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A Light Meter for the Iphone

A reader brought the Lumu Light meter to my attention this morning and it truly made me say WOW. First off what is it, the Lumu is a light meter that plugs into your IOS device that allows you to meter the light.

The reason I went WOW was for the fact that it just makes sense. The old way of the light meter has gone away for the most part and something for the masses thats less expensive is now here.

I would like to add that this may not be for studio photographers unless it has a way to capture the flash going off. I dropped an e mail to them to see if I can get them on the line for an interview.

If you are interested in picking up one of these devices you can do so on Kickstarter right here. The early bird special price has already sold out but you can have one for $99.

The company had a goal of raising $20,000 and they have already met their goal and will be fully funded.