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Wedding Photographer Dancing at a Wedding

Jared Polin October 30, 2010 17

I find it to be a good practice to have fun at weddings. Which means I have no problem joining the bride and groom on the dance floor for some dancing action. Actually it

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WARNING – Way to many tips on Concert Photography

Jared Polin October 27, 2010 15

This week’s super secret project video is from a Skype call I had with Mike. Mike emailed me to figure out how he can get a photo credential for an upcoming concert in his

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The Fro and His Grandma Lil #23

Jared Polin October 27, 2010 11

I took Lil to get her hair washed, cut and set for her big birthday coming up. She has a few choice words for the ladies that work at the salon but luckily we

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Adobe Lightroom Slideshow Module (& short rant)

Jared Polin October 26, 2010 5

First the RANT…it starts like this SHARE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS. Show them off! It can be prints, books, quick slideshows, putting them on your smartphone, flickr, facebook, twitter, youtube, anything. I’ve come across too many

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Nikon 200mm F2 VRII Un-Box

Jared Polin October 26, 2010 20

Today I got my hands on the brand new Nikon 200mm F2 VR2 Lens at Allen’s Camera 215.547.2841. This is an extremely expensive prime lens that is incredibly sharp and colorful. Checking in at

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Let Us Edit Your RAW File Week 6

Jared Polin October 26, 2010 14

Each week Greg and I take one RAW file submission and give it our own set up tweaks. Neither of us get to see what the other has done until both videos have been

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Killer Black + White Lightroom Edit – Photo of the Week

Jared Polin October 25, 2010 9

For this weeks photo of the week I chose an image I captured a little while ago of a band named Halestorm. The band member in the image is Josh the bass player. He

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Hoodman Hood Loupe

Jared Polin October 24, 2010 10

Hoodman is an accessory company that came on the scene a few years back with pop up shades for LCD’s and other screen protectors. They have branched out into a whole line up of

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Nikon 24-120 F4 Un-Boxing

Jared Polin October 23, 2010 18

Nikon announced a brand new 24-120 F4 a little while ago and I finally get my hands on one to unbox and sniff test it. In the ever changing landscape of digital photography everyone

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Digital Photography Tips – Portfolios

Digital Photography Tips – Portfolios

Jared Polin October 22, 2010 129

Super Secret Project time again, this is where I give you digital photography tips that will help you grow as a photographer. This week I wanted to talk about the importance of having a

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