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AdoramaPix Rapid Fire Critique 27

In this weeks AdoramaPIX Rapid Fire Critique I have photos from someone I met at Zack Arias’s lighting seminar named Carmine. Carmine recently picked up photography and I can say he has the right idea.

I really like his story of how he became a photographer and one day I hope to have him on to tell it.

Carmine sent over a few more images than 10 but I think they were all worthwhile to critique. Like with most of my critiques I was very straight forward. I think Carmine would not want anything less than that.

There are some images in there that I would definitely knock out for the future and than there are a handfull of images that just really pop and work. I love the environmental portraits, I love how he combined multiple images to help tell the story and it worked.

I really like the direction Carmine is going and I really hope he keeps pushing ahead with his photography.

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