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Nikon 50mm F/1.8G Review and Comparison

Today I got my hands on the brand new Nikon 50mm F1.8G lens. This is Nikons latest 50mm lens which is replacing the older but still solid 50mm F1.8D. The new lens is noticeably larger and that most likely can be attributed to the focus motors in the lens.

This lens is for anyone starting out who does not already have a Nikon 35 1.8DX or 50mm lens. This range is an amazing range to learn with. It will force you to move your feet to compose and see the image without being reliant early on on the zoom.

I decided to do sample images with all of Nikon’s 50mm lenses and upload the full res exports for you to review and decide which is better. I know I don’t do the most technical reviews but I wanted to give you the sample images to anywise just in case you are more into the pixel peeping side.

If you would like to order this lens please call Allen at 215.547.2841 and be sure to ask for the Fro Price. If you would like to purchase on AMAZON please click here.

All and all this is a nice new lens that does replace the older 50mm 1.8. If you already have the older one I in not way would go out and sell it to upgrade to this one. I would much rather see you put that money into a different lens or a 1.4. If you are a pro you should look into the 1.4 for the build and image quality. If you are just starting out and can not afford the 1.4 this is a killer lens to go with.

Let me know what you think about the sample images and which lens you think does the best job.

Click the image below to see all the sample FULL RES IMAGES