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NIKON D850 Auto Focus ISSUES??

There’s a video out there saying how the Nikon D850 isn’t as good as the Nikon D5 when it comes to the 3D Auto Focus Tracking. Now, I didn’t take the D5 out and run a test against the D850. But what I did do is use the D850 in a Real World Situation shooting […]

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It’s been 40 YEARS!!! VLOG

On Saturday Allen’s Camera held their 40th anniversary extravaganza. That got me thinking about when I started FroKnowsPhoto and how integral Allen and the store were to me getting started. We take a quick look at some of my older videos while seeing how the event turned out. I also explain to you how I […]



Remember when I said “Just Start” last week? Well, i’m taking my own advice and i’m just starting to film some talky talky videos to share what i’m up to. Also it will force me to EDIT THE VIDEO myself so I can become a better editor. I filmed this video with the Canon 6D […]

Beginner Photography


The message I want to convey today is “Just Start”. Back in June 2010 I decided to just start making YouTube videos. I didn’t know where it would take make but it’s taken me around the world. A few months back I finally just started a personal project i’ve been wanting to do for close […]

Photo Stories

The Last Portrait | Arty’s Photo Story

This is a very personal photo story of my friend Arty who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I asked him if I could capture his story in photos and this video is the story of the shoot we did together. Everyones been touched in one way or another by cancer and I think this story […]

Photo News Fix

Photographer SHOT By Cop, Nikon D850 4k Video Test, Polaroid Teases Something BIG?: Photo News Fix

This is your Photo News Fix: Photographer SHOT By Cop, Nikon D850 4k Video Test, Polaroid Teases Something BIG? This FIX is brought to you by the FroKnowsPhoto Educational Video Guides. Check out a FREE preview of all four right here http://froknowsphoto.com/guides Photographer shot by cop http://bit.ly/2wMPyEo Polaroid is up to something http://bit.ly/2wMH3Jy Joey L’s […]