Photo of the Week – Printing from Film

Jared Polin January 10, 2011 20

For this weeks photo of the week I dove back into my college archive to bring you this print. This is a scan of a photo that I printed in my first year of

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Photo of the Week – 2 light set up

Jared Polin January 3, 2011 13

I wanted to change up the type of photo that I showed these week so I grabbed a photo that I used studio lighting for. When I am setting up my own lights I

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Nikon D3100 Sample at 3200 ISO

Jared Polin December 20, 2010 9

This weeks Photo of the WEEK does not come from my D3S shot as some extremely Hi ISO but comes from the new Nikon D3100. I have been testing out the D3100 for a

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Matisyahu Live Photo

Jared Polin December 13, 2010 21

There are times where you capture an image and you know that you just captured something important. This photo is one of those times where I knew I got something amazing as soon as

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POTW Concert Photography – Nikon D3S 10,000 ISO

Jared Polin November 29, 2010 18

At a recent concert I was photographing in the pit and decided to turn the camera on a photographer friend. It is always a good idea to look around you wherever you are shooting.

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Digital Photography Backstage Concert Portrait – Shinedown

Jared Polin November 22, 2010 5

Back in 2004 I set up to go photograph a lesser known band by the name of SHINEDONW in Philadelphia, PA. I brought my studio lights with me just in case I could set

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Wedding Photography Tips – Capturing and Editing

Jared Polin November 15, 2010 15

I love photographing weddings, they are extremely fun and allow you to get really creative. Every wedding that you photograph is different and presents a different challenge. Sometimes you are faced with a strange

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Black and White Adobe Lightroom Edit – Concert Photography

Jared Polin November 8, 2010 7

For this weeks photo of the week I chose a fun image of a little kid (Mikey) rocking out at a concert. This was captured at FUZZstock 2009 which I put on with Ari

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Digital Photography Child Portrait

Jared Polin November 4, 2010 1

I was searching through the Flickr Photo Group and this photo jumped out at me by Jason Colak. Look how calm and relaxed the kid is, he is mesmerized by whatever he is watching.

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Engagement Session in NYC – Photo of the WEEK

Jared Polin November 1, 2010 9

I had the opportunity to photograph Chris and Sarah’s engagement session in New York City last week and it went very well. Sure it was raining just about the whole time but they were

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