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My 2015 Fireworks “FAIL” photos and what I learned from them

Jared Polin July 5, 2015 Comments Off on My 2015 Fireworks “FAIL” photos and what I learned from them

Fireworks photos are one of those things that tend to look the same no matter who takes them. To be honest I wasn’t even planning on shooting photos this time around until I was invited to a roof party. Click here to download two DNG files.

I figured why not go out and shoot as we were supposed to have a nice view of the festivities. Though we did have a nice view for enjoying the fireworks it was not the best for shooting photos of them.

The issues I ran into was the building across the street from me. It turns out that the fireworks were not going to be much higher than that building thus not allowing me to capture the full explosion without the building getting in the way.


Click the image to download two DNG files from the D4s.

My exposures and settings were all proper but I quickly decided to switch to the 70-200 and attempt to shoot much tighter shots of the fireworks. This worked out fine but I didn’t get anything mind blowing.

For the future a clear view of the fireworks from the ground will allow them to look more massive. Having foreground elements will add dimension. And scouting the location way beforehand will pay dividends into the future.

This was not a complete fail, I learned something, got some pretty good photos and was able to share my thoughts. Until next year.

How to make extra money with your DSLR

Jared Polin July 3, 2015 Comments Off on How to make extra money with your DSLR

One of the questions I get asked the most is how do I make extra money with my DSLR. I have a simple answer for you in the way of going out and creating b-roll video for Videoblocks marketplace.

For more information go to https://contribute.videoblocks.com/

This is not a plug, this is simply showing you how you can create stock video, contribute it to Videoblocks and keep 100% of the profits less the credit card fees.

Go out and shoot everything for the rain falling on leaves to cars passing by to birds sitting and chirping. If you can think of it it go shoot it, you never know who will need that type of clip for their video.

This is a chance to go be creative and have a chance at making some extra cash if your videos sell.

Three NEW Nikon Lenses: 500 F4e VR, 600 F4e VR, 16-80 DX F2.8-4e VR

Jared Polin July 2, 2015 Comments Off on Three NEW Nikon Lenses: 500 F4e VR, 600 F4e VR, 16-80 DX F2.8-4e VR

Nikon just unleashed three new lenses into the world. Two of which are massive, insane and extremely expensive aka not affordable and one that is slightly over priced in my opinion.

Let’s start with the first big ass piece of glass announced, the Nikon 500mm F4e FL VR. Let’s look at what is different from it’s predecessor. It is small lighter and more expensive. It clocks in now at 6.8 pounds vs 8.5 pounds. The old price was $7,299 and the new price is $10,299.95.



What NOT to cut off in Photos: Quick Tip

Jared Polin June 30, 2015 Comments Off on What NOT to cut off in Photos: Quick Tip

How many times have you seen a photo where the subjects fingers have been cut off and it just feels painful to look at. Not actually cut off but cut off in the composition? How many times have you seen someones toes or feet cut off and it just makes the images feel awkward?

*UPDARED* RANT: Live Nation needs to #RespectPhotographers

Jared Polin June 26, 2015 Comments Off on *UPDARED* RANT: Live Nation needs to #RespectPhotographers

Live Nation RANT Update: WE DID IT!!! #RespectPhotographers . Live nation will be paying all house photographers who shoot at their venues. I had a great conversation with Mark Campana who is the Co President North America Concerts. I will be working directly with Live Nation to help determine the new house photographer position terms.

I want to open up the discussion to you as well. What do you think is fair compensation for being a house photographer at a Live Nation venue? Should it be based on the size of the venue or something else? I have an idea about rights since this is work for hire but what do you see in regards to ownership rights?

A huge thank you to Michael Rapnio the live nation CEO for taking quick action on acknowledging the issue and putting the pieces in motion to make a change.