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Canon 200-400 F4 Unbox and Sniff Test

Jared Polin October 4, 2013 Comments Off

This lens will run you 1 million 799 thousands pennies. Yes this is one of the most expensive lenses on the market today. The Canon 200-400mm F4 IS with built in 1.4X Teleconverter is $11,799.00.

Please keep in mind this is simply an unboxing and sniff test so there are no sample images that were taken with this lens. With that said I still think you will find it pretty interesting.

If your first thought is that this is a monster lens, well you would be correct in some ways and surprised in others. I was surprised by its size and weight, not that it was overly heavy or large but that it wasn’t what I truly expected. The lens felt fantastic in my hands and I can only imagine how great it must be to shoot.

Nikon has had two versions of their 200-400 lens but none have a revolutionary feature like the Canon. The Canon has a built in 1.4X teleconverter. That means at a simple switch of a button you can have the converter slide in or out. What is cool about the teleconverter is that it’s made out of the same glass that was used to make the elements of the lens. This is what they call “paired” and is meant to give you the best images possible.

When the converter is in place this lens on a full frame camera becomes at 280-560 F5.6. That is a huge range of options that you can get from one piece of glass. Instead of carrying around a 300, 400 and 600 you can simply carry this lens. But keep in mind that prime lenses like a 300, 400 or 600 tend to give sharper results. But maybe the tradeoff is worth it to some people.

There is another difference between the Nikon and the Canon 200-400 and that is price. The Nikon clocks in at $6,749 which is substantially less expensive than the Canon. From what I have heard though the Canon is a much sharper lens.

Speaking of sharpness, you have to keep in mind that fixed lenses will tend to create sharper results over zooms because there are no moving elements. Is this something that the normal person would be able to see in side by side comparisons, I am not sure.

Who is this lenses for you may ask? First its for anyone that can afford it. Full time photographers who make a living day in and day out shooting who want to carry a little less gear but still get amazing versatility. The natural fit for this lens seems to be sports photographers and nature photographers.

If you are interested in picking up one of these bad boys for yourself you can call Allens Camera at 215.547.2841 and tell them the Fro sent you.

FREE Philly FrotoWALK this Saturday 10/5/2013

Jared Polin October 3, 2013 Comments Off

I am holding a FREe FrotoWalk in Philly this Saturday 10/5 starting at 10am at the Piazza and Schmitz (1001 N 2nd Street Philadelphia PA 19123) We are going to meet in the central area that you can not miss.

This is open to anyone who can make it and there is no cost, it is FREE. We are going to walk around the city and seek out interesting images and see what we come up with.

Really this is a great time to meet other like minded people and have a fun morning capturing images during a nice day.

I hope to see you there.

Screen Shot 2013 10 03 at 3.04.19 PM FREE Philly FrotoWALK this Saturday 10/5/2013

My first real photos: Critique from 1994

Jared Polin October 2, 2013 Comments Off

Back around 1994 I had the desire to step up from a point and shoot camera to my first SLR. The camera shop my mom took me to pointed me in the direction of a Canon EOS Elan and that is what I purchased.

My interest was to capturing sports. So at the age of 13 I set out to photograph my friends who were playing on the Jr High School baseball team. I want you all to pay close attention to what I am about to say. I started in the running man auto mode because that was all I knew. At this point I did not have any mentors so it only made sense to use that mode.

Of course I really didn’t know anything about settings but I could capture a moment. I had this knack anticipating the action and coming out with solid sports images.

What I tell people all the time when starting out is I rather see you capture a moment and have the worst exposure ever then a proper exposure with a terrible moment. I know that sounds strange but I can teach anyone how to get the proper exposure but it’s much harder to teach people how to capture a moment.

These images that I am critiquing were my first attempts and shooting baseball. I knew the sport which made it much easier to know where the action was going to happen. Even back in the day I filled the frame as much as possible.

It is always nice to look back at your old work and see where you came from. All I know is I have come a long way since 1994 and hope you can take something form this video.

RAWtalk Episode #054 I Sleep Molest My GF

Jared Polin October 1, 2013 Comments Off

For this weeks RAWtalk please click here.

Screen Shot 2013 10 01 at 9.09.54 PM RAWtalk Episode #054 I Sleep Molest My GF

I thought this lens sucked but…..it has its place

Jared Polin September 29, 2013 Comments Off

Before you start yelling at me for being so harsh on the Nikon 18-105 Kit lens I suggest you watch the video above and read the review below.

As many of you know I rail on kit lenses all the time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful with kit lenses. As long as you have a fundamental understanding of how your exposure works, you can shoot with anything.

So now let me take a step back and enter a beginners shoes who is picking up their first camera. Most DSLR cameras today come as a basic kit with a 18-55mm lens. One of the reasons companies include this lens with the kit is because of how inexpensive it is. But the problem here is that basic kit lens doesn’t give people the feeling that they are getting enough zoom or reach. Because of this, people right off the bat get into the habit of having to crop their images.

This is where we kick into the importance of the 18-105. It is an affordable lens that will allow beginners to get a little more reach for not to much extra cash. At some point beginners will come to the realization that to sometimes get better results you need to spend some money on better glass. But just starting off the 18-105 will get the job done.

The Nikon 18-105 Kit lens is all plastic, with a plastic mount but it does include VR. Most people wont understand the proper way to use VR but it’s there so that’s a plus. I think the key selling point to this lens is the fact that it will give someone a nice wide angle group shot or landscape shot as well as a tighter portrait or action shot.

10012783766 830937de4f I thought this lens sucked but.....it has its place

As always I am not going to dive to deeply into analyzing and breaking down every nuance of the sample images. I have include all the full res sample images form the video for you to download and pixel peep at your leisure.