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Hi My Name Is Jared and I Have a Problem, I Sit To Much: Postman Fro UpDesk

Jared Polin September 22, 2014 Comments Off

Word has it that sitting at your desk all day long can be really bad for your health. I fall into the category of people who sit way to long at their computer.

With that being said I have been on the look out to figure out how I can get off my butt at my desk. I picked up the Herman Miller chairs which are great for sitting but I also built a stand up countertop to work from in my office.

But my every day desk is a regular one that does not move. When I started looking for desk options I came across a few that sit on top of your desk that allow you to move your computer up and down and I cam across the UpDesk.

I reached out to UpDesk and asked them for a test unit so I can decide if it’s for me. The reason I reached out to them if for the fact that everything I need is contained in one desk unit.

The UpDesk lets me put up to 300 pounds onto it. It will raise up to 50 inches and as low as 22.5 inches. This is perfect for pretty much any person out there. Whether you are tall, short, in a wheel chair or want to have kids working at the desk.

On top of that you can put a stationary bike or treadmill below it to get a workout while you work. I can see a treadmill but I can’t see riding a bike while attempting to work.

This desk is an investment at $999 plus shipping for the model shown in the video. You have to take a few things into consideration. How much did you spend for your current desk and how much extra would you need to spend to make it an updesk?

Use Code FROUP50 to get $50 off your updesk order for a limited time.

You can check out everything UpDesk offers at https://myupdesk.com/

Don’t Take Good Images and RUIN them with Crappy Post Processing – Rapid Fire Critique

Jared Polin September 21, 2014 Comments Off

Let’s start off by saying that this photographer did a fantastic job regardless of equipment. With that said they shot these images with the Nikon D5000.

There are some very solid images in this set. There are also images that were way over processed. For example the nice landscape with the mountains, snow and sky was nicely captured. But the final results do not work because you can see that the sky is way over processed.

Post processing is so important when it comes to determining wether the image is a keeper or one you toss.

Here is a rule of thumb, if you look at the image and you ask yourself if you went to far with the processing, you probably did.

One of My Best Photos EVER and I F%#ed It Up

Jared Polin September 18, 2014 Comments Off

DOWNLOAD the DNG Files Right Here (76 megs)

Yes the title is a little harsh but it’s true. I took one of my personal favorite photos ever only to realize that it’s not TACK SHARP, heres the story.

The other night in Cologne Germany we had a FrotoMeetup at the Dom at 8pm. I knew it was going to be dark and a few weeks ago I woke up with the idea to have everyone turn on the led from their cell phone to light their faces.

I borrowed a tripod that someone brought, set up the shot vertically, locked focus in the middle, set the timer and let it rip. The results were great, the image was tack sharp even at 4000 ISO with the Nikon D810.

Just after I took the photo and started to break down the tripod, I noticed lights shining on the Dom. This was really a random mircarcle that was going to transform the picture. I quickly put the camera back on the tripod and attempted to set it up similar to what I had before. When I tried to get the autofocus to work this time around, it would not lock in. Since it wasn’t locked in I decided to use the live view to manually focus.

It’s ALL About the Fill Light, Whip Out That Cell Phone LED – Quick Tip

Jared Polin September 16, 2014 Comments Off

How many times have you been out and about and seen people attempting to take photos in the dark? I encounter this all the time at bars and restaurants.

You see people trying to use their cell phones but can’t get focus and can’t figure out why their photos are turning out terrible.

Many times I walk over, flip on the LED from my Iphone, hold it up and they end up with a much better image.

This Quick Tip is about getting out that LED light and using it as fill. What you can see in the video is when Mike holds up the LED’s toward Stephen it fills in his face. When he moves them away you can see how dark his face really is.

Generally speaking showing this during the day may not have been the best idea but you can see in the video the difference between the two.

It’s pretty simple really, break out your cell phone, pop on the LED light and you have instant fill.

Nikon D750 Preview

Jared Polin September 12, 2014 Comments Off

This is my preview of the Nikon D750, I have not held, used, sniffed or done anything with this camera. This is a preview which means I run down the specs and give you my thoughts on what this camera has or does not have.

Based on the specs and price of the camera I think this may be one of the BEST DSLR’s
Nikon has ever made. This camera has a great price point, amazing specs, solid photo capabilities and even more solid video ones.

Let’s take a look at what I think are the most important specs of the Nikon D750.

D750 24 120 front34l 1024x964 Nikon D750 Preview

Price: $2299.95

This is a very interesting price point considering its roughly $300-$400 more than the D610 depending on what deals and specials are being ran. The question people are going to have to ask themselves is, should I spend the extra few hundred on glass or a more well rounded body. I will get into comparing this camera with the Nikon D610 down below.

24.3 Megapixel “Newly Designed” CMOS Sensor

This sensor size puts this camera in the same league as the D610. I did ask Nikon if this is the same sensor that is in the D610 but they did not have a concrete answer to give. If I had to guess I would think it’s similar but with some tweaks, thus the “Newly Designed” moniker.

Generally speaking this is going to create a very solid nicely sized image. For those who like to crop you will have a lot of wiggle room to play with when doing so. But like I always say try to fill the frame as much as possible to give you the best quality images.

Expeed 4 Processor

Not much to say here other than this is what processes your photos and videos. You can find more information about this below in the press release.

ISO Range 100-12,800 expandable to H2 51,200

This is a massive ISO range that will be great for studio shooters as well as low light shooters. Having the ability to expand so high but maintain quality allows us to capture images we could never have captured previously.

I expect that the images coming out of this camera are going to be very nice all the way across the ISO range. I will need to test it out to see the results at 6,400 ISO as that tends to be as far as I like to push these type of cameras.

You never know, I could be pleasantly surprised at the results that come off of this sensor at higher ISO’s.