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RANT - Commenting on peoples photos

I know I have touched on this subject slightly but I wanted to talk about it in more length. Comments and corrective criticism have gone down hill in the past few years. Everyday I see comments like “great capture” “nice shot” “I don’t like it” “terrible” “you should quit” but none of those really help the photographer.

Commenting should be a thought out process, something more than you looked and you make a one word response. I know from going threw photo school that we would regularly have discussions about the classes work. We would put our images up in front of the class and speak about each and everyone. We had to give some real insight into why we thought what we though or did what we did.

Its time to take commenting back and think before we just say nice capture. Why do you like the image, what makes it great, good or just ok for you? What could the photographer possibly do to make it better? Think about the things you would like to know about your own photos and start commenting with better comments.

I know its easy to do a drive by comment but its nothing more than a vanity comment.

Lets collectively as the photography community start to leave better comments on each others photos.