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I want to Mail you this personal letter

Jared Polin February 13, 2015 Comments Off

It’s always been kind of hard to purchase gifts for me on my birthday. I don’t tend to need or want to many things but prefer personal thoughtful gifts more than anything.

So when my 94 year old Grandfather sent me a pen engraved with Pop pop to Jared I was really excited. It turns out it is a Mont Blanc pen which I have heard of in the past but knew nothing about.

It turns out that they make pens that range from $250 to thousands depending on how many diamonds you want on it. This particular one looks like it sells for around $260 on Amazon. I never thought I would own such a pen but now that I have it I wanted to write something.

So I sat and wrote a letter with whatever was on my mind at the time all while trying to spell everything correctly and make sure I used proper punctuation. It turns out I failed at that slightly as some people have pointed out.

But I got to thinking that not to many people sit down to write letters any longer. So I came up with the idea of having you guys handwrite me a personal letter and post RIGHT HERE as a comment on the facebook post. It must be hand written and you can take a photo of it or scan it into the computer for me to read. I will read them all and chose one person to mail the original letter that I wrote. I will mail it anywhere in the world.

I want to MAIL you this personal handwritten letter

My Nikon D750 Is Back, but what did they do to it?

Jared Polin February 11, 2015 Comments Off

Early this morning I got a package back from Nikon that I wasn’t expecting so soon. My Nikon D750 which I sent under the service advisory has come back in about a week.

As many of you know Nikon issues a service advisory for the D750 after a flare issue was reported. Unlike with the D600 Nikon jumped right on the issue offering to repair any D750 that fits a certain serial number. Click Here to check and see if your Nikon D750 falls under the advisory.

Based on the service repair letter below they pretty much ripped the camera apart to fix the issue. They also left the Black Dot in my tripod socket which means the camera has been repaired.


Like I said in the video it looks like anyone can put a dot inside the socket so I hope there are not to many dishonest people out there who try to sell their camera as repaired. I would hope that the new D750’s that come off the line will have something better than a simple market dot.

The TRUTH about making money on the Internet

Jared Polin February 10, 2015 Comments Off

To download this talk as an MP3 go here. Don’t forget you can listen to it in the Podcasting app on the iphone.
Last month I gave a completely uncensored talk at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus.

I spoke to a group of students in a creative thinking and business entrepreneurial class…

I told the group we could talk about whatever they want and I would literally tell them anything about me and my business.

Naturally how I make money in my business was a big topic during this 1.5 hour talk but there’s a lot of great information and the students asked some great questions.

This was a completely open and candid discussion and I pulled the curtain back on my business, answering EVERY single question they had.

This is the only way I know how to be, completely open and honest. I have nothing to hide and want to share everything I know to help as many people as possible. You need to know there are no secrets to being successful. Sometimes you get lucky but I firmly believe that you make your own luck.

I know this is a long video but if you take just one nugget of information and do something with it than it was well worth while. You have nothing to lose, go for it, make it happen.

Your BEST Sports Photos Critiqued

Jared Polin February 7, 2015 Comments Off

To see all 1362 photos please go here.

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I requested to see your “Best Sports Photos EVER” and was blown away by the amount of photos you guys entered.

It’s so great to see you guys posting your images and sharing them with the community. It’s not only a great way to get feedback from me but also get feedback from other photographers.

Be sure to go back to that Facebook post and follow some of the peoples work that you really like. Keep an eye out for future topics and photo requests.

Canon EOS 5DS 5DS R Preview

Jared Polin February 6, 2015 Comments Off

Canon has just unleashed the beast on the entire world with the announcement(s) of the 5DS and 5DS R DSLR cameras. Clocking in at 50.6 MP, these cameras are poised to be in the hands of portrait and fashion photographers as soon as they are released.

Let’s jump into the specs first before I stick my two cents in:

50.6 MP CMOS sensor
Dual Digic 6 Processors
5 Frames Per Second
61 Point AF (41 Cross Type)
1.3 and 1.6 Crop Modes
ISO 100-6400 Native (expandable 50-12800)
Flicker Detection
100% Viewfinder
3.2 Inch Clear View II LCD
USB 3.0 Port (means faster transfer for tethering)
5DS R features a low pass cancellation filter

Video Features
1080 24/25/30
Mic Input
No Headphone Jack
No clean video out via HDMI


This camera sounds like it is going to be a power house of image quality. Think of a regular 5D Mark III, now rip out the current sensor and cram in a massive 50.6 megapixel one. The major question in my mind is who are these cameras for? Why didn’t they just release one camera without the low pass filter? Isn’t this what Nikon did with the D800 and D800e before settling on one camera without the low pass filter, the D810?

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.58.16 PM

Who is this camera really for? The specs line up very well for someone who shoots portraits, does studio/product photography as well as fashion where every pixel counts. Would you use this on a wedding? Does it give you enough ISO to use at a wedding or are you better of with a lower megapixel, higher ISO camera? I personally would have no issue using this camera for portraits and candids, but if I was faced with a low light situation, I would be hesitant.

If anyone is wondering why the ISO range does not go higher, it has to be due to the amount of megapixels squeezed onto the sensor. My biggest question is why does it not natively go down to 50 or 64 ISO? If image quality is what matters and this is a studio / portrait camera, you would really want the lowest ISO possible. If I had to guess though, if they were able to get it to 64 on the low-end, the high-end may have only been able to reach 3200 and that would be a deal breaker for most people.

I am all for as many focus points possible with as many focus points being cross type. I was thinking about saying this is not needed in a portrait type camera but honestly why wouldn’t it be. If I can place the focus point wherever I want across 61 points, I would be extremely happy.