The FroKnowsPhoto Super-Mega Giveaway Extravaganza!

>> Click Here to Buy the FroKnowsPhoto Guide to DSLR Video <<[/hyperlink]

Purchase the FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video before Feb 28th at the discounted sale price to be entered to win any of the prizes listed below. If you have already purchased the DSLR Video Guide, congratulations you have been entered automatically. (There is also a no purchase necessary option, read below for more details)

After Feb 28th 2015 we will hold a very special Super-Mega Giveaway Extravaganza show where we Spin the Wheel Of FRO to select the winners of the prizes.

Here Are Just a Few of the Awesome Prizes on the Wheel of Fro You Can Win:

  • TOP PRIZE: Nikon D750 or Canon 7D Mark II
  • SECOND PRIZE: DJI Phantom 2+
  • FOURTH PRIZE: Atomos Ninja
  • MORE PRIZES FROM: ThinkTankPhoto
  • MORE PRIZES FROM: Squarespace
  • EXTRA PRIZES FROM: FroKnowsPhoto (ME!)

There are two ways to enter...

1.) Buy the FroKnowsPhoto Guide to DSLR Video by clicking this linkEveryone who purchases the guide will have their name entered into a a large pot and names will be randomly selected to be added to the wheel of FRO. There is more information listed below.

(Note: If you’ve already purchased the guide you’re already entered!)

2. You can enter with no purchase necessary by clicking the green button below that says “enter the contest”.

Click the green button below to enter the contest right now!


>> Enter the Contest <<[/hyperlink]

Frequently Asked Questions and Rules:

How will winners be selected? +

Everyone who purchases the guide will have their name entered into a large pot. 10 randomly selected “no purchase necessary” entrants will have their name added to the large pot.

Names will be selected at random out of the pot and added to the Wheel Of FRO. Each spin of the wheel of FRO will be for one prize starting with the smallest prize ending with the Top Prize Spin.

The will be new names selected for each spin of the wheel. Names that do not win on that spin will be added back to the pot for a possibly chance to be picked again.

Is this contest open to anyone around the world of any age? +

Yes, you are eligible no matter where you live unless your country has specific rules baring you from winning a prize. You must be 13 years of age or older to win prizes.

Do I need to purchase the DSLR Video Guide to get entered? +

No, there is a no purchase necessary option where 10 randomly selected names will be added to the larger pot for your chance to end up on the Wheel Of Fro fro a PRIZE.

Will one person win all the prizes? +

No, each spin of the wheel will giveaway a prize to someone. Once someone wins a prize their name will not be selected again.

Do I have to pay tax if I win? +

All taxes and fees for winning will be the sole responsibility of the winner.

If I win the top prize do I have to take the camera or can I have it’s dollar value? +

If you win the top prize you can choose either the D750 or 7D Mark II or $1000 in the form of a gift card to Allens Camera if you are in the US or Amazon if you are outside of the US.