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The Story Behind the FRO

The Story Behind the FRO

Jared Polin December 23, 2010 144

I have never explained part of the reason why I let my hair grow or for why I started this site. The video you are about to see is about my mother whos birthday

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The Fro and His Grandma Lil #31 Big Bands

Jared Polin December 23, 2010 8

How AMAZING would it have been to see some of the musical acts that Lil got to see in the 1920’s? She was around for the big band era which LIVE must have been

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Edit this RAW file Week #5

Jared Polin December 21, 2010 19

Greg and I are back again with another RAW edit of the week and this week it comes from a Canon Camera!!!! This is really the type of file we are looking to edit,

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Matisyahu Live in Philadelphia

Jared Polin December 20, 2010 20

Last week you saw during the photo of the week a killer Live Matisyahu Photo this week I bring you the rest of the amazing images from that day cut to a Live recording

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Nikon D3100 Sample at 3200 ISO

Jared Polin December 20, 2010 9

This weeks Photo of the WEEK does not come from my D3S shot as some extremely Hi ISO but comes from the new Nikon D3100. I have been testing out the D3100 for a

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Drobo S Backup Storage UNBOXING

Jared Polin December 18, 2010 21

I decided it was time take more action on safe guarding my 4tbs of data. I did a lot of research and decided to buy a Drobo S and 5 2tb hard drives to

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Super Secret Project Concert Photo Critique

Jared Polin December 17, 2010 20

In photography it is always a good excursive to let others critique your work. I know I have a tough time taking corrective criticism but when it comes from someone in the know it

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The Fro and His Grandma Lil #30 SMACK

Jared Polin December 16, 2010 8

In this weeks Lil video really runs the gamut of topics from drinking and owning bars to fighting than to peace in the world. Lil seems to be extra feisty on this particular day

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Adobe Lightroom Batch Editing

Jared Polin December 15, 2010 7

Well it seems as if I took something for granted in Lightroom; Batch Editing. Basically the ability to sync the edits to a file from one to another. As I mention in this video

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Edit this Raw File #4

Jared Polin December 14, 2010 24

This week Greg and I edit a file of a barn that we question why it was shot at 2500 ISO as well as give it our own brand of RAW edits. If you

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