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AdoramaPix Rapid Fire Critique #013

This week in the email box I came across Patrick Krupa’s portfolio set that he sent in. What I tend to do is give a quick once over of the images to see that I will be able to give constructive criticism. In this set there were definitely images that stood out and a few that were ripe for corrective criticism. I really like the direction of most of these images, there is a clear idea that Patrick is going for and he did a great job capturing it.

This was a fun set to talk about and give some feedback where I could. As you will see in the video the image below stood out to me as one of my favorites. I would actually love to have a print of this to hang on my wall it is that good. In the meantime, if you would like to submit your best 10 images or photo story for a Rapid Fire Critique please send it to Keep in mind that I get a couple hundred of these a week so I may not get to everyone’s right away.

Congratulations to Patrick on getting some really amazing images. He will be getting a FREE hardback book to create a portfolio!!!!

Comerica Park