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If I could emulate ONE Portrait Photographer, It would be this guy

Jared Polin April 14, 2015 Comments Off

When I was introduced to Martin Schoeller’s “Portraits” I was absolutely blown away. The depth of his images are immense. From the emotion he captures down to the perfect lighting and moments captured.

It’s one thing to to everything I listed above but to do it time and time again with the biggest names in the world from celebrities to politicians to musicians and athletes is astonishing.

This is a large hardback book that is selling for just over $80 but I can tell you that it is one of the favorites that sits on my shelf. If you love portraits or you simply love photography this book is a must have.

Click here to purchase “Portraits”

Join me “Behind The Scenes” while I’m in Las Vegas?

Jared Polin April 11, 2015 Comments Off

We are off to Las Vegas to cover the NAB Show thanks to VideoBlocks!!! While we’re there we will be capturing a ton of BTS videos for Snapchat.Snapchat

If you haven’t followed me on Snapchat you can do so by searching FroKnowsPhoto or taking a picture of my Snap code with your snap camera.

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Off to Las Vegas so why not.

Off to Las Vegas so why not. Use code vegas777 to get 24 percent off any or all of my video guides. Use these links below. Beginner Guide http://bit.ly/froguideDSLR Video Guide http://bit.ly/dslrvideoguideFlash Guide http://bit.ly/froflashSales of these guides is what keeps the free content coming.

Posted by Fro Knows Photo on Saturday, April 11, 2015

DON’T INCLUDE this on your website if you shoot Weddings or Portraits, here’s why

Jared Polin April 9, 2015 Comments Off

To get your 14 day FREE trial of Squarespace CLICK HERE. Don’t forget if you decide it’s for you use code FRO at checkout to get 10% OFF your first year.

What not to do starts at 05:38 of this video.

I generally don’t make definitive statements when it comes to photography but this is one thing I feel strongly about. I am not a fan of POSTING package pricing for weddings or portraits or really for any type of shoot for that matter.

The main reason is you are taking the ability to “Make The SALE” out of your hands. If someone doesn’t contact you because they don’t like your prices you have no way of salvaging the sale.

Now I think it’s perfectly fine to say “prices starting at xxx” and go up from there. This way you put a starting point and if someone is below that you probably wouldn’t be able to take the job any way.

I know it sounds harsh but you are in the business of “making the sale”. If you never have the chance to make the sale you will be missing out on possible jobs.

Of course it’s still up to you wether or not you including pricing but in my option I would not.

To see Kevin’s Site click here http://www.kevkramerphoto.com/

Your Best “FOOD” Photos Critiqued

Jared Polin April 8, 2015 Comments Off

I asked to see your Best “Food” photos last week and now it’s time to pick the winners and give some critiques while I am at it.

There were over 1000 comments left with images and I went through each and every one of them to pick the best and the ones I thought needed a critique.

I am sure some of you are curious how I select the winners when I have 1000 images to look at. I simply spend a second on each image but the ones that cause “pause” or for me to look closer are the ones that generally get selected. It’s all about standing out and making me think.

If you can make me think or question how the image was created there’s a good chance it’s a solid image.

What happens when you put a 512 Gig​ CF card into the Nikon​ D4s?

Jared Polin April 6, 2015 Comments Off

Recently LEXAR sent me some cards to play with including the insanely expensive and high capacity 512 GIG CF Card. ($879.99)

Before todays shoot I thought I would see how many RAW files that would give me and that number was the mind blowing 13,800!!!! Well after posting that video on Facebook someone asked how many JPEGS that would be and that answer is 314,000.

That means theoretically you could shoot on one card for pretty much the full life of a cameras shutter. Now you wouldn’t do that but just the sheer volume of photos is hurting my head.

Video One showing how many RAW Files. See the video above for how many JPEGS you can get.

What happens when you put a 512 Gig Lexar CF card into the Nik…What happens when you put a 512 Gig Lexar CF card into the Nikon D4s? Insanity that’s what!!!! Im not sure I would do this as a primary card but probably would as a backup slot. It does take almost 20 seconds to format so my concern would be if it will not be ready when i need it.

Posted by Fro Knows Photo on Monday, April 6, 2015