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How do you know when to go Black and White or stay Color?

Jared Polin December 26, 2013 Comments Off

How many times have you gotten a certain photo while your editing and thought “wow, this would look great in black and white” only to find out that you love the color just as much?

See, there is no right or wrong answer to which way you should edit your image. The way I decide on Black and White or Color is based on feel. How that one image feels to me when I am editing it. If it just feels right in Black and White than thats what I go for.

In the case of the image in this video I fist felt that it was much stronger in color. Once I edited it Black and White I thought to myself that it just didn’t have that pop I was looking for. After looking at it more I started to like the Black and White more but I am still not sure.

This is one of those images where I like it in both color and black and white. They both have their positives but I am not sure one stands out more than the other.

What do you think, how do you decide when to go Black and White and or stay in Color?

RAWtalk Episode #066

Jared Polin December 24, 2013 Comments Off

CLick Here to listen to this weeks Episode.

Screen Shot 2013 12 24 at 1.37.58 PM RAWtalk Episode #066

FroKnowsPhoto Flash Guide Sale

Jared Polin December 23, 2013 Comments Off

As you know I do not run sales very often. But for the next few days the Fro Flash Guide digital download is on SALE for only $57.

This will be a great gift to yourself or anyone looking to learn how to finally take control of their flash.

Thank you all very much for your continued support and remember to keep Shooting RAW.

Click Here to pick up the Flash Guide.

Screen Shot 2013 12 21 at 6.03.51 PM 1024x637 FroKnowsPhoto Flash Guide Sale

I had a Minor ISSUE with my BlackRapid but I found a KILLER Solution

Jared Polin December 20, 2013 Comments Off

Let me first say that this is not really an issue that puts any of your gear at risk. It is more of a simple solution to make your BlackRapid Strap even better!!!!

For the past few years I have been using my BlackRapid straps and have loved them every step of the way. But I always noticed one slight issue when I was attempting to change my lenses. What would happen is I would hold the camera in one hand which took all the tension of the strap and the shoulder part would slip off to the side. No remember what I am saying here, the camera was in my hand so at no time was my camera in danger. In fact when you are standing and holding your camera or letting it dangle this is not even an issue.

What would happen is I would have to rearrange the strap every time I stood back up. This was more of an inconvenience than anything else.

But there is a simple solution that takes this strap to an entirely different level of comfort. Stephen brought to my attention that he had the same issue and all he did was simply reverse the Brad. Now instead of it going under the left arm, it goes under the right arm.

Now the strap is secure to your body and no matter what you do it no longer will slip to the side when you bend down to change lenses.

facebook banner 1024x377 I had a Minor ISSUE with my BlackRapid but I found a KILLER Solution

This is a simple change you can make on your own. It may take a few minutes to reverse it but once thats done you are all set.

Ever wonder what goes on Behind the Scenes, wonder NO MORE

Jared Polin December 18, 2013 Comments Off

Yes you get to see what happens on RAWtalk from the perspective of a viewer looking in. But what does RAWtalk look like behind the scenes? How do we go form recording to having the audio and video live in a week.

So lets take a look at a typical RAWtalk day/week. We like to film on Thursdays which so happens to be a day that I hit the gym in the morning. Stephen meets me back at the loft around 10:45 where we start the process of setting everything up.

We start by removing the table top to the poker table and placing it on the side. Next Stephen starts the process of laying out the cables, microphones and arms. We use the RODE Broadcaster Microphones and RODE studio arms. I have regular XLR cables that we ordered off of Monoprice.com.

The XLR’s run underneath the table to my counter where they go into the ZOOM H6. The Zoom H6 is powered with an AC adapter so we never have to worry about the batteries dying on us again. This was a fantastic purchase for RAWtalk. Stephen has general audio levels these days for both of us. I tend to yell a lot but I now know to back away from the RODE when I am going to get louder.

For those who are wondering, RODE has become a sponsor and we are very happy to have such a staple in the audio industry on our side. Of course it didn’t start off with a sponsorship. We reached out to them in the hopes we could get some gear to review and test out. One thing led to another and we really like working with each other. Like I have said a million times, I wont promote or work with a product that I don’t like or wouldn’t use.