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Should You Go To College To Become A Photographer? The Truth About Photography

Should You Go To College To Become A Photographer? This question get’s asked a lot these days and there is a debate as to what the correct answer is.

Allie asked this question so I decided to make a video with my thoughts. In my mind there are a few different schools of thoughts for this question. Either go to the largest four year school possible and take classes in not just photography or skip school all together.

If you decide to go to a four year school I would not take just photography. I would focus on business, marketing, branding, advertising along with photography, video, audio, editing and anything that will make you a better creator.

If you decide to skip school altogether I would look for a business you are passionate about and see if you can get someone to take you under there wing even if it means working for nothing. Keep in mind, if you don’t go to school you are saving tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. The idea would be to learn in the real world as much as possible as real world experience in my opinion means a lot more than getting a grade.

The truth of the matter is you don’t need to go to school to become a photographer. There are a ton of ways to learn including my free videos and my guides. The choice is yours of course and there is something to say for the experience of going to a four year school though I never actually got to live that life myself.