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This is How Much YouTubers Make: RAWtalk 121

Jared Polin February 22, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Click Here to download this weeks RAWtalk.

One of the biggest mysteries on the internet is “How much do YouTubers make?”. Well, I am one of those YouTubers so I share what I know to try and shed some light on this age old question. Be sure to check out the 47:58 mark and find out the answer to the question.

The whole reason I bring up YouTubers and how much they make is there was a change of the terms of services for what YouTubers can promote in their videos. This change is going to effect some of the biggest names on YouTube and as of now the new rules are pretty vague. I took a look at these new terms of service to try and decipher what you can and can’t do.

Did you see Inspector Dale Cooper aka Stephen Sutter’s Hedgehog? Isn’t he so cute with the pricklers and cute face?

The RANT that had to be CUT: RAWtalk Episode #120

Jared Polin February 15, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

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The plan for this weeks show was to have on a special guest who ended up having to cancel last minute. Of course this tends to happen and is out of all our control when their child is running a fever, it’s also totally understandable.

Alas the show must go on and it ended up being another fantastic show packed with great photo news, random discussion, DVDA and Flying Solo.

This weeks pluggy mc plugerson was brought to you by ATOMOS. The NEW Atomos Showgun has sliced its way into filmmakers bags and soon will land on my doorstep. If you are looking to record 4k video into something THIS IS THE DEVICE that does it. Not only can you record 4k from the Sony A7II but with pretty much all DSLRS you can record full 1080 up to 60 FPS. All I can say is we use the Atomos Ninja Blade as our main center angle recording device.

Is Canon Back in the game? RAWtalk 119

Jared Polin February 8, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

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00:00:16 – Intro
00:10:23 – Photo News
00:41:50 – Canon 5DS / 5DS R discussion
00:57:10 – Flying Solo
01:39:40 – Gear of the Week – Solid State Drives
01:41:56 – Wheel of Fro

The huge news this week centers around Canon releasing not one not two but four new DSLR’s and an Ultra WIDE zoom pro lens. Does this put Canon back in the game or were they ever really out of it?

I personally don’t think Canon was anywhere near out of the game. They have the 5D Mark III along with the 1D X as well as a lot of adapted professional lenses. This is what happens in the photo world, Nikon has something new for a while then Canon has something new so on and so forth. So one or the other is always on top for a period of time.

As a little side note, at the time of recording we did not have all the official specs. But I chose to discuss the camera after my inside source was able to verify the validity of information that was out there as fact.

Scott Kelby UNLEASHED and Uncensored: RAWtalk 118

Jared Polin February 2, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Click Here to download this weeks RAWtalk as an MP3.

00:00:15 – Intro
00:19:30 – Photo News
00:52:00 – Scott Kelby Interview
01:38:15 – Gear of the Week
01:42:04 – Wheel of Fro

Scott Kelby is not only one of the biggest names in online education but he has written over 60 books and sold millions of copies over the 15 years. As many of you know I was asked by Scott to come down and be on his show the GRID. While there I took the opportunity to sit down and conduct a very candid interview.

The interview took place in Scotts office which is part of a brand new facility that Kebly Media has just moved into. This was an unbelievable facility housing studio after studio of recording spaces as well as 91 employees.

When I conduct interviews I don’t come up with questions based on what I think people may want to hear, I ask questions based off of what I am most interested in hearing. In the case of this interview with Scott I was most interested in where he started and how he built the business to such a place. There is one part of the interview where he talks about the “moment” that one decision that set the ball rolling to allow him to be sitting where he is right now. And i must tell you I had shivers go down my spine when he told the story.

You can hear and see the passion throughout this 40 minute interview. When we finished Scott told me the questions I was asking were not what he was expecting but in a good way. That is what I love to hear after an interview, that the questions were unique and brought out the best stories possible. Enjoy this interview and learn as much as you can from it. The interview starts at 52 min.

LIVE from USFSP in Florida it’s Mobile RAWtalk Episode #117

Jared Polin January 25, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Download this weeks RAWtalk right here.

Coming to you LIVE…. (to tape) from the University of South Florida St. Pete it’s another Mobile RAWtalk. That’s right, we were in Florida for the latest RAWtalk because I was invited onto the GRID by Scott Kelby.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Nathan for helping set up everything on the campus and to Sam Hamberg for helping rest the cameras and more during RAWtalk.

This weeks Episode is Sponsored by ATOMOS. We used the Atomos Ninja II to record for over an hour and a half without having to rest the camera. That right there is worth the price of admission. You know how you are limited to only 29:59 of record time on most DSLR’s? The way around that is to use an ATOMOS which not only lets you record none stop but gives you an even higher quality video to work with than the camera itself. Atomos has units that fit in the pocket to the latest and greatest the SHOGUN which will record 4K, for more winning!!! For more info please check out Atomos.com

There was a RANT, fun with the people in attendance, laughing, crying, earmuffs and who brings their toddler to one of my shows? Stephen has his photo news and we still spun the WHEEL OF FRO.

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Enjoy the show.