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This is what 46 Terabytes of backup storage looks like

I have been personally focusing a lot of energy to ensuring that my growing photo and video archive will be securely backed up into the future.

I don’t want to risk waiting until there’s an issue to find a solution for backing up. That’s why I am testing out and implementing as many different solutions as possible.

In this case I have 46 Terabytes of hard drives sitting on my desk. For those who understand what raid is you understand that all 46 wont be used as backup but for this video I am speaking overall.

I personally bought the 8TB Seagate from B and H for $299 which makes each gig 3.75 cents which is insane.

Synology sent me the DS1515+ pre loaded with 5 6TB NAS hard drives which means that box has 30TB of possible storage.

Western Digital sent me the 8TB My Book Thunderbolt to test out as well.

My goal is to be proactive in my backup approach, what are you doing to secure your data?