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My EXACT Process for Photo Editing

Recently I shot behind the scenes production stills of a commercial being filmed at Charlie’s Jeans by Todd Wolfe.

Many of us know that shooting the pictures is only half the battle. It’s what you do with the images you captured after the fact that takes your images from RAW files to completed masterpieces.

The only issue is how do you decide what images you want to fully edit. It’s a good practice in my option to import your images, re-name them and make selections of the images you want to fully edit.

In part one of this series I show you exactly how I select the images that are keepers and the reasons why some of them are not.

In part two I take you through the process of editing each keeper to its final state in Adobe Lightroom. Watch as the RAW files come to life and take shape as I tweak the images each step of the way.

You can find all the FULL RES exported JEPG’s by clicking here.

Here is the completed commercial

My EXACT Process for Photo Editing

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