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By far the WORST video I ever made, so what's holding you back?

On this date seven years ago I privately posted a test video of me attempting to talk about my camera gear. This video is by far the WORST thing I have ever filmed.

Why am I posting it now? Simple, I want to make the point that if I was that bad on camera in 2008, what’s holding you back? So many people think I have always been amazing on camera. The truth of the matter is I was terrible. I had no style, I was awkward, couldn’t get my words out and also had ZERO following. Don’t forget that FroKnowsPhoto did not start until 2010 and at that point I had no followers.

How did I make the change from what you just saw in 2008 to where I sit today? I was 29 years old and decided I wanted to transform my body. I know a lot of people say they want to do something or make a change and say things like “when I turn 30 im going to do x”. Well I didn’t want to wait, I had an idea for a change and I started working on it right away.

In my case what happened as I transformed my body and saw results was I gained confidence. I gained the confidence that I looked good which in turn made me feel better in front of the camera. Whatever changed in my head allowed me to feel like I was worthy of being on camera.

The other issue I had in front of the camera is I always worried what would people think about me. The way that I blocked this out was to say “who cares” what other people thing, I am the one sitting here and actually doing something. Block out the thoughts of what other people think and just say “fuck it” and do it. I also told myself I need to up my speaking on camera, accentuate certain words, bring the emotion so that people felt it. Beyond that, I got better by making videos day in and day out. You can go back and look at some of the earliest videos and see the progression that has been made.

The moral of the story here is, if you have something holding you back, what is it and how can you break free. There has never been a better time in history to find your own way in the world. The internet has given you the freedom to sell yours. Wether you are a carpenter, mini robot maker, painter, photographer, writer, jewelry maker or more. You can do this, if I sucked that hard on camera in 2008 I am proof that you too can make it.

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