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These are the Biggest and Softest LENSES EVER: Postman FRO

Look who showed up at my door once again…. Postman Fro and he had a package for me. This time around he brought me two of the biggest lenses EVER!!!!!

Sure these lens are big but boy are they soft. Usually you want to have sharp lenses aka hard but in this case you may just like how soft they are. Why, because they are lens pillows.

I ordered these lens pillows over the holidays because I thought they would look pretty cool on my sofa. My first thought is that they were smaller than I had expected. The preview images on the web site made them seem like they are almost twice the size as they actually were.

Don’t get me wrong they are still a nice size and overall they are very very cool. The detail level really surprised me. They have focusing rings, buttons and switches and even plastic where the focusing distance is.

These days I like to check where things are made and was very surprised to find out that they are made in the USA. I guess that would explain a few things. One the cost is up there but two the quality is top notch. I rather pay for quality than get something that is done poorly.

Overall I want to thank Postman Fro for dropping these off at my door.

If you are interested in ordering some of these you can check out ThinkGeek is not a sponsor and this is not an affiliate link. I just like the product.