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The REVEAL: These are the moments we LIVE for as photographers

What can I say about the “Reveal” other than it’s one of the scariest but most rewarding parts about being a photographer. For those who don’t understand what I mean by the “reveal” I mean when you deliver the final photos to your client and get their initial reaction.

For this first reveal I went back to Joe Beddia from this “5 Min Portrait” to give him his first look at the the photos from his photo shoot.

The reveal can be scary since you never know how the customer will react. In this case I took Joe over a few AdoramaPIX photo books that I had made up to help tell the story. You can see from Joe’s reaction that he was just slightly happy with how the images turned out.

I didn’t expect his reaction since he generally is a reserved guy. I loved that he said he wasn’t sure what to expect since people generally tell you they are going to show you photos and they are always in a terribly laid out book or lack quality.

For me one of the greatest feelings is hearing that my work stands high and above what he expected. I say it all the time, quality work above everything else trumps all. When your clients notice it and say it, you know you’re dong something right.

To flip through the AdoramaPIX book I created for Joe Click Here.

The REVEAL: These are the moments we LIVE for as photographers

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