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Photo of the Day - 3 Pantera's in one place

I got a call from a friend who needed these three cars photographed to put up for sale.  Now, I am not into cars by any stretch but seeing cars like this in person really make you see how amazing they are.  

My buddy Rich Myers helped me on short notice set up two of my white lightning strobes.  Having white walls act as big reflectors really help punch up your images.  We only had about 20 min to shoot which meant we couldn’t take a lot of time to make the corrections that we wanted.  A major issue here are the reflections from the ceiling.  If we were in studio built for shooting cars we would have been able to control the reflections much better.  

There is some distortion that I am not happy with.  Having to shoot at 14mm because we were in a tight spot lead to the distortion on the left and right cars.  I would have liked to used the 24-70 to keep the distortion to nothing. 

All and all they were blown away with this image.  They were used to taking point and shoot snap shots of the cars as they sat there.  Nothing like taking low quality pictures of 100k cars you are trying to sell! 

I am pretty sure that 2 of the 3 cars sold as soon as they put the pictures out there.

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Nikon D3 Lens Nikon 14-24 2.8

ISO 400 Shutter Speed 1/100 @F/8 @ 14 mm