Photo of the Week Sinai at the Waffle House

Jared Polin April 7, 2011 17

This weeks photo of the week again is from my trip to SXSW with the band SINAI. It is a right of passage when touring with a band to stop at every Waffle House

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One of my BEST LIVE concert shots ever

Jared Polin March 24, 2011 35

This image was captured during SXSW in Austin Texas of the band SINAI. As you will hear in the video the lighting was not the best for the opening act which caused me to

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Behind the Scenes – Large Group Photo

Jared Polin March 17, 2011 14

At UG7 I had to take a large group photo of almost all of the attendees. This is a behind the scenes video of how everything was captured and how we got to the

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Photo of the Week – Ted Leonsis

Jared Polin March 10, 2011 29

This weeks photo of the week comes from Yanik Silver’s Underground 7 event where I captured this photo of Ted Leonsis with the Nikon D7000. Ted is the owner of the Washington Capitals and

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How to Photography Ice Hockey with Nikon D7000

Jared Polin February 24, 2011 20

I recently made a phone call to the Philadelphia Flyers to get myself a photo pass to test out the Nikon D7000 and Sigma 17-50. There will be a full review of both pieces

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How to Photograph and Edit Candid Kid Photos

Jared Polin February 17, 2011 26

This week I wanted to show you how I captured this candid of a very cute little girl at a bbq. In this video you will hear how I captured this image and see

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POTW – How to edit a 7 year old RAW file from a D2H

Jared Polin February 10, 2011 8

Photo of the week has been moved to Thursdays now that the FroKnowsPhoto Show gets posted on Mondays. This weeks photo is of a friend Graham Colton that was captured almost 7 years ago.

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Photo of the Week – Jim Marshall

Jared Polin January 31, 2011 11

For this photo of the week we take a look at an image I captured of one of the greatest photographers of all time. Jim Marshall lived the photos he captured. He was there

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Photo of the WEEK – Black and White in NYC

Jared Polin January 24, 2011 17

Back in college we took a day trip to NYC to capture images and check out a photo exhibit. We were left to our own devices to go walk around and capture images of

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Photo of the Week – Dodging and Burning in the Darkroom

Jared Polin January 17, 2011 14

This weeks photo of the week brings us a photo from the college archives. This image was taken 11 years ago of Greg for an assessment to capture a self portrait. Greg asked me

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