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CES 2015 Recap - NOT the Typical BORING Coverage... I almost Punched Someone, where's the bathroom?

I can tell you I get pretty tired of seeing the same old typical boring coverage from photo and tech shows. You know what I’m talking about, the ones that drone on with sales people “selling” you their products and just putting you to sleep.

When I decided to go to CES 2015 I knew I had to do the coverage different. I would not talk to one sales person on camera and I would have FUN, make fun and do whatever I wanted to do while at the show.

What I can tell you is our coverage turned out better than I could ever have imagined. I got to the end of the video and honestly thought I could have watched more if there was more, that was my goal.

Oh yea, I almost punched someone who kept getting in my way while attempting to make a video. You can see that section in the outtakes and bloopers.

We stopped by at so many random booths but I will list a few that we hit. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, DJI, Stern Pinball, Listec, Nature Bound, Phillips and many many more.

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