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I Shot This BOOK Cover: How A FREE Photo Shoot Turned Into A Paying Gig

I wanted to share with you how a personal photo project lead to getting paid and a cover photo of a new book.

To check out the Book click here.

There’s always a lot of talk about wether or not you should do FREE shoots or not. There is no clear yes or no as it’s all situational for me. One of the most important things as a photographer or as anything for that matter is to NETWORK. The more people you know, the better the chance is you will get the nod for the job.

In this situation, my free photo shoot paid off and paid off very well. Not only did I get paid for the cover photo in the US, I just got paid for the cover photo again but this time in Europe.

Remember, you can do this, you can grow as a photographer and work your way into jobs. It’s not easy and it wont happen over night but little victories over time add up.