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Here is the list of the 30 winners from the 2012 SXSW give aways. If you are one of the winners on the list please contact ari (at) with your shipping address. We will verify all winners before shipping the prizes. Please put in the subject line 2012 SXSW Prize Winner.

All prizes and names were selected at random to determine who won what. I put 30 prizes into one hat and 30 names into another. I selected one prize followed by one name.

I want to thank BlackRapid, ThinkTank Photo AdoramaPIX and Spreecast for helping us have a very successful SXSW 2012 journey.

G.t Cundiff – Black Rapid Strap
PJ – Black Rapid Strap
James Thompson – Think Tank Urban Disguise 40
Mohammad Arif – AdoramaPix Photo Book
Eric Rossi – Think Tank Photo StreetWalker Backpack
Perry Osteum – Black Rapid Strap
Edgarsthirdeye – Think Tank Speed Changer
AshleyR092 – Black Rapid Strap
klsaxx – AdoramaPix Photo Book
josephpadiernos – Think Tank Lens Changer 50
messycupcakes – Black Rapid Strap
Will Vriesenga – Think Tank AA Batter Card Holder
Allen Skiles – Think Tank Airport International Roller
Anca Rhymer – Black Rapid Strap
Dani Faridi – Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket
@Digdugward – AdoramaPix Photo Book
@chrishelleHound – Black Rapid Strap
hannah syms – Think Tank Retrospective 5
Aveiga48 – Think Tank LC 75 Pop Down
Frankie Illuzzi – Think Tank Hydrophobia Flash 70-200
Brian Yang – Black Rapid Strap
David Spector – Black Rapid Strap
Madeliene Canning – AdoramaPix Photo Book
Gerald Brooks – Black Rapid Strap
Rasmus Bidstrup – AdoramaPix Photo Book
Beth McMullan – Black Rapid Strap
John Cody Halstead – Black Rapid Strap
Ada Wagner – Black Rapid Strap
Justin Osmer – Black Rapid Strap
Lou Pratt – Black Rapid Strap