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I am always on the lookout for NEW TRIPODS

Jared Polin July 17, 2014 Comments Off

I am always on the lookout for new tripods that will help make my life easier. Recently when I was at Allen’s Camera to make a video I borrowed one of the Benro Video Tripods. It helped me easily create panning and moving clips to cut into one of my gear previews or reviews. I also liked the fact that the solid video tripod I was using was only priced at $275, very affordable.

That got me thinking that I should reach out to Benro and ask for some test units. In the past I have worked closely with Vanguard and have really enjoyed using their Photo related tripods. I know many of you picked them up on my recommendation and I still like them a lot. The one issue I did have with Vanguard fell in the video tripod side. They have okay video tripods but they lack the video monopod and nice video heads.

Over the past three to four years tripods have pretty much all become the same. Every company seems to be putting out the same features and functions which is making it harder and harder to latch onto just one tripod.

Benro sent me two Video Tripods to test out Via POSTMAN FRO. The first one was the A48 FBS4 Video Mono Pod. I currently have something similar from Manfroto but always had issues with the monopod slipping when I put pressure on them. This Benro one is very similar to the Manfroto one but when I put the same pressure on it, it did not slip. The two video monopods are basically the same design and serve the same function. One of the differences is one is Red and Black and the other is Blue and Black. I know that is a very scientific difference.

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk Mobile: Seattle

Jared Polin July 16, 2014 Comments Off

Screen Shot 2014 07 16 at 10.36.11 AM FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk Mobile: Seattle

Did you WIN the FREE Rapid Fire Critique?

Jared Polin July 14, 2014 Comments Off

A little while back I conducted a new survey to find out how I can make FroKnowsPhoto and the content better. I was overwhelmed with the amount of people who took the time to fill it out.

A survey like this really helps me see what you guys like, don’t like and want to see more of on the website.

As a token of my gratitude for taking your time to take the survey I offered up some killer prizes: 1 Rapid Fire Critique of 10 photos of your choice. Two I SHOOT RAW Edition BlackRapid Straps. 10 Digital Downloads of my video guide. $200 in BorrowLenses.com rental credit. $200 in AdoramaPIX print credit and 1 FREE year of Squarespace.

Because people left just their e mail address and I don’t want to share those publicly I have removed the @ info so I can post the winners.

If you are one of the winners below please keep an eye out for an email from me.

If you did not win this time around I wanted to offer you a special code at store.froknowsphoto.com for $5 off orders of $19 or more when you use code “surveyty” at checkout. (excludes bobble heads and combo offers)

Either FOCUS on showing your BEST WORK or don’t show it at all

Jared Polin July 12, 2014 Comments Off

To try Squarespace out for a 14 Day FREE TRIAL please click here. If you decide it’s for you use CODE “FRO” to get 10% OFF your first year.

You have heard me say this a million times but either focus showing your best work or no work at all. This is not meant to scare you or tell you to do anything you don’t want to do it’s more to help you see that putting your best foot and pictures is the best way.

The truth of the matter is if you have second thoughts about the quality of an image you should probably not share it. You control what people consume which means you are controlling the message. Keep in mind that this is subjective, if you LOVE something you should show it and stand behind it.

I rather see 10 SOLID keepers opposed to 20 eh shots. If you don’t put your best foot forward you are leaving your work to major interpretation by the people who are seeing it.

Now let’s take a look at the site I critiqued this time around. The first thing I noticed right off the bat that the main image on the page was a picture of the photographers business card. That is not the way I would introduce people to my work. I think the best thing to do is lead off with your best work or a short slide show.

As I progressed in through the site I noticed that when looking at a gallery I had no way of seeing all the images on the screen at once. I had to arrow through everything in order to see the images. This may be personal preference but I like having the option of seeing a thumb of all the images so I can decide what I would like to see.

Step to the Left or Right and make your images go BOOM, POW, POP

Jared Polin July 7, 2014 Comments Off

Sometimes taking one step to the left or right will take your picture from bla to BOOOM. As you will see in this set of concert photos there are times where the lights behind the musician are clearly popping out from the side of a person. What I have found works out very well is when you use the musicians body to block the light, which in turn causes a really cool halo lighting effect.

How do you do this when you are shooting, simple. You can’t ask the band to move but you can situate yourself in such a way that puts the musician in the perfect position for this type of photo. These photos really create impact where the light off to the site becomes a distraction.

I picked this set because it had a nice cross section of a photo story with potential to get better. That is what I am looking for in a set. Images that I can look at and help the photographer see the full potential of their photos.