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Seeing my photos across a 90 Foot Fence

It is not every day that you get to see your photos hanging across a huge 90 foot long fence for the world to see. Well maybe not the world but a lot of Philadelphia. That is exactly what I got to see when my photos were used to promote the upcoming summer music season at Festival Pier in Philly.

Last year I was hired to shoot all of the shows that came to play the pier. I would supply them with images that would be used online and for some other approved uses. One of those uses would be for a banner that drivers would see in front of the venue.

I selected the five images to be used on the banner and someone else did the design which I approved. As you can see the size of my logo is pretty impressive. The only stipulation I gave them was to make sure that my logo was present.

Now I do not expect to get a lot of traffic from people driving by who somehow catch my logo. But it is always nice to see your hard work pay off and get shared with the world.