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I Can't Believe It's Been FOUR YEARS

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On a dark and stormy night four years ago today was brought to LIFE!!!! That may be a big of an exaggeration I am sure it was a very nice day. June 1st 2010 was launch day for this website which makes today the four year anniversary.

I owe you guys so much for your continued support, feedback and purchasing of my various products to keep this show rolling. There have been so many amazing people I have met and who have shared stories of how one of my videos has helped them.

I am truly humbled every time someone stops me on the street to tell me they watch my videos. The feeling is just insane to have fans. And not just fans but great people who just want to become better photographers.

It’s possible that this little experiment was not going to work but to be honest not succeeding never crossed my mind. I didn’t go into this thinking what will I do after this fails. I just went for it and as I like to say beat the crap out of youtube which is where many people encounter my videos the first time.

So here is a HUGE THANK YOU for your support and to the future where ever it takes

In honor of the four year anniversary I am going to give you a code worth $5 OFF your order of $19 or more at The code is “4years”.
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I am giving Heidi control of 40 FREE thingies to randomly give away in orders. There will be a BlackRapid Strap or two, Lens Cloths, DVDs, Winter Hats, Mouse Pads and anything else she want’s to give away randomly. Be sure to leave a comment in the comment section with why you should get one of those 40 random pieces of goodness.

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