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From My Bookshelf #001 - Baseball's Golden Age

Over the years I have picked up many books about photography and photographers. My book shelf is full of photography books on its history, sports, music, historic images and many more.

I think it is very important to study the great photographers and their work. Even if these photographers captured images of subjects that did not interest you it is still a good idea to learn and study their amazing work.

From time to time when I feel that I need a shot of inspiration I pick a book of the shelf and read the stories behind the images and the photographer. I gaze at the images and think what it must have been like to be there to create that or how did they create that. These books help me get out of a funk, they get the mind churning and wanting to create images as strong.

Today I picked a book of the shelf called Baseball’s Golden Age the photographs of Charles M. Conlon. The story behind how Conlon photographed Baseball from 104-1942 is not only inspiring but its truly amazing. In the video I read the first few paragraphs from the book which tell a quick tail of the passion Conlon had for Baseball and Photography.

As the book continues it gets better and better with one great story after the next. You will follow the technology of the day changing which allows for the photographs to get better and better.

What books should I add to my shelf, please leave a comment below.

I recommend this book for not just sports lovers but for photography lovers. This book will make you smile and make you think in awe how these iconic images were created. If you would like to order a copy of this book please CLICK HERE to pick it up on AMAZON.