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8 Reasons Why "PetaPixel" Thinks You Should Shoot In JPEG: My Response

PetaPixel posted an article that stated “8 Reasons Why You Should Shoot In Jpeg” and I felt I needed to chime in with a response. We all know that I am the “I SHOOT RAW” guy and have been shooting RAW since day one.

The first thing I do when I get a new camera is turn it to RAW. I do this with my Nikon, Canon, Sony and any other DSLR or Mirrorless Camera I may be using. I don’t care what digital camera you use I highly suggest you shoot RAW.

The 8 Reasons listed in the article are all pretty weak to be honest and I felt I needed to have my say and rebut the article.

We don’t simply shoot RAW for today we shoot RAW for tomorrow. I am able to edit RAW files from a decade ago in Adobe Lightroom and make them look better than I ever could.

The moral of the story is if I have no issues with JPEGS as they have gotten extremely good but at the very least shoot RAW+JPEG.

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Here you will find the original article posted via PetaPixel

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