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A guide to "Capturing Motion" in low light situations

3 Tips to help you FOCUS in Low Light

How many times have you been shooting in low light situations and found it hard to get your camera to focus? All you hear is the focus motor going back and forth as the cameras auto focus system fails to find focus.

Most cameras out there even the most expensive ones have issues focusing in low light. So the question is how to you make sure your image is focused in these low light situations.

I have three tips that just may help you focus better in low light no matter what camera you own.

Tip #1: Laser Pointer

Yes, a simple laser pointer may help your focus system have something to lock on to. NEVER EVER SHINE THE LASER IN SOMEONES EYES!!!! Do not shine the laser directly into a camera either.

This is not something I have personally tried but I hear it does work. And it does make sense that the camera would pick up on the bright pointer.

In what situations would you use this? Well you wouldn’t want to use this at a political rally or concert. This method is better when you are working one on one with your subject.

Tip #2 LED Flashlight

I have a few LED flashlights in my camera bag at all time. Simply shining the light on someones face will allow the camera focus to have a point to lock on to.

You could shine it from where you are or your subject could simply shine the light on their own face than put the light away for the photo.

Tip #3 Use a Cell Phone

We all have cell phones and cell phones have nice and bright screens. Simply have your subject turn on their phone, hold it against their face and boom, you have something to focus on.

What methods have you found work for you? Please share them below.