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Your Marketing, Branding and Business Questions CRUSHED: RAWtalk Episode #116

Stephen Eckert January 18, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

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This week show takes us back into the LOFT for the second show of the year. I honestly never know what direction the show will go when we hit record but this week took a turn into Business territory that you will not want to miss.

Before I dive deeper into the show I want to thank RODE for being this weeks featured sponsor. They just released a new accessory for the SmartLav and + called the SC1. The SC1 is a 20 foot extension cable which will really come in handy when you need to stay behind the camera and monitor audio. Be sure to check out everything RODE right here.

We discussed the killer video Stephen whipped together from CES that left me wanting to watch even more. We outlined why I am going to Florida and where the next mobile RAWtalk is going to be on Tuesday January 20th.

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Flying solo this week has to be one of the most candid discussions I have had to date about business, marketing and branding on a RAWtalk. I let you in on how I advertise on Facebook, what I target, how much I spend and the reasons for doing so. Generally I don’t want the show to go almost two hours but the amount of solid questions this week lead us down that path. In all honesty you don’t have to be a photographer to learn something about business, branding and marketing from this weeks Episode.

I spent a good amount of time discussing Audio and Video Blocks a service that I have been paying for for almost two years now. People have been wanting to know where do we get royalty FREE audio and video to use in our videos. The answer is simple we use Audio Blocks and Video Blocks. You can get a 7 day free trial by going here for Audio Blocks and Here for Video Blocks. Both services go for $79 a month but if you sign up for the FREE trial than cancel your subscription they will send you an e mail with an offer for $99 a year for either service. That’s exactly what I did when I signed up.

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LIVE From my Hotel Room in Las Vegas: RAWtalk Episode #115

Jared Polin January 11, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

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Welcome to Episode #115 which so happens to be the very first one of 2015. The reason I went out to Vegas this time was for CES 2015 which is one of the largest tech shows in the world. I figured we are here we might as well set up a mobile RAWtalk and invite some readers. But the question became where would we film it? I thought it would be fun to invite a handful of readers to join us in our hotel room at the Excalibur.

I got an e mail from a reader asking me to promote is gofundme campaign because he just had all his gear stolen out of his car. I get these e mails all the time and asked two simple questions. One did you have insurance and two did use lens tag for your gear. The answers to both were not that they are always very careful with their gear. Look, gofundme is not a place for you to basically ask friends, family or strangers to act as your insurance plan. I feel bad for the person for having their gear stolen but they are partly to blame for not having insurance.

CES 2015 was packed with a couple hundred thousand people and Stephen and I braved the crowds to bring you guys what we think are the coolest and strangest items from the show. We give you our recap as well as our run in with Kazamm.

After Photo News I opened up the hotel room floor to the fro readers in attendance to ask Flying Solo questions.

A big thank you to Squarespace who allows for Mobile RAWtalks to actually happen. They foot the bill for the travel and other expenses that surround filming and production. Please help me by checking out Squarespace.com/fro and signing up for a FREE 14 day Trial of the service.

If you are a student and would like 50% OFF go to Squarespace.com/fro than Squarespace.com/students > find your school than use your .edu address to sign up.

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Sorry for the bad news, but this is the LAST RAWtalk….of the year: Episode #114

Jared Polin December 21, 2014 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

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It’s that time of year again, by that time of the year I mean the end of the year. This is officially the last episode of 2014 and I know some of you may be upset but it’s only for a few weeks.

This week we have Christmas followed by Stephen going away for the end of the year and than we head to Vegas for CES. We know how much you guys love waking up every Monday to a new RAWtalk but we will be back very soon with new episodes in 2015.

Show days can be interesting days depending on which side of the bed I woke up on. I have those mood things, the ones where you can be down or you can be up but on show days the show must go on. I think this week I was a little thrown off by my gmail not working properly which turned out to be an issue with Gmail and not with my e mail which was a relief.

David Bergman gets the ACCESS we all wish for: RAWtalk 113

Jared Polin December 14, 2014 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Download this weeks RAWtalk as an MP3.41ef+wCIg+L

He has shot 13 Sports Illustrated covers, 11 Super Bowls, World Series’s, Presidents and 200 shows in 30 countries with Jon Bon Jovi. David Bergman has earned the access he receives with amazing photos time and time again.

To purchase David Bergman’s Bon Jovi “Work” click here

I had the chance to sit with David at the loft to discuss everything from what it’s like to get an SI cover to flying in a private jet as Bon Jovi’s tour photographer. That interview starts at 50:18 second and in my opinion is another fantastic discussion with an amazing photographer. His stories along with his advice are enjoyable and really worth a listen.

If you have been waiting to see who WON the Atomos Ninja Star contest you can see the 7 finalists right here: http://froknowsphoto.com/atomos-ninja-star-contest-finalists/

We discus our upcoming Vegas trip and if you are in Vegas and know of a location for a RAWtalk or work for Excalibur please e mail me at jared at froknowsphoto dot com.

RANT Ken Rockwell says “Pros only shoot in ‘Pro mode,’ that’s why it’s called Pro mode” – RAWtalk #112

Jared Polin December 7, 2014 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Download this weeks MP3 right here.

Welcome back to another fun filled week of FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk where I occasionally curse, scream, sing, rant and talk photography. This week I did not plan on ranting I only planned on sharing a few direct quotes from a certain someones website.

Now I know you are asking yourself why do you read that guys site and my answer is because I want to see what he will say next. Now that that’s out of the way what did he say this time? First there was a quote about a camera being free but it costs $1,250 followed by “some people have this idea that pros only shoot in manual exposure mode”. All I can say is skip to 36:48 put your earmuffs on and get ready to be frustrated.

This weeks show sponsor was RODE microphone and I featured their Invisilav which honestly will come in handy when I need to put a lav mic under my shirt. The truth of the matter is we currently just use gaff tape to stick the mics to my chest. In reality we should be using the invisilav which we are going to start doing. You will notice I had a little bit of trouble getting the included tape to stick and I have verified that it’s because it’s skin safe. My solution to this is use wig tape or gaff tape and you will be good to go.