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3 Rules for taking photos with that "BLURRY" background even with a cheap lens

Do you think you can get that “blurry” background in your photos with a kit lens? The answer is yes, you can even with the cheapest of kit lenses if you follow these three rules.

It’s all about these three things: Distance to your subject, Focal Length and Aperture.

1.The closer you get with your lens to a subject the more you compress the background.

2. If you shoot all the way zoomed out or at the longest focal length in combination with getting close to your subject, the better chance you have to blow the background out.

3. If you shoot at the widest aperture possible in combination with dsistance and focal length the better chance you have of getting that blurry background.

Go out and try it and I guarantee you will be able to do it no matter what lens you have.