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Nikon D810 Preview

Jared Polin June 26, 2014 Comments Off

The Nikon D810 has effectively combined and evolved the features of the D800 and D800E. Those two cameras were revolutionary for their time and the Nikon D810 is now evolutionary. As with many mid product cycle updates the D810 takes features from it’s brothers before and builds on them.

D810 24 70 front 300x252 Nikon D810 PreviewYou have a new 36.3 CMOS sensor with no OLPF. The ISO range has been expanded to 64-12800 ISO with a Low 1 of 32 and an H2 of 51,200.
There is now an Expeed 4 processor which process the files 30% faster. That makes way for the 5 FPS in FX and 7 FPS in DX mode.

The Group Area AF mode has been added to this camera which makes it the second Nikon body to do so behind the D4s. This mode has worked out very well for me and should really help photographers who may have had issue with the D800s focusing.

Some people complain about the size of the RAW files and Nikon has finally added a RAW S or Small RAW file to the D810. Canon shooters have had this option for many years and it’s about time Nikon has found a way to do it in theirs.

Highlight Weighted metering may come in handy for some people. This will allow the camera not to be thrown off by the darker spaces away from a spot light situation.

D810 back 300x252 Nikon D810 PreviewWith the addition of the Flat Picture control setting you can now shoot your video flat and color grade it later.

You can now capture video at 1080 60 FPS which means better slow motion playback for whatever you are shooting.
Those are some of the highlights that I thought were the most important about this camera. This is a nice step up from the D800. If you have your D800 and love it I don’t see a major reason for you to upgrade. If you need the extra ISO for whatever you are shooting, that could be a great reason to upgrade.

The price is set at $3,299.95 which was the same price of the D800E when it was released a few years ago. I purchase all of my Nikon gear from AllensCamera.com . Be sure to give them a call if you are looking for a D810, ask for the Fro Price.


Tremendous Infrared Time-Lapse Video

Jared Polin June 24, 2014 Comments Off

The Hidden World. from Bruce W. Berry Jr on Vimeo.

Bruce Wayne did it again. He just released a new series called “The Hidden World” which turns out is a prequel to his amazing time-lapse called “The Day The Wonderland Stood Still”.

His story telling is fantastic. The way the still images come together to create a tory is truly breathtaking. The amount of work that goes into creating something like this is more than I would ever consider doing.

Below is the information that Bruce included with his video.

This is the latest installment to the wonderland series. This infrared time-lapse is actually a prequel to “The Day Wonderland Stood Still”. I started this project a few months before I started “The Day Wonderland Stood Still”, but wasn’t able to complete it until this year due to some of the locations being a bit harder to get to, the changing of the seasons and just being plain busy.

In this time-lapse video I wanted to introduce the hidden world of infrared photography and take you through a journey of my interpretation of “Wonderland”. The making of this video involved the use of various motion controlled devices and hyperlapse photography (which was incredibly challenging to shoot in the woods).

Footage was captured in Fairmount Park, Wissahickon Valley Park and Belleplain State Forest, all near or in the Philadelphia area.

For this Infrared video, I used a “Red filter” or sometimes referred to as the “Goldie filter” instead of a yellow filter I used in the last project. Like in the previous infrared time-lapse I used a “Full Spectrum Camera” to make this video.

If you think my EDIT of this photo SUCKS, show me how it’s done

Jared Polin June 23, 2014 Comments Off

Click Here to download the DNG File.

Photo editing is so subjective, it’s like peoples opinions and we all know what opinions are like. We all have a style, we all have a way of getting to the final image. Some people start with pre-sets, others like me like to move sliders and see the results and others take a more regimented approach.

This photo is of my friend who was in town and in need of a few photos for a book. He mentioned the images would all be black and white and showed me the style that the other photographer had already shot for others.

I am sure some of you out there are wondering my thoughts about following what someone else had done for other photos. I had no problem trying to give Shannon what he was looking for. If that meant doing something similar to someone else’s style so be it.

When it came to editing this photo I knew I would go right to black and white. I ended up doing something different with this photo when editing. I recovered a lot of the highlights using the highlight slider which is something I don’t generally do. The reason I don’t normally do it is it tends to make the photo look fake. In this case I was very happy with the results.

Introducing The Most REVOLUTIONARY Photography Product Ever

Jared Polin June 21, 2014 Comments Off

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Adobe Sent Me A MYSTERY Box In The Mail: What Could It Be

Jared Polin June 20, 2014 Comments Off

Who doesn’t like a mystery box that comes in the mail even if it is “marketing” material. Postman FRO stopped at my door today to bring me a package from Adobe!!!! First off it’s pretty cool that Adobe reached out to me via a direct message on twitter to ask me for my address.

What is in this mystery box with notes on it that came via Fedex? On the box it mentioned sitting back with your feet up and relaxing. It showed a guy with an tablet of sorts working away while relaxing. My first hope was that it would be an Ipad MINI, could it be?

I opened up this box and my hopes of an Ipad mini were dashed, crushed, shattered, left for dead, so on and so forth. But what was in there was a LR Pillow, some Almonds, LR Socks, Ipad stylus/pen and a FREE year of Creative Cloud.

We all get marketed to all the time, this was just a different form of marketing and branding. I personally don’t read to many boring press releases that get sent to me, let alone respond to most marketing. I have to say this was a clever way to make me aware of their new Lightroom Mobile service #LRmobile .

What can we learn from this video and what Adobe did here. We can learn that marketing and branding is ALIVE and well you just have to be creative to grab someones attention. If they were to send me a bs press release I would have ignored it. Being that they physically sent me something that made my smile and laugh I decided to make a Postman Fro Video.

Learn from this, learn that you have to stand out, do something unique, cute or funny. You don’t have to spend a ton of money or give out Ipads to capture someones attention. You simply need to make them smile or laugh with something simple that will help them remember you.