The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Shooting Video & Guide to Video Editing

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What You’ll Learn In Each Guide:

FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Shooting Video

($97 value)

Have you ever wanted to learn exactly how to shoot high-quality video no matter what camera you have?

The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Shooting Video was designed to fast-track your learning to hours, not months or years. In this 6 hour course, you’re going to learn from two seasoned professionals how to capture video in just about any situation, even if you’ve never shot video in your life. Whether you’re a photographer who’s looking to add video to your tool-belt or someone who’s been shooting video but wants to learn more, this course is for you.

This, like all of my videos and guides, is NOT BORING. We go HANDS-ON in real-world situations so you can learn exactly what you’ll need to do when making your videos. Here are a few of the concepts we break down in this course:

  • How the Exposure Triangle works for video vs. still photos
  • How to properly set your shutter speed and how it’s different than still photography
  • What is the best resolution to shoot in, and why
  • What is the best Frame Rate, 24, 30, 60….
  • How to get stable and smooth video
  • How to make your videos sound great and not like you filmed in an echo chamber

This course includes 4 Real World Shoots.

  1. Electronic Press Kit and Corporate Videos
  2. Join us as we film a Real Deal Music Video
  3. Narrative / Movie Shoot
  4. YouTube Video Filming from start to finish

This course also includes four exclusive bonuses

  1. How to create successful YouTube Videos
  2. Todd’s Editing Secrets and Tips
  3. Video Homework Assignments
  4. Shooting Checklist

FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Editing Video

($197 value)

Do you want to learn the video editing secrets from a 20 year veteran of the film industry?

Who’s going to pass along all of his knowledge so you can start editing videos quickly, efficiently, and properly no matter what program you edit in?

Todd Wolfe and I are going to show you the full video editing process from start to finish. We’re also going to edit videos in Real-Time and give you the same footage to edit while you follow along. This is not your boring run of the mill educational video. This is a fully immersive learning experience that will save you years of time trying to learn on your own.

In this 9-Hour course, you’re going to learn:

  • How to edit video no matter what program you use (iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere)
  • Understand the fundamentals of video editing that haven’t changed in 100 years
  • When to use J Cuts and L Cuts
  • What cutting in 3’s means
  • How to make money as a video editor
  • How to make Music Videos, Short Films, YouTube Videos, and more

This course also includes 5 Bonus’s

  1. Video Editing Worksheets
  2. Video Editing Checklist
  3. Todd’s Editing quick Tips
  4. A Short Film called “Flour Power” Plus all the assets to edit it on your own
  5. Special Offers

Real World Results

A must buy for video aficionados, everything you need to know from thought process, to actually shooting the video…

Shelly Sherwood (Shooting Guide)

For someone who is self-taught, this would have been so handy when first starting out, but even now, at an intermediate level, there were still a ton of fantastic things I learned.

Justin Reves (Editing Guide)

This guide goes further than just basic camera settings but also goes in depth into film making…

Shawn Taylor (Shooting Guide)

The conversational style you use makes the videos fun to watch and the information easy to digest, it’s not stuffy and overly technical, like so many instructional videos are today.

Tom Good (Editing Guide)

This video guide is built for everyone, the beginner or advanced user can learn from the teachings in this guide…

Sam Hamberg (Shooting Guide)

A lot of free tutorials on the Internet only show the viewer where the buttons are in the various editing programs. Your guide on the other hand teaches beginners the terminology and basics of video editing, and also teaches people who are more advanced the different aspects they need…

Danny Groebe (Editing Guide)

Yours Today: $300 $99