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How to do a Complete Portrait Retouch in Adobe Lightroom

Jared Polin January 29, 2015 Comments Off

We are back with another RAW Edit where you get to download a DNG RAW File to try your hand at editing it. This time around it’s a portrait that I recently took with the Nikon D810 and 70-200 2.8 VR II.

If you are new to the RAW Edit series it’s where Adam Lerner and I take one file and we both edit it in our own way. At the end we put our final edits together and compare what we like or don’t like from our edits. This time around Adam did a complete portrait retouch in Lightroom showing you exactly how to smooth out the skin, make the eyes pop and much more. His edit starts at 8:18 of the video.

The great thing about photo editing is that it is pretty subjective. We all have different styles and one edit may appeal to one person where the other appeals to another. Editing is subjective and also an art form that takes a lot of practice to even scratch the surface with.

Here is the fun part, where you get to DOWNLOAD the DNG RAW file and edit it for yourself. If you don’t have lightroom as of yet you can always download a FREE 30 day trial of Adobe Creative Cloud Photo Bundle right here. I personally purchased the one year of the photo bundle to get Lightroom and Photoshop.

Click Here or the image below to download the RAW File.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.12.52 PM


How to Safely Fly or Mail your iMac 27 inch: Tenba Air Case Review

Jared Polin January 27, 2015 Comments Off

Would you ever attempt to fly with your 27 inch iMac? It’s to big to fit on the plane and to delicate to check, right? The simple answer is not if you have a Tenba Air Case.

As a word of warning purchasing a Tenba Air Case does come at a hefty price, $654.95. But for someone like DigiRichie whos job depends on having this powerful machine on jobs anywhere in the world it’s worth it. R

How well does it protect a computer, extremely well. Richie has flown around the world with it, checking it on multiple airlines and has not had an issue as of yet. On one of his flights he watched out his window as the baggage handlers tossed case after case of heavy pelicans on top of his iMac and it survived.

It’s all about the construction of the bag, it has an extremely strong frame with amazing padding on the inside. It has room for everything you need with your computer and accessories. You not only can fly with it but ship it to your next location via UPS or Fedex as it has a shipping window built it.

Your Best “Portrait” Photos

Jared Polin January 24, 2015 Comments Off

This is the second request I have given on Facebook to see your “BEST”…. Photos. This time around I asked to see your Best “Portraits” and to post them on Facebook. If you missed the request on Facebook please be sure to make sure you are following my posts on Facebook.

There ended up being over 900 images and comments added to which is fantastic. (Click Here to see the Facebook Post) I went ahead and looked at the first 50 and gave my opinion and critique. But I highly recommend that you continue looking past the top 50 as there are plenty of other solid images to view.

One of the reasons I really enjoy these type of videos and posts is that other people get to see your work. This is a great opportunity to pick up admirers of your work and for you to follow others. People are always asking how to I get people to engage with me and the answer is simple. POST QUALITY and Engaging work and the people will follow.

This is a series that I am going to continue and I hope you enjoy seeing other peoples work.

The GRID will never be the same

Jared Polin January 23, 2015 Comments Off

On my birthday, January 21st I was on Scott Kelby’s “the GRID” show. What I can tell you is the GRID will never be the same again!!!! I want to thank Scott for having me on his show, I had a great time and got to sit down with him for an interview for a future RAWtalk.

If you missed the LIVE broadcast don’t worry, I posted the entire show video below for you to enjoy. After the show Stephen told me it seemed like I didn’t hit my stride until thirty minutes in or so.

I think one of the reasons for that is that it’s not my show and I should not take it over. But between breaks we had a little talk and after that it was time to spice it up. What made this a great show is the fact that we had people with different opinions not afraid to share them. I disagreed with them and they disagreed with me and we had a civil conversation.

Sit back and enjoy the show because the GRID will never be the same.

The CHEAP DIY Hack to diffuse your LED Lights

Jared Polin January 21, 2015 Comments Off

We all know that LED Lights are powerful and in my opinion great for shooting photos and video. But what do you do if it’s just to harsh and your units don’t dim? Todd has a simple solution that you can find right now in your kitchen that will solve your problem.

Simply using WAX paper you can create some simple and effective diffusion. All you need to do is use one, two or three pieces. Try it for yourself and see what works best for your situation.