuing to support the show.