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Chimpanzee's Photos Set To Sell at $100k at Auction!

This sure gives new meaning to the word “chimping”: A chimpanzee named Mikki learned how to photograph via Polaroid and analog film cameras back in 1998. Better yet, his set of 18 photos are being auctioned off in two weeks (6/5) for an estimated $100,000! Woah…

The auction will kick off on June 5, 2013 by Sotheby’s auction house in London. The collection is titled “Our Moscow Through the Eyes of Mikki”. The best part? Mikki’s photographs are mostly colorful out-of-focus pictures showing Moscow’s Red Square, nothing short of an infant taking pictures. Mikki received his basic photography education from Russian conceptual artists Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid, who work as Komar and Melamid. He was first spotted by the duo at the Moscow Circus. Check out a couple photographs of Mikki below and click the images to view a sample of the chimp’s pricey out-of-focus art: (via Metro News)

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