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Want to Photograph a Celebrity, here is how

Jared Polin September 12, 2013 Comments Off

I want you to remember that there are no more gatekeepers. There are no more people separating you from anyone in this world no matter how famous they are. Gone are the days where you need to speak to someone who speaks to someone else who finally talks to the person you want access to. You now have direct access to almost anyone in the world no matter how famous they are.

Am I serious when I say I can tell you how to photography a celebrity? Yes, because I have done it myself, I have gotten access to people that I may never have ever gotten close to before.

Here is the secret to getting access to anyone in the world. Start the conversation, find a way to interact and get on their radar. You may be saying to yourself there is no way they will ever talk to me or give me the time of the day. That’s fine, you can give up now or you can think about all the tools we have at our disposal.

AdoramaPIX Rapid Fire Critique #062: Oh Boy will I survive this set

Jared Polin September 10, 2013 Comments Off

What is interesting about doing these critiques week in and week out is you never know how you will react to a set. Sometimes you have killer image after killer image after killer image. Other times you are stuck with mediocre images with the surprise of one solid image.

I think this set falls in between, the images are not bad but not great. They are simply very very close, they are on the cusp of being something more.

This is a good position to be in for the photographer as there is some major potential with some slight tweaks to take their images to the next level.

Made In America: RAWtalk 51

Jared Polin September 10, 2013 Comments Off

Click HERE or the image below to access this weeks RAWtalk

Screen Shot 2013 09 10 at 4.20.37 PM Made In America: RAWtalk 51

Boston Boot Camp and FrotoWALK Group Photo

Jared Polin September 9, 2013 Comments Off

What a fantastic two days Adam and I had in Boston. First on Friday night we met up in Boston Commons and had a great meetup follow by the Boot Camp on Saturday.

The Boot Camp was AMAZING, everyone had great questions and went from Auto to Manual within the first 20 minutes. Really it’s hard to explain how amazing these Boot Camps are without being there.

Here is the FULL RES DNG file of the FrotoWALK image
9709067967 531e09c326 Boston Boot Camp and FrotoWALK Group Photo

Here is the FULL RES DNG file of the Boot Camp group Photo.
9712303676 1910e12aef Boston Boot Camp and FrotoWALK Group Photo

Nikon D4 vs D800 vs D7100 vs F5 vs Canon 1D X vs 5DMKIII: DSLR Silent Mode Shootout

Jared Polin September 8, 2013 Comments Off

Did you know many of todays cameras have a “silent” or “quiet” mode for taking pictures? These modes are meant to be used in situations where you want to keep the sound of the camera to a minimum.

Being that I shoot a lot of concerts and generally in places where there is a lot of sound I do not find myself needing this mode. I can say that there are times during weddings that I would have liked to have my Nikon D4 be a little more quiet.

I thought now would be a good time to do a “Silent Mode” shootout between the Nikon D4, Nikon D800, Nikon D7100, Nikon F5, Canon 1D X and Canon 5D MKIII.

All I know is that the pro bodies tend to sound like tanks when you take one picture let alone motor drive through 10-15.

Keep in mind this is not a scientific experiment. I simply took pictures with each camera and decided which ones made the loudest sound or the quietest.

I also want to point out that the Nikon D4 does have a truly silent mode where the mirror flips up and you can take 24 FPS in JPEG to capture images. This test was more to hear the sounds that the cameras really did make.

In my opinion the true winner by a mile was the Canon 5D MKIII. It was the only camera that was noticeably quieter than its regular mode as well as capable of shooting multiple silent frames per second.

Have you used silent mode, what are your thoughts?