Today is a HUGE day in Fro History

Today marks the 5 Year Anniversary of FroKnowsPhoto.com. I officially launched the site on June 1st, 2010 with zero following and not much of an idea of wether or not it would work. I honestly could not have imagined at the time that it would have grown into such a global brand. I owe each […]

Canon, Canon Related

The Canon 5Dsr QUALITY just BLEW ME AWAY

I am just back from the Grand Canyon and had to share this photo taken with the Canon 5Dsr at 70mm with the Canon 70-200 2.8 IS II. This photo was taken at 5am as the sun was coming up over the Grand Canyon. When I zoomed in 1:1 I was blown away at the […]

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Did you know “Facebook Mobile” is messing with your photos

Did you know “Facebook Mobile” is messing with your photos?Did you know “Facebook Mobile” is messing with your photos? Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. http://bit.ly/1Li84Td Posted by Fro Knows Photo on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 I am not sure if you knew but Facebook Mobile as a setting for when […]


The “BEST” idea will get this MIOPS

Go here https://bitly.com/1EjUE3o to see all of the functions of the Miops high speed trigger and what it can do for you. After that head over here to Facebook and tell me what your favorite features are as well as what you would go shoot if I sent you a Miops for FREE. http://on.fb.me/1e6U6sk Leave […]


Now’s the BEST time to make a Photo Book, here’s why

Take advantage of the code pxfro35md to get 35% OFF any and all of your photo book orders until Midnight EST on May 16th 2015. http://www.adoramapix.com/app/home/ You know how much I love photo books for not only personal use but to sell to clients as well as leave behind gifts. If you have never made […]


This video SUCKS without Sound Effects, Music and Graphics

The point of this video is simple. Without sound effects, music and graphics the video just sucks. But when you see and hear the video in it’s finished form it’s a totally different animal, it’s AWESOME. Get your FREE trials right here. http://videoblocks.com/go/fro http://audioblocks.com/go/fro We personally use Video and Audio Blocks for all the graphics […]