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This ONE thing helped me become successful

Jared Polin July 23, 2014 Comments Off

“The day I stopped trying to rely on others to make me successful was the day I took full control of MAKING MYSELF a success.”

Yes, I will admit that for the longest time I thought that I would latch onto someone who was a success and become successful because of them. I thought they would take me along for the ride and in turn I would become very successful.

The problem with that mentality is you are not in control whatsoever. You are always waiting and hoping that they make the right choices that ultimately lead to success for everyone. All this led to was disappointment in the decisions and choices those other people were making. But if you are not in control of your direction you will have no say.

One day I woke up and said enough is enough. It was time for me to take control of my own future, make my own decisions and either succeed or fail.

I want to make it very clear that I am not saying you shouldn’t take peoples advice or ask for help when needed. Advice and help are both very important but it will come down to what you do with it. Being that you are in control you can choose to implement it, ignore it or modify it for your personal needs.

Remember when you are in control you make all the decisions. Some will be right and others will be wrong but you can’t be afraid to make the wrong decision. If you get stuck in indecision you will pretty much be dead in the water.

Take control of your success, invest in yourself, believe in your ability and ultimately WIN.

These are some of the MOST Powerful Images: Moments, the Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographs

Jared Polin July 23, 2014 Comments Off

When I first started to collect photo books to study I came across “Moments, the Pulitzer Prize Winning Photograph”. The book that I am reviewing here is only updated to the early 2000’s but there are newer releases that continue with the winning images.

This is one of the most powerful collection of images I have ever seen. The moments that are captured are beyond the most powerful things you have seen. You see life, death and everything in between. You are left to read into the images and I found myself being put into some of those situations. This book takes the extra step of adding the stories behind the images which puts everything into perspective for you.

This is not an easy book to look at. When you come up to photos of executions or right before executions, I can’t help but wonder what is that person thinking at that moment. What is anyone really thinking when any of that is about to go down.

A moment captured in a photograph is so much more powerful in many situations than video because it freezes a moment and leaves your mind to figure out what is going on.

With any prize that is given you may find yourself trying to figure out how certain images won. I wonder myself about some of the images but we always have to remember that photography is subjective.

I highly recommend this book for the pure history that it captures. The stories are powerful and moving as well are the images. This is a book I think ever photographer needs to see, even if you head to a book store to flip through it.

This is a SIMPLE and Effective Mobile Portfolio APP I don’t leave home without

Jared Polin July 19, 2014 Comments Off

http://Squarespace.com/fro If you do not have your own website to showcase your portfolio I highly recommend you trying out the FREE 14 day trial. The best part of the trial is you do not have to enter any credit card info to start using it. If you decide that Squarespace is for you please use my code FRO to get 10% OFF your first month or year!!!

How many times have you wanted to show someone photos from your website when you were on locaiton but the internet connection made it impossible?

Sure you could have images in folders on your phone but that doesn’t always look the best especially if they hit the wrong photos if you know what I mean.

Well Squarespace made me aware of an IOS APP called “Portfolio” that they built for the Iphone and Ipad. This app is unbranded by the way, which means all that people looking at your images will see are your images, no mention of squarspace at all.

So how does this bad boy work?

It’s pretty simple, if you have a Squarespace website, you download the FREE app. Next up you enter your login info then tell it what galleries you want (It will sync photos and videos) hit done and BAM BAM POW it starts to sync your photos right away.

In no time flat your photos and videos are optimized for your photo on Ipad and ready to show whenever you need.

The key here is that it’s great for offline viewing. The last thing you want to have happen is you try to pull up your website when you don’t have a great signal and you are sitting there waiting for it to load.

Once I found out that this app exists it took me no time flat to get the galleries I wanted to showcase right on my phone.

This is just another reason why I recommend Squarespace. Not only is it simple and effective to use even for a novice but it’s affordable with a ton of extra bonuses.

CLICK HERE TO sign up for a FREE 14 day trial of Squarespace.

Click Here for more information on the Squarespace Portfolio App.

Nikon D810 VS Nikon D800: Unboxing And Sniff Test

Jared Polin July 18, 2014 Comments Off

Before we jump into this unboxing and SNIFF TEST from AllensCamera.com please keep in mind this is just that, an unboxing and sniff test. That means what I am comparing are pretty much the physical features of the two cameras. Oh yes, we can’t forget the wind tunnel test.

If you are looking for the full PREVIEW I did of the Nikon D810 please CLICK HERE.

We all know that there are some slight spec changes from the D810 to the D800 but this time around my focus was more on the cosmetic changes. There are some subtle changes that may not seem like much but could mean the difference in getting the shot or not.

I am always on the lookout for NEW TRIPODS

Jared Polin July 17, 2014 Comments Off

I am always on the lookout for new tripods that will help make my life easier. Recently when I was at Allen’s Camera to make a video I borrowed one of the Benro Video Tripods. It helped me easily create panning and moving clips to cut into one of my gear previews or reviews. I also liked the fact that the solid video tripod I was using was only priced at $275, very affordable.

That got me thinking that I should reach out to Benro and ask for some test units. In the past I have worked closely with Vanguard and have really enjoyed using their Photo related tripods. I know many of you picked them up on my recommendation and I still like them a lot. The one issue I did have with Vanguard fell in the video tripod side. They have okay video tripods but they lack the video monopod and nice video heads.

Over the past three to four years tripods have pretty much all become the same. Every company seems to be putting out the same features and functions which is making it harder and harder to latch onto just one tripod.

Benro sent me two Video Tripods to test out Via POSTMAN FRO. The first one was the A48 FBS4 Video Mono Pod. I currently have something similar from Manfroto but always had issues with the monopod slipping when I put pressure on them. This Benro one is very similar to the Manfroto one but when I put the same pressure on it, it did not slip. The two video monopods are basically the same design and serve the same function. One of the differences is one is Red and Black and the other is Blue and Black. I know that is a very scientific difference.