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Step to the Left or Right and make your images go BOOM, POW, POP

Sometimes taking one step to the left or right will take your picture from bla to BOOOM. As you will see in this set of concert photos there are times where the lights behind the musician are clearly popping out from the side of a person. What I have found works out very well is when you use the musicians body to block the light, which in turn causes a really cool halo lighting effect.

How do you do this when you are shooting, simple. You can’t ask the band to move but you can situate yourself in such a way that puts the musician in the perfect position for this type of photo. These photos really create impact where the light off to the site becomes a distraction.

I picked this set because it had a nice cross section of a photo story with potential to get better. That is what I am looking for in a set. Images that I can look at and help the photographer see the full potential of their photos.

Some feedback on these photos would be not to be afraid to go to black and white. I know I say it often but the lack of color in these images could have translated very well into black and white.

Any time you are faced with one single color wash on the subject like, blue, pink, red or whatever it may be, it becomes overpowering. When one color becomes so overpowering watch what happens when you switch to black and white. The image ends up going BOOM, POP, POW!!!!

To check out the photographers set (Matt Lewis) on Flickr please Click Here.

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