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I’m On A BOAT, Meridth’s New Cabinet Position and Apple Makes A $300 BOOK: FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 205

Why was I on a BOAT you may ask? I went on what was called “Summit At Sea” which was a chartered cruise for entrepreneurs. I knew going into it that my focus was to meet people and strike up meaningful conversations. I did attempt Yoga but that didn’t end too well. Check out the entire discussion to lead off this weeks show.

This weeks show is brought to you by YOU!!!!

Photo NEWS is packed with a ton of stories this week since we filmed last weeks show early. We have everything from DRONE Stories to camera guns and much much more. Photo news starts at 17:51

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00:00:16 Time for a Haircut Stephen?
00:02:06 I Was On A Boat
00:04:40 Who Was On The Boat?
00:08:05 I Took A Yoga Class
00:10:25 Healing Rooms and 7th Place Trophies
00:13:07 Who I Saw Speak…Gary Vee and Perry
00:17:51 Photo News
00:18:30 Meredith and the DTF
00:20:23 GoPro Karma Failing
00:23:41 DJI Phantom 4 Pro
00:29:36 DJI Inspire 2…for Filmmakers in Berets
00:32:34 D5600…Not in the US?
00:33:38 Shooting Photos Literally With A Gun
00:34:37 Magic Lantern and the 5D Mark IV
00:35:31 Split a Camera in Half with Water?
00:36:30 Creepy Instagram Copy Cats
00:39:00 Instagram “Buy” Option
00:41:59 Google “PhotoScan” App
00:43:36 An Apple Book made of Actual Paper
00:45:53 CMOSIS 48 Megapixel Full Frame Sensor
00:46:33 Todd Reenacts the Locals at the Fro Factory
00:52:57 Gear of the Week
00:54:34 When There IS and ISN’T a “Sponsor” RANT
01:01:23 Flying Solo
01:31:32 Wheel of Fro
01:35:27 Memes of the Week
01:42:43 Hashtags of the Week
01:44:17 Jared’s Not Sleepy…Highlight Reel

Here’s all of Stephen’s photo news stories in detail:

Nikon Announces the D5600–a D5500 w/ Some Tweaks

Nikon has announced the all-new D5600. Not much has changed since the introduction of the D5500, except a few minor tweaks like the addition of SnapBridge, their bluetooth technology. They say the touchscreen functionality has been improved to now playback full frame images and crop in camera as well. The camera giant also included their automatic time-lapse mode in this one. Spec wise, nearly everything is the same including the same sensor and processor. It hasn’t been officially announced yet here in the states, only overseas, and no pricing has been revealed just yet.

GoPro Karma Drones Literally Falling From the Sky, GoPro Issues Recall

GoPro has officially recalled all of their Karma drones for abruptly losing power mid-flight and literally falling out of the sky. The action camera company is taking back the 2500 Karma drones that it sold so far and giving customers a full refund while they service the “performance issue.” They note that only a smaller number of users actually lost power mid-flight and that they plan on resuming shipment once the issue is addressed. GoPro says they’re “committed to providing our customers with great product experiences.” Luckily, no injuries occurred during this 16-day time period where the drone was sold. Get your refund here in exchange for a free HERO 5 Black and check out some footage of the drone losing power and falling to the ground below:

DJI Unveils the Phantom 4 Pro–a Phantom 4 with a Better Camera

On the other side, drone competitor DJI are dropping new drones left and right, that actually work. Introducing the new Phantom 4 Pro which takes the Phantom 4 and adds a much better camera to it along with other tweaks. Spec wise, it now has a 1-inch 20MP CMOS sensor with a manual aperture f/2.8-f/11 lens. The new camera now shoots 4K at up to 60P (w/ h.264 codec) or 4K at up to 30P (w/ h.265 codec)—both at 100mbps. The ISO has been greatly improved as well so it supports 100-6400 ISO in video mode and up to 12800 ISO in still mode. The Obstacle Avoidance has been upgraded too, now supporting 360-degree avoidance with new Left/Right Infrared Signals and a new Narrow Sensing Mode. DJI is actually releasing two remote options for this drone as well: one with your standard remote where you pair your own display to it and another new one that they’re calling the Phantom 4 Pro+ bundle that has DJI’s own 1000nit 5.5-inch touchscreen which they say can be used in direct sunlight with no hood. For once they kept the same battery but are offering a new high capacity version that will boost your drone from 28 to 30 minutes of flight time. It also has a new Draw Mode where users can create their own flight path by drawing a path and it borrows the Mavic’s Gesture Mode where you can wave for a selfie. In terms of pricing, it will cost $1,499 for the normal remote and $1,799 for the Pro+ bundle and they say it’ll be available later this month. Is 8 months not enough time between new models?

Introducing the Inspire 2 and Two New Camera Payloads

DJI also unveiled the new Inspire 2. The 2nd generation has a new magnesium-aluminum alloy body and FPV front camera along with many other welcome additions. This one’s built for the professionals though with its new CineCore 2.0 Image Processing System. It offers various compression formats including CinemaDNG, ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 4444 XQ, H.264, H.265 and shoots at Resolutions of either 4K or 5.2K, maxing out at 5.2K at 30fps at an insane 4.2gbps data rate. As usual, they changed the batteries—this time into a new Dual battery system that gives you 25-27 minute flight-time and has an Integrated self-heating system that lets users fly down to -4 degrees. It maxes out at 67mph for those high-speed chases and can go from 0-50mph in just 4 seconds. They announced two new camera payloads with it too: the Zenmuse X4S and X5S. The X4S is essentially the P4P’s camera, with its 1-inch 20MP sensor and ISO capability of 100-12800, where the X5S is the “high-end” option offering a 20.8MP Micro Four Thirds sensor with 12.8 stops of DR. It also gives users the option of changing lenses and an ISO range of 100-25600. This is the first Inspire drone with Obstacle Avoidance built in as well—it’s not 360 degrees but it does have a top infrared sensor that the Phantom lacks along with the usual front and bottom sensors. Price wise, you’re looking at $2,999 for the unit itself or $6,198 for the combo package where its paired w/ the X5S payload.

Two Leica RIFLE Expected to Sell for $200,000 Each

Two rare Leica RIFLE sets are being auctioned off and are expected to fetch around $200,000 each. First released back in 1938, the rare camera guns went up for sale this past weekend at Leica’s 30th WestLicht camera auction. The guns come complete with a wooden stock, double trigger and camera all in one. You have your “sniper” option which comes with a long 40cm Telyt lens or the smaller 20cm option which is expected to sell for about $25K less. I know a certain drone-shooting man who would love these… (via PP)


Magic Lantern Cracks the Canon 5D Mark IV

Fast forward to newer technology, Magic Lantern has officially cracked the 5D Mark IV and got their software sort of running on the new DSLR. It’s still in early testing modes however, and a working copy isn’t expected to hit for quite sometime if it ever hits. Many users are hoping for a cleaner 4K-out option like RAW 4K video, but don’t hold your breath. For those that don’t know, Magic Lantern brings professional video features to Canon DSLRs like zebra lines, focus peaking, pro audio features, raw video, dual ISO and more. Could this be a game changer for the 5D community? (via CR)


Watch an SLR Get Cut in Half with a 60,000 PSI Waterjet

The guys over at the Waterjet Channel used a 60,000 PSI waterjet to literally cut an SLR in half. Using a Canon EOS ELAN 7E 35mm SLR, they cut through the lens all the way to the body and split it in half, showing off the pentaprism inside along with the lens elements. The AF assist beam continues to light up too, all the way until the final pass through in the video below. It’s like the camera is screaming as it’s being ripped apart… RIP. (via PP)

Photographer Follows Travel Duo and Copies Their Every Move

This is super creepy, travel photographers Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen had someone follow their lead around the world and copy a good chunk of their photos. Having a pretty big social following (@doyoutravel / @gypsea_lust), they’re bound to have some copycats on occasion. Not to the extent of one user though, who actually went to the same exact locations as them around the world, copying their composition, props, models even down to the clothing they were wearing in the photos and sometimes even used the same caption when posting. Do you find this creepy? Or creative? Check out more of the copycat photos here. (via PP)



Instagram Begins Offering “Buy” In-App Option

Speaking of Instagram, the new social network will soon be offering a “buy” option in the app, which might be good for photographers looking to sell their work. Here’s how it works, a “tap to view” icon will appear in the lower left of the image, which will then display tags on the products shown in the photos with price tags attached. Once you select one of the tags, it will bring you directly to the sales page of that specific product. No word on if this will be limited to just business pages, or when/if it will roll out to the general public. Currently only 20 top brands have the option. Something else that’s new to Instagram is the ability to add a direct link in stories, so if you want to promote something, you tell the user to swipe up when viewing your “insta-story” and they will be redirected in the app to whatever link you supply. It’s currently only available for verified pages, no word on if everyone will have this option in the future.

Google’s New PhotoScan Mobile App is the Photo “Scanner of the Future”

On the topic of mobile photo apps, Google has released their own Photo scanning app simply called PhotoScan. Calling it the “scanner of the future” and saying it’s glare free, the new app will take multiple photos of any printed image and stitch it together, automatically cropping out anything that’s not the image itself, and making a high-res “scanned” digital copy. The app also has a built-in editor for any final tweaks you want to give, before sending it off to the printer or your desired social media. It’s available now in both the App Store and Google Play.

Apple Is Selling Their Own Design Photo Book In Memory of Steve Jobs

Apple is selling their own photo book for a whopping $200, which is dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs. Officially called “Designed by Apple in California,” the book is minimalist in design, true Apple style—in all white with just an Apple logo on the front. The pages inside are “specially milled, custom-dyed paper with gilded matte silver edges, using eight color separations and low-ghost ink.” Inside the book are 450 photos that showcase nearly 20 years of design starting from the iMac in 1998 and ending on the Apple Pencil in 2015. The photos were all shot by Andrew Zuckerman—lit evenly and shot on a simple white background. Available now, you can grab the 10.2×12.75-inch book for $200 or the 13×16.25-inch book that will run you $300. Check out the full “trailer” for the book, with Jony Ive of course commentating it, below: (via PP)

New Sensor Offers 12-Bit 8K Video…in B&W

Sensor company CMOSIS has announced that they’ve produced a new 48MP full frame sensor thats capable of capturing 12-bit 8K video at up to 30fps—to put that into perspective, that’s thirty 33.2 megapixel photos every single second. The new sensor also has a global shutter design to eliminate rolling shutter and offers an extended optical dynamic range mode that gives you an HDR image by using dual exposures. The sensor was specifically created to replace the high pixel count CCD sensors used in many machine-vision cameras and high-end security cameras. It currently only shoots in black & white, but a color version will be available later this year. If you want to buy the sensor and build your own camera with it—you can—for just $3800… (via DPR)