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Is this good or bad? Tear down of my first PHOTO website from 2001

Jared Polin March 24, 2015 Comments Off on Is this good or bad? Tear down of my first PHOTO website from 2001

Who wants to time travel with me way back to the year 2001 to do a “tear down” of my first photography website? I am sure you are wondering how in the world was I able to locate my first website which has been changed numerous times over the last decade and a half. Simple, there is a website called the “Way Back Machine” that let’s you search just about any website and find older iterations.

When I had this site built back around 2000 I had to find someone who knew RAW html. My friend Rick Berk was taking design classes at the time said he would be able to do it. I gave him some direction, photos and a bio and this site right here is what he came up with.

As you can tell there are not a ton of images on the site. There are two basic galleries, one with sports and one with what I would call everything else. The Bio was probably written by me and reading it today leaves me scratching my head. I know I had good intentions when writing it but I think it may have came across a little on the harsh side.

None the less I had a place for my photos online and this was just a start of a long journey to getting to where my site is today. Today I use Squarespace because I don’t have to rely on anyone else to make updates and changes. On top of that it’s affordable and extremely professional looking.

If you are looking to build a professional, simple and affordable site give Squarespace a try. Click Here to get your FREE 14 day trial. If you decide that it’s for you, please use my code FRO at checkout to get 10% Off your first year.

This will take PRODUCT reviews to a new interactive level: Arqspin

Jared Polin March 20, 2015 Comments Off on This will take PRODUCT reviews to a new interactive level: Arqspin

I have been looking for a solution to step up my review game by making them interactive. I found a company called Arqspin that creates this interactive 360 spins that showcase whatever I want very well.

I first got this idea when Todd Wolfe made a video where he spun lenses around so it would look cool on video playback. He simply used an old DJ Hero which is not a viable option for consistent results. After some research I found the Arqspin and purchased the big boy model which holds up to 300 pounds as well as the smaller model which does 175.

The whole idea is to allow people to interact with whatever it is I capture. Here’s how it works, you film roughly a spin and a half. After that you upload your video (250 megs or less) to their software which creates the spin. You have the ability to tweak the video once it’s uploaded as well which allows you to pretty much get rid of the spindle if you would like.

There is also a FREE app that let’s you create spins with your phone and I was shocked as hell when I tested it out with Todd that it worked in a matter of seconds. You can see some sample spins below. We have already put this into practice on the FroKnowsPhoto Mega Game show from a few weeks ago to showcase prizes spinning.

It’s a FINE LINE between “Snapshots” and “Photographs” – Rapid Fire Critique

Jared Polin March 18, 2015 Comments Off on It’s a FINE LINE between “Snapshots” and “Photographs” – Rapid Fire Critique

Who wants to have their photos Rapid Fire Critiqued by me? Click here for more info.

Isn’t it interesting that there is a fine line between what makes an image a snapshot and one that is a Photograph? Photographs pop out and just smack you right in the face and snapshots tend to pack less of a punch.

I am in no way taking anything away from the photographer here as they have some fantastic images in this set. I like the cross section of images as it shows the photographers ability to capture all different types of scenes.

One of the GREATEST photo books I have ever seen -Sebastiao Salgado “Genesis”

Jared Polin March 15, 2015 Comments Off on One of the GREATEST photo books I have ever seen -Sebastiao Salgado “Genesis”

This is flat out one of the greatest collections of images I have ever seen. The quality of this work is mind blowing.

I can not imagine what it would have been like to set out on 30 different trips across a 10 year period to capture the images that it comprises. The pure quality of the black and white images leaves you to scratch your head and ask how in the world did he capture such thick blacks and consistent tones.

If you have room on your bookshelf and this book fits, I highly recommend studying it.


The EASY way to Color Calibrate your monitor

Jared Polin March 10, 2015 Comments Off on The EASY way to Color Calibrate your monitor

How many times have you wondered how do you color calibrate your monitor but you thought it was going to be to hard? DigiRichie shows us how simply and quick it is to get your monitor calibrated in just a few minutes.

We used the X-rite color munki which is a middle of the road monitor calibrator. What is cool about this particular model is the fact that it has an ambient light sensor. This means not only can it calibrate your monitor but it can control the brightness depending on the lighting environment you are in.

I personally have never calibrated any of my monitors. I’ve had PC monitors going back 15 years and the last few generations of iMacs all without every being calibrated. I have printed hundreds if not thousands of prints that I have been extremely happy with.

But I am also not doing jobs that require the perfect color for example, clothing. If are shooting clothing for reproduction you have to be spot on. Because if someone says the dress is gold and white but it’s really black and blue you might have an issue.

The one thing I always think about is how many people don’t have color calibrated monitors. So you calibrate your screen and share your images online but 99% of the people viewing your images don’t even know such a thing as calibration even exists.

None the less DigiRichie showed us how simply and easy it is to calibrate your monitor for once and for all.