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FRO RANTS: People bitching about Dynamic Range in the Canon 6D Mark II

Welcome to FRO RANTS where I share what’s on my mind about a certain topic. This time i’m discussing the whole “dynamic range” issue people are saying the Canon 6D Mark II has.

It’s really frustrating to listen to a bunch of people bitch about a camera they don’t own, never have used, never touched a file from and may never ever see. They pile on based off of a few reports online that only give part of the picture and thing it’s all fact.

I needed to get a few things off my chest and that’s exactly what I do in this audio podcast.

You can watch the video I recorded editing RAW files from the Canon 6D Mark II right here.

I hope you enjoy this audio podcast, be sure to check out all the other audio podcasts I am making.

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