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I want to critique your Squarespace Website

Jared Polin October 21, 2014 Comments Off

Click here to get your 14 day FREE trial of Squarespace with no credit card needed. Keep in mind I will critique your trail Squarespace and give you feedback.

If you have a Squarespace website that you would like me to critique please e mail jared at FroKnowsPhoto Dot Com with the subject line “Critique My Squarespace”.

I will critique every site that is sent to me and give you a personal response via e mail wether you used my code or not. I wont be able to make videos for everyone but I may do so for a select few.

Please be patient with my response time as I have a feeling I am going to get a lot of emails looking for critiques.

If you don’t currently have a Squarespace yet you are not out of luck. You can go to http://squarespace.com/fro to sign up for your 14 day FREE trial.

Since I am able to critique trial websites you can e mail jared at FroKnowsPhoto dot com with the subject line “Critique My Website (TRIAL)” Be sure to include the word trial so I can give priority to your critiques since you are limited on time.

If you decide that it’s for you please use code “FRO” at checkout to receive 10% OFF your first oder. If you sign up for a year, Squarespace will give you a domain name FREE. I pay $12.99 for new domains so getting it FREE for a year is a nice savings.

All I can say is that once you try Squarespace for yourself and see how simple it is to build your own space you will wonder what took you so long to discover it.

RAWtalk Episode #106 – An interview with Bruce Bennett

Jared Polin October 20, 2014 Comments Off

Screen Shot 2014 10 20 at 10.07.26 AM RAWtalk Episode #106   An interview with Bruce Bennett

Nikon D750 Real World Review

Jared Polin October 17, 2014 Comments Off

Let me start of by saying this right off the bat, if I was in the market for my first Full Frame DSLR this camera would be it.

Click Here for all 133 FULL RES exported JPEGS
Click Here to download 7 sample DNG RAW Files (192 megs)

Click Here to purchase the Nikon D750 from Allen’s Camera or Amazon.

When I got the call from Nikon that they were about to announce another NEW Full frame camera I was a little shocked. They already had the D610 and the D810 so where would a new camera fit in the lineup and what would it be called.

You might think the new camera would be called the D710 but no, Nikon opted for the next best choice, the D750. Many people have been waiting for a replacement to the Nikon D700 which packs the top of the line sensor and pro features, but is this the answer?

I am not going to run down all the specs of the Nikon D750 again as I did a preview of the camera right here. What I will do is go into how I tested the camera and why. First off my style is to use cameras opposed to “test” cameras in the lab. Sure certain “lab” tests may garner interesting results but I want to know how the camera actually handles in the real world.

For the Nikon D750 review I chose to go back to High School and shoot a Thursday night football game under the lights. When I say under the lights what I really mean are the four polls with things on top of them that kind of illuminate the playing field.

15371622218 d5f6ce131e Nikon D750 Real World Review

This is not the ideal lighting situation for shooting but this camera is said to have the best low light focusing of any Nikon camera (-3 ev), even better than the D4s. On top of that what better way to test the ISO than to do it in a situation that is not ideal. Any camera going back to the early DSLR’s can shine in good light but what separates the winners from the losers is their lowlight capability.

The KING of all camera bags!!!

Adam Lerner October 16, 2014 Comments Off

In this video, I unbox the ThinkTankPhoto Production Manager 40. I take you thru all of the features, talk about build quality, versatility and even show you my first pack with my lighting kit in the bag. This is the bag I’ve been waiting for and I’m sure there are plenty of photographers out there that will want to scoop one up.


Western Digital My Passport PRO 4tb Thunderbolt Review

Jared Polin October 16, 2014 Comments Off

DigiRichie and I both got our hands on the new Western Digital My Passport Pro 4TB Thunderbolt external hard drive. This little guy is a beast like nothing we have seen before. Inside you have 2, 2TB drives that when raided together give you 4TB of storage in a package much smaller than you would expect.

Being that this is a Thunderbolt only hard drive it comes already formatted and ready to go for your Mac. This speed and portability does come at a price, $399.99. But after digging a little deeper you wont find another company producing anything similar or close to the same storage size. I am sure in the next few months they will become more prevalent.

Before I get into the notes from DigiRichie who is currently out on assignment let me tell you how Stephen and I have been using this drive. After that I will post DigiRichies notes.

Stephen and I have been traveling the world shooting videos, photos and recording audio. We always need fast and reliable backup solutions when traveling. Since we use the latest MacBook Pro 15 inch with Thunderbolt this hard drive is the perfect solution. It allows us to not only backup all our files quickly using Thunderbolt but it allows Stephen the ability to edit full HD Video straight off the drive.

We have the drive set up currently to be redundant. That means it’s only 2TB of storage but it’s saving everything twice, once to each drive inside. I feel better when traveling to use this option over the RAID 4TB option. I will tell you that we didn’t rely on just this one hard drive for backup. We also made sure to store all file on the laptop as added security.

Let’s take a look at the drive itself, it’s a little thick, has a built in fan and is bus powered via the built in Thunderbolt cable. You might think the thickness or size of this drive might be an issue for travel but it’s honestly not that much larger than some of the smaller 2TB drives currently on the market. If you don’t think the 4TB is for you WD offers this drive in a 2TB option.