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A Video for Nathan

You never know the effect you are having on people until you start to get personal letters and e mails. When I started this web site I had no idea that kids would latch onto my intro music and big bushy hair. Or that fathers and sons and bf and girlfriends would sit and watch the videos that I put up.

It is very humbling to know that something I have created has brought people together. Knowing that a families are coming together to learn photography and go out shooting together is just amazing. It is great that I have been able to help find a common bond between parents and their children.

That brings me to an e mail and post that I received from a reader. You can read below the story that was told and the reason why I made this video.

Hi,Jared may I just say thanks for all the work you do with your site and video’s on YouTube, the reason I send this email is to say a big thanks for the influence you have made on me and more importantly my son Nathan how is aged 6years old, He is a special need’s child and has allot of difficulties in learning and is said to have a mental ability age of 3year old but he watch’s your video’s all the time and his little camera never leaves his side and has entered loads of competitions at school and won some, and now got his first picture in the local city museum/art show, subject nature, and like I said with him being a special needs child they are gifted in different ways and been told by the specialist doctor that this is where he puts his time into, but the funny thing is whenever he get’s asked about his photo’s he always start’s the saying with Jared Polin see ya….Very Very loud. Then I have to explain to the people on the influence you have on him, so this is me just saying a BIG BIG thank you for the influence you have made to him and we both love ya shows…pgreenford sighing off.. see ya

How great is it that Nathan has found something that captures his attention so much that he puts his focus heavily into it. It feels great to get such a positive message like this in my inbox. To many times you only hear the negatives or see the negative hate filled comments that people leave. But I ignore those comments and take them and the commenter for what they are, haters. They are not secure in who they are so they have to try and bring people down. But enough focus on the negative lets focus on the positive. Knowing that the positive message I am putting out there to help others is working really makes it easier to continue doing what I am doing.

I want to help as many people as possible who want the help. That is why I push such a positive message and ask for people to take a positive angle when they are commenting on peoples work. You will get further with the positive attitude than you will by always knocking yourself down. You will get further helping others in any way you can not just in photography. My mom was always about helping the people who need help or who have trouble speaking up. If you have the ability to speak up than help the people who need the help to speak up.

I think its harder to ignore someone who needs help than to actually take the time to see if someone is ok. I hold doors for people all the time, some say thank you other just walk by like you don’t exist. But im not going stop holding doors because a few rude people can not say thank you. It feels good to help, it feels good to pay it forward anyway you can. If you can effect people in a positive way to take action than you are doing something great.

I want to wish Nathan good luck as he continues to focus his eye on capturing things that other people just may not see.