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Why You SHOULD Be Making Photo Books and How To Layout and Design Ones That IMPRESS

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If you haven’t checked out the “5 Min Portrait” with the Canon 80D you can see it below.

In a day and age where people seem to only look at photos on small phone screens it’s never been more important to make physical prints to impress.

I love making AdoramaPIX Photo Books not just for myself but also to deliver to clients as gifts. These photo books make a STRONG IMPRESSION and are something your clients will cherish for years to come. Digital photos that you e mail will be forgotten but books will live on.

The book in the video is a 12×9 hardback lay-flat printed on Luster paper without color correction. I also had the smaller books added to my order at the end.

I use this video to not only show you how to layout a book but my mentality on how to built and tell the story via your layout.

The moral of the story is invest in giving your clients a small or large photo book as a gift after your shoot. It’s a small investment that will go a long way to getting more jobs. These books will sit on coffee tables for everyone to see. Be sure to include your watermark somewhere in the book so people know it was you who took them.

I help you figure out how to design your photo books no matter if you shoot Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax or whatever other brand you use.