Here's a small sample of what's waiting for you inside...

  • The #1 photography secret to make your photos more interesting
  • How to get that "blurry background" look with any camera or lens (this is A LOT easier than most people think)
  • The most important triangle in photography that will make or break your photos (most people don't know this, and their photos suffer as a result)
  • How to know which mode dial is right for any situation anywhere in the world (including the mode I use 99% of the time)
  • When to use different focus modes to get the right shot (and how to know which is right for the situation)
  • Worried about grain in your images? I'm going to show you an easy way to keep your photos "grain free" so they always look tack sharp and crisp
  • Does gear matter? I'll bust this myth wide open and prove that you can take fantastic photos with entry level cameras
  • The ultimate beginner guide to lenses: which should you buy? What types are out there?
  • The light metering process I use to get my exposure just right in 3 photos or less
  • Camera walkthrough: I'll show you the entire line of cameras available to you and explain when you should use each (we'll cover everything from phone cameras to high-end DSLRs)
  • NEVER shoot in this file format or else your photos will be extremely difficult to edit, tweak, and enhance later
  • Plus more...