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EARMUFFS What a FANTASTIC Eye Opening and Inspiring Interview with Amelia Davis RAWtalk Episode #110

Jared Polin November 16, 2014 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

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Rawtalk #110 Show Notes/Times

00:00:07 – Show start
00:03:10 – Keira Knightley photoshoot
00:07:53 – Fro scratch off cards – Plastic Printers
00:09:16 – What do you want for the holidays? What sales?
00:10:25 – Photo news
00:24:24 – Are you going to the F-Stoppers Bahamas workshop?
00:37:35 – Interview preface
00:39:17 – The Haight book giveaway
00:40:58 – Amelia Davis interview about Jim Marshall
01:22:43 – Gear of the week – Cinevate Hedron slider
01:26:51 – Wheel of fro

Some of you might know the work of Jim Marshall others may have no idea who Jim was, but I can guarantee you that you all have seen his work knowingly or not. I never got the chance to officially sit and interview Jim before he passed away. But when I ran into Amelia Davis at Photokina I knew the next best thing to an interview with Jim would be to interview Amelia.

When Amelia mentioned she would be doing a book signing of “The Haight”, Jim’s latest book, I jumped on the opportunity to set up an interview. What a FANTASTIC interview it was. Amelia was so open and honest and the conversation just flowed. We learned so much about Jim’s past and what made the man tick from someone who was very close to him for more than a decade. Sit back and get ready to laugh, smile and be inspired by the stories that Amelia Davis shares with us.

To purchase Jim Marshall’s latest book “The Haight” please click here.

Did you get a chance to see the nude photo Keira Knightley posed for? Well if not I took it upon myself to replicate the photo almost to a t, sans the beard. Find out why she posed nude and why I decided to spoof it.

What would you like to see on sale in the FroKnowsPhoto Store for the holidays? If there is something in particular please be sure to let me know via twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Photo News with Stephen is fun as always, get caught up on last weeks photo news this week a whole week after it was actually news.

For gear of the week we showcased a slider by a company called Cinevate who make some really killer well thought out and built video products.

The show ends with some Wheel Of Fro where I decided to spin it twice and twice it landed on the same thing, oh well.

For all the Photo News Stories and more please go to http://FroKnowsPhoto.com/rawtalk-110

A big thank you goes out to RODE Microphones, Atomos, Allen’s Camera, Cinevate, all the companies on the Wheel of FRO and you guys for continuing to support the show.

If you didn’t change this in your camera yet, you better do it now! RAWtalk Episode #109

Jared Polin November 9, 2014 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

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This is what you need to change asap if you have not.

I could not figure out why I did not sleep until my alarm on Sunday and then I realized why. The clocks here in the US and part of Canada were supposed to be changed aka FALL back. That brings up one of the biggest mistakes many photographers make and don’t realize it until weeks or months later. They forget to change the time in their camera and wonder why they are off by an hour. If you haven’t changed your time stop what you are doing and go change it.

Have you entered to WIN the Atomos Ninja Star yet? We have been running a contest and you have until the end of this month to get your entry in. You can see the full contest rules right here. http://froknowsphoto.com/atomos-ninja-star-contest/ Right now we have under 10 entries so you have a better shot at winning this if you simply try and don’t wuss out.

Stephen and I discuss our trip to NYC for the annual PPE Show. We chose not to shoot any content up there since we already did our show coverage from Photokina in September.

We hit you with the weeks Photo News recap followed by FLYING SOLO the one thing that the world can agree on that they like, well maybe.

I hope you enjoyed the show. The show would not be possible if it wasn’t for good people like you as well as the shows sponsors who fork over the money to allow us to continue to bring you bigger and better content. Thank you RODE Microphones, Atomos, Allen’s Camera and all the companies on the Wheel Of FRO, we greatly appreciate your help.

DSLR Video Crash Course Special Edition Flying Solo RAWtalk – Your DSLR Video Questions ANSWERED

Jared Polin November 5, 2014 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

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With the release of the FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video Todd and I sat down around the RAWtalk Table for a special Flying Solo Episode where we answer your Flying Solo Questions.

A little while ago on Facebook I asked you guys for questions you had about making video with your DSLR. Hundreds of solid questions came in and Todd and I take the RAWtalk to answer them in as much detail as possible.

Some people may say this is simply a marketing video to bring awareness to the FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video, well it is. But I can tell you something, we do not hold back any information in this 1 hour 30 minute video. If someone had a hard hitting question we gave it an equally hard hitting answer with as much information as possible.

Even if you are not interested in the new guide I think you will learn something new that you can put into practice today.

If you would like to to purchase the FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video at a special 50% OFF Launch price please click here FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video.

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RANT ALERT If you’re a guest at a wedding LEAVE YOUR CAMERA AT HOME!!! RAWtalk Episode #108

Jared Polin November 2, 2014 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

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I will explain the title in just a second but first I want to thank everyone for their condolences on Lil’s passing. We had the funeral on Monday just a few days shy of her 104th birthday. Can you imagine what she saw in her life? From 1910 on she was part of one of the largest technological advances in known human history. May she rest in peace and not be forgotten.

Now onto the title of this weeks Episode. I was attending my cousin’s wedding and a family member had a 5D Mark III with a flash on it sitting front row closest to the center isle. Every time someone walked down the isle they were snapping three or four images. The main photographer was down the isle trying to get the pictures and all I could see was the guests flash every single time.

I did not bring a camera to the wedding, it wasn’t my job. There was a photographer who was paid very well to capture the moment and they do not need guests with cameras getting in the way. The moral of the story is if you are not shooting the wedding leave your camera at home and enjoy the event. More on this RANT during the episode.

PLUG ALERT PLUG ALERT – RODE is giving away a Stereo VideoMic X or a K2 Tube Microphone and all you need to do is take a few minute survey to get entered. Go to rockro.de/survey for your chance to win. You have until Nov 10th to get entered.

Stephen brings us his news stories of the week and Sutter decided to shave his hipster head for some reason.

Gear of the week is pretty ICEY and cold and FLYING SOLO get’s cranking with solid questions.

Thank you to Atomos for their killer NINJA that we use on our center camera. Thank you RODE for the Broadcaster Microphones. Thank you to everyone on the Wheel of FRO and thank you to YOU GUYS.


RAWtalk Episode #107 – LIVE From Allen’s Nikon-A-Palooza

Stephen Eckert October 26, 2014 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

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We took RAWtalk Mobile this week to the parking lot and tent of Allen’s Nikon-A-Palooza. This is the second year of the event and this year we had an even larger turn out than last year. We had people drive in from as far away as 10 hours and as close as 2 minutes. Nikon was there to show off any gear you wanted to play with as well as doing FREE sensor cleanings. Allen gave away a Nikon D7100, there were other prizes and really sweet in store offers.

But we all thought it would be great if we extended the special offers from the event for ONE DAY ONLY, Monday October 27th from 9:30am – 6pm EST you can get the deals listed below if you call 215-547-2841. You can get 20% OFF select Tripods and 20% OFF Camera Bags. Also online at AllensCamera.com you will get 5% OFF all used equipment. Remember this is US Only and will be live from 9:30am EST to 6pm. Please call the store for more details.

This was our first time filming a show outside and the sun definitely gave us some exposure issues so please excuse those if you see them.

Stephen took his photo news segment mobile to bring us the latest information on what is new in the world of Photo News.

We had some extra special guest stop by this week. There was Allen, DigiRichie, Pasqual, Stephen Sutter and my dad who took over a microphone for a little while and a lot more.

The show was wrapped up with a killer LIVE Flying Solo portion as well as the WHEEL OF FRO. You can not miss the wheel of FRO this week, you have to see where it lands.

A big thank you to Allen’s Camera and Nikon for sponsoring the event. Rode Microphones for the Broadcasters and arms we use. Atomos for the Ninja we use when we are in the studio. And finally F and V lighting for supplying the lights for Mobile RAWtalk, LED Pannels.