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Why I Make Metal Photographic Prints "PXJPMTL25"

I keep getting asked why I’m always getting metal prints done and why I think they’re the way to go, so I figured you might have the same question…

Here are my TOP 5 reasons why I love metal prints and how to get your own metal prints done 25% less than everyone else by using code PXJPMTL25 at (expires February 21st)…


#1: Metal prints are ready to hang right out of the box. There is no need to spend 10x more than the cost of the print to have something framed and placed behind glass. These metal prints don’t need glass, are super durable, sturdy and you can even use windex to clean them.

#2: They make a huge impact wherever you place them. When someone walks into my place and sees a wall of metal prints they are wowed. No matter if you get the smallest print or the largest print they make a true impact.

#3: They make for great gifts. I have sent out so many metal prints as gifts to friends, family members and clients. When I surprise someone with the gift of a metal print, they don’t forget.

Clients may spend thousands of dollars to hire you for a shoot. You can afford to give them some added value in the of a metal print which will go a long way to getting repeat customers.

#4: There are different shapes, sizes and finishes available. Wether you like super glossy or matte or want to let the metal shine through in your prints, there is an option. There are options ranging from 5×7 ($20) to 30×40 ($249) as well as circles, ovals, rectangles, squares and custom shapes.

#5: Photos are meant to be seen in the flesh and not just on a small phone, tablet or computer screen. One of the most rewarding parts of capturing a captivating photo is SEEING it in real life. If you only look at your work on a screen you’ll never truly appreciate it for what it is.

Those are my top 5 reasons for getting metal prints done.