GoPRO is having major issues right now especially after dropping the price of the HERO4 Session to $199.99. If you recall only four or five months ago this camera was released at $399.99 which was the same price of the much better HERO4 Silver Edition. If you would like to purchase a GoPRO Hero4 Session on […]


DJI Phantom 3 Professional VS Standard

Which DRONE is for you, the DJI Phantom 3 Professional or the Standard? If you are looking to pick up your first DRONE this video will help you decide which is for you. To order the Phantom 3 Pro please click here To order the Standard please click here

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The DRONE took his eye out, GROSS: RAWtalk 161

We all know that drones have some power to them and can be mighty dangerous. Well in this weeks photo news we find out just how dangerous they can be… NEWS starts at 14:30 This weeks show is brought to you by VIDEOBLOCKS who “forgot” to take down their BEST SALE every which is for […]

Beginner Photography

25 Photography Gifts Under $25

It’s not easy to purchase photo related gifts for the photographers on your life, that’s why I curated the list of 25 photo related items under $25. You don’t have to worry about what system someones uses, each one of these gifts is a gift that all photographers can use in one way or another. […]

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Did they really “BAN RAW” or not? RAWtalk 159

I must have had 200 people send me the article discussing Reuters supposedly “banning RAW files” and knew I needed to take a close look at what they were actually saying. The reason so many people were up in arms is because they read a headline that mentioned “banning raw” in it. The truth of […]