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Canon Related

How Our Canon Security Cameras Caught This THIEF!

How Our Canon Security Cameras Caught This Thief. This video was done in partnership with Canon Cameras. For more information on these network camera please click here. A lot of people don’t know that Canon is one of the biggest names in network security cameras for the military and law enforcement. They also make cameras […]

Pictures In Your Mind

Pictures In Your Mind 07: Maty Noyes

Welcome to what I am calling “Pictures In Your Mind”. The idea is I describe in as much detail as possible an image in the hope you can visualize the image in your mind based on how i’m describing it. My goal with this is to help you think about the details in the images […]


Will Canon REGRET Inviting Me? VLOG

Canon invited Stephen and I out to the opening of their NEW Burbank Professional Center to get a tour. Our goal for this trip was to see if they would fix Todd’s messed up 24-70. And also not get kicked out!!! I want to thank Canon for inviting us the this press event.


FRO RANTS: People bitching about Dynamic Range in the Canon 6D Mark II

Welcome to FRO RANTS where I share what’s on my mind about a certain topic. This time i’m discussing the whole “dynamic range” issue people are saying the Canon 6D Mark II has. It’s really frustrating to listen to a bunch of people bitch about a camera they don’t own, never have used, never touched […]