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The EASY way to Color Calibrate your monitor

Jared Polin March 10, 2015 Comments Off

How many times have you wondered how do you color calibrate your monitor but you thought it was going to be to hard? DigiRichie shows us how simply and quick it is to get your monitor calibrated in just a few minutes.

We used the X-rite color munki which is a middle of the road monitor calibrator. What is cool about this particular model is the fact that it has an ambient light sensor. This means not only can it calibrate your monitor but it can control the brightness depending on the lighting environment you are in.

I personally have never calibrated any of my monitors. I’ve had PC monitors going back 15 years and the last few generations of iMacs all without every being calibrated. I have printed hundreds if not thousands of prints that I have been extremely happy with.

But I am also not doing jobs that require the perfect color for example, clothing. If are shooting clothing for reproduction you have to be spot on. Because if someone says the dress is gold and white but it’s really black and blue you might have an issue.

The one thing I always think about is how many people don’t have color calibrated monitors. So you calibrate your screen and share your images online but 99% of the people viewing your images don’t even know such a thing as calibration even exists.

None the less DigiRichie showed us how simply and easy it is to calibrate your monitor for once and for all.

Super Mega Giveaway Extravaganza Award Show: Did you WIN?

Jared Polin March 7, 2015 Comments Off

Welcome to the Super Mega Giveaway Extravaganza award show. If you purchased the FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video or entered for FREE you just may have won yourself an amazing PRIZE.

During this show names were randomly selected to be placed on the wheel for a chance at winning one of the 10 prizes. We have prizes ranging from $100 up to $2296.95.

A big thank you to everyone who purchased the guide or entered the contest. I want to thank Atomos, Audioblocks.com, BorrowLenses, DJI, RODE, Squarespace, ThinkTank Photo and Videoblocks for giving such amazing prizes.

I personally purchased the Nikon D750 and Canon 7D Mark II from Allens Camera to be the grand prize. At the end of this video the grand prize winner made their decision on which camera they wanted.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 5.03.05 PM

By far the WORST video I ever made, so what’s holding you back?

Jared Polin March 6, 2015 Comments Off

On this date seven years ago I privately posted a test video of me attempting to talk about my camera gear. This video is by far the WORST thing I have ever filmed.

Why am I posting it now? Simple, I want to make the point that if I was that bad on camera in 2008, what’s holding you back? So many people think I have always been amazing on camera. The truth of the matter is I was terrible. I had no style, I was awkward, couldn’t get my words out and also had ZERO following. Don’t forget that FroKnowsPhoto did not start until 2010 and at that point I had no followers.

How did I make the change from what you just saw in 2008 to where I sit today? I was 29 years old and decided I wanted to transform my body. I know a lot of people say they want to do something or make a change and say things like “when I turn 30 im going to do x”. Well I didn’t want to wait, I had an idea for a change and I started working on it right away.

Sennheiser G3 VS SONY UWP: The battle for Quality Audio

Jared Polin March 5, 2015 Comments Off

I can not stress enough the importance of having quality audio for your DSLR Videos. It has been a proven fact that viewers are more willing to give you a pass on bad video quality of the audio is great opposed to solid video with poor audio.

As many of you know I have been using the SONY UWP Wireless Lavaliers for almost five years now and they have served me very well. Recently we decided to test out the Sennheiser G3’s which are what many consider to be the industry standard. With that being said I did a full review of the G3’s along with a comparison to the older UWP’s. One thing that has to be mentioned is SONY has a newer version of the UWP’s that I would consider to be a much closer competitor to the G3’s.

For the review I wore both microphones at the same time as well as made sure we set all the levels to the same places in the camera and on our recording devices. As you will be able to hear in the video, it’s almost impossible to tell which microphone is better if any. They both do a fantastic job. If I had to make an educated guess I would say the new SONY UWP’s which added a lot of the same features that the G3 already had would come very close in quality and function.

This is the ACCESS I would KILL FOR “Fearless Genius” : From My Bookshelf

Jared Polin March 3, 2015 Comments Off

Isn’t all access what we all want? I know I love getting all access to places that other photographers don’t get access to. The one thing you never will mow until a much later time is if you have all access to history.

In this case Photographer Doug Menuez worked his way in to get all ACCESS to some of the tech visionaries of our time. He was there with Steve Jobs as he started NEXT, he was there with Intel founders as well as many other companies that we all know by name today.

When I looked at the photos in “Fearless Genius” I sit there in awe of the access and history that he made with his images. I get asked all the time what inspires me or what do I do when I am in a photographic rut? The simple answer is I look at photo books and instantly find inspiration.

Book description from Amazon, Click Here to purchase: An eye-opening chronicle of the Silicon Valley technology boom, capturing key moments in the careers of Steve Jobs and more than seventy other leading innovators as they created today’s digital world

In the spring of 1985, a technological revolution was under way in Silicon Valley, and documentary photographer Doug Menuez was there in search of a story—something big. At the same time, Steve Jobs was being forced out of his beloved Apple and starting over with a new company, NeXT Computer. His goal was to build a supercomputer with the power to transform education. Menuez had found his story: he proposed to photograph Jobs and his extraordinary team as they built this new computer, from conception to product launch.