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This is the best FINISH for your BIG ASS Metal Prints

If you have wanted to make a metal print but you’re not sure what finish to use, this video will give you the help you need.

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Like I have said a million times, I LOVE metal prints. They look amazing, they don’t need to be framed and they are affordable for what they are. But the question is always “what finish should I use”.

AdoramaPIX offers four different types of finishes. Glossy White, White Satin, Glossy Silver and Silver Satin. They also offer a bunch of different shapes from regular photo sizes to round, panoramic and even hearts.

Glossy White: This takes on an almost mirror like finish that makes the colors POP off the metal. It is highly reflective so you want to be careful if there are windows that may cause added reflections. I personally love this option because the images look absolutely stunning.

White Satin: This looks stunning for almost any type of print. Your prints look colorful and crisp with a matte finish opposed to a highly glossy look. Portraits, landscapes and pretty much any type of image will look great on this.

Glossy Silver: Beneath a polished high-gloss coating, the natural beauty of the brushed silvery metal shines through on all the highlights of your image. The light bouncing off the metallic colors gives your photos a bright luminous quality that almost appears to glow from within.

Silver Satin: silver satin finish has a soft silky texture that greatly reduces glare in brightly lit environments. The brushed silvery finish of the underlying metal shows through on all the photo’s highlights, and your colors take on an almost luminous, iridescent sheen bouncing back the light like colored foil.