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LIVE from Chicago it’s RAWtalk #125

Jared Polin March 22, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

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Last week we invaded Chicago for a sold out Mobile RAWtalk at Stage 773!!! A big thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket as well as to Squarespace who sponsored this Mobile RAWtalk. Without the support of Squarespace we wouldn’t be able to take RAWtalk on the road. If you have not tried Squarespace I suggest you give it a try. It is what I personally use for JaredPolin.com.

To get a FREE 14 day trial please go to Squarespace.com/fro if you decide it’s for you please use code FRO to get 10% OFF your first month or year. If you are a student you can first go to that link followed by Squarespace.com/students and get 50% OFF your first year if you have a .edu address.

I have to tell you that this show felt like the funniest show we have done to date. I don’t know if it was the combo of the sold out crowd or it was the one drink I had but it was funny.

Enjoy the show.

Why did we shoot on ALL Canons this week? RAWtalk #124

Jared Polin March 15, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Click Here for this weeks show as an MP3

Can you tell what is different this week? If you are watching the video playback you will see that we are not at the RAWtalk table. The reason being is I have been filming for the last 7 days the next video guide, the FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Video Editing.

The crew would leave each night and all the gear would stay in place. The set was set along with the lights and Canon cameras so all we needed to do was turn the cameras on and shoot.

Before I jump into telling you about the interview with Todd Wolfe this week I have to tell you we had some slight technical issues. It turns out for whatever reason the ZOOM gave us a corrupt audio file from that interview. The strange thing is we filmed the interview first before filming the main intro with Stephen. Thankfully that audio was fine but I have to apologize for the camera audio that we used for Todd’s portion of the show. I guess the silver lining is that fact that you can hear how important quality sound is and why we use the RODE Broadcaster microphones.

This weeks show was sponsored by AudioBlocks.com/go/fro and VideoBlocks.com/go/fro . We have been doing a lot of DSLR video coverage since so many people have been venturing into it. AudioBlocks and VideoBlocks are pretty much a must have for content creators and video editors. Todd, Stephen and I have been utilizing their service for the last few years and have recently work out a sponsorship agreement. If you are interested in checking out their service you can sign up for their 7 day trial which does require a credit card. Here is the trick, before the trial ends and they charge you full price for the service cancel it. They will send you an e mail offering it to you for only $99 a year opposed to $79 a month.

Enjoy the show and sorry for the poor audio.

KICKSTARTER FAIL: Apparently it’s RAWtalk #123

Jared Polin March 8, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Click Here to download this weeks episode as an MP3.

Welcome to Episode #123 of FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk. This week I started off the show with a look back at a video I recorded somewhere around 2008. It showcases me attempting to make a video but failing every which way I tried. The reason I posted the video is to show you that I have not always been this good in front of the camera. And if I can go from that guy sitting there fumbling words with no personality than there should be nothing holding you back.

This weeks PLUGGY Mc Plugerson is brought to you by ATOMOS who sent us out the brand spanking new Shogun to sniff test and play with. For those who don’t know about the Shogun it’s pretty much the only way you can currently record 4k footage out of the cameras on the market. For example the Sony A7s can’t even record 4k internally, it needs the Shogun to save that footage. For more information on the Shogun and other Atomos products please click here http://bit.ly/1waSi9t

We are off to Chicago for a Mobile RAWtalk courtesy of Squarespace on March 17th. If you would like to pick up a ticket for that show you can do so right here. http://bit.ly/1NyGa7V

Stephen graces us with his photo news that brings up the subject of the failed “trigger trap” kickstarted. It’s time to lay the smack down on kickstarted so I guess you could call this a mini rant.

Flying Solo this week was filled with a ton of solid questions that I hope you find informative.

Finally if you listen to RAWtalk on iTunes could you please leave a review as well as your start ranking? That will help the show grow on iTunes and show up ahead of those other boring podcasts.

An interview with a Photographer who has more Sports Illustrated covers than me : RAWtalk 122

Jared Polin March 1, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Download this weeks RAWtalk as an MP3 Right Here.

This week I sat down with former Sports Illustrated staff photographer Al Tielemans. I first met Al when I was 17 or 18 where we shot together in the dugout of Veteran stadium for a Phillies game. I invited Al in because he is one of the best sports photographers of our time and I know he would be able to shed some light on the industry for us all. If there is one thing I took out of this interview it’s a statement that Al made about “practice”. He mentioned during his off days form assignments he would go out and shoot to keep his skills tight. You can not become a better photographer if you don’t get out there and shoot.

Do you want to win some of the $200,000 in prizes that RODE is giving away during its second MyRodeReel.com competition? That’s right the contest is back and this time bigger than ever. In all honesty there is no reason not to at least try and enter this contrast. It is FREE to enter and you never know what will happen, maybe your video is the feather that tickles somebody’s fancy. Be sure to check out MyRodeReel.com for contest rules.

Stephen hits us with photo news including a discussion about the just announced Nikon D7200. Don’t miss why I have 46 Terabytes of hard drives on the table during this week’s “gear of the week” segment.

To check out Al Tielemans’ website, please click here.

Here’s Todd’s video of his improv performance with The Sardines that we spoke about:

*WARNING: If you’re sensitive to explicit language, don’t watch this:


This is How Much YouTubers Make: RAWtalk 121

Jared Polin February 22, 2015 Comments Off Raw Talk On iTunes

Click Here to download this weeks RAWtalk.

One of the biggest mysteries on the internet is “How much do YouTubers make?”. Well, I am one of those YouTubers so I share what I know to try and shed some light on this age old question. Be sure to check out the 47:58 mark and find out the answer to the question.

The whole reason I bring up YouTubers and how much they make is there was a change of the terms of services for what YouTubers can promote in their videos. This change is going to effect some of the biggest names on YouTube and as of now the new rules are pretty vague. I took a look at these new terms of service to try and decipher what you can and can’t do.

Did you see Inspector Dale Cooper aka Stephen Sutter’s Hedgehog? Isn’t he so cute with the pricklers and cute face?