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FINALLY A BIGGER SENSOR!!! Insta360 One RS Preview

This video is brought to you by Insta360. To learn more about the Insta360 One RS or to order it, please click here

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Insta360 sent us their brand new modular action camera called the Insta360 One RS to take it out for a spin. What’s great about this system is its modular. The heart of the system is the “core” aka the brain. You can attach different cameras right to the brain. There’s the NEW 4k Boost Lens with a sensor larger than the GoPro’s. There’s a 360 Lens that turns your One RS into a 360 Camera. And there’s even a lens with a 1-inch sensor. Why buy multiple action cameras when you can have one that does it all.

This video was filmed with the Canon EOS R5