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The Moment Of Truth As A Photographer, "The Reveal": Delivering the Canon 80D "5 Min Portrait" Photos

The Moment Of Truth As A Photographer, “The Reveal”: Delivering the Canon 80D “5 Min Portrait” Photos

If you have not seen the “5 Min Portrait” with the Canon 80D you can check it below or click here.

What can I say about the “Reveal” other than it’s one of the scariest but most rewarding parts about being a photographer. For those who don’t understand what I mean by the “reveal” I mean when you deliver the final photos to your client and get their initial reaction.

The Photo Book was made at using there layout tool. If you would like to get a photo book made use code “FROBOOKNP” to get 21% OFF until the end of August 2016.

You never know how the client will react, some are boisterous others are quiet and on rare, I mean very rare situations they are not happy. Knock on some wood but I haven’t run into that situation just yet.

Mike from Norman Porter is a quiet guy to begin with but you can tell from his smile how excited he was to get this book and the BIG ASS PRINT.