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A guide to "Capturing Motion" in low light situations

"Long Exposure Photography" Challenge: 5 Min Portrait

The Challenge – Use the Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 11-24 F4 to capture Long Exposure images for a “5 Min Portrait” and “Real World Review”.

The catch this time is I personally have never shot these type of images before but I was up for the challenge. “Long Exposure Photography” does not have to be extremely complicated. Some people like to stack images and do a lot of work in post or capture images for an HDR. Click Here to see the FULL RES exports and more.

Click Here for the FULL RES images from this 5 Min Portrait.

I like to say that a photographer should be able to shoot any type of image as everything still comes down to understanding light and composition.

Click Here for the FULL RES images form this 5 Min Portrait.

I enjoyed the challenge of having to capture the New York New York Hotel while the light kept changing. Once I crossed the street to capture “Light streaking” images I really started to have fun. What it came down to for me was getting my exposure close right off the bat followed by being patient.

There are so many “quick tips” inside this video that I know you will be able to learn a lot and implement it into your own work. Enjoy this 5 Min Portrait and don’t forget to check out the playlist of videos below for more.

Click Here for the FULL RES images from this 5 Min Portrait

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